Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, March 18, 2011

Episode 36 Fix It Challenge

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Quince & Co is a sponsor of Knitting Pipeline.  Leave a comment here to enter the drawing for your choice of three patterns and 2 skeins of Tern yarn. 
Japan Earthquake Relief
Our are for those who are affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  There are many ways to help. 
  • One of our Pipeliners, Brenda Castiel, is giving $5 from the sale of each of her patterns.  Find her designs on Ravelry here.  She is Goodstuff on Ravelry.
  • Mary Jo, HedgehogMJ on Ravelry, has designed the Rose of Sharing to benefit Heifer International and UMCOR Pacific Emergency #3021217.  All proceeds from the pattern sales will go to Heifer International and UMCOR.
Nature Notes

I might have seen a mountain lion/cougar/panther in our woods.  It was the size of a dog (medium), entirely black, but did not move like a dog.  Actually it didn't move much like a cat either.  I had forgotten about it until neighbors on the other side of our woods reported seeing a black panther.

The woods are still barren of green but I walk there daily to see what changes Spring will bring.  I played my pipes in the woods while watching minnows in the creek.  There is life.

Before repeating anything a little bird told you, be sure it wasn't a cuckoo. --Source Unknown

Patterns referred to in this episode

Duffers by Mindie Tallack
Striped Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki (need umlaut on both a's in last name)

Quince Patterns
on Carrie Hoge's Blog ( a boatload of cuteness here)
Needle Notes

I forgot the wool for my Wool Peddlers Shawl aka Comfort Knitting when I visited my parents.  I re-knitted the toes of a pair of Scottish Kilt Hose that I knitted in 1996.  The pattern is from Folk Socks by Nancy Bush.

1996 Project.  This was before fixing them.

This is how much I took off he end of the toe...all that is hanging beyond the green sock.

My challenge to you is to go through your knitted items to see what needs repair, mending or reknitting.  Feel free to share!  This usually does not take as long as we imagine it will.

The Norwegian Setesdal Sweater is coming along.  I am almost done with the body of the sweater.  What topics do you want to hear about that relate to Norwegian or color pattern knitting?

Blethering Room

I tried to organize the types of comfort knitting from Pipeliners.  It's too complicated to write about.  Just listen to the episode. ;)  Can you tell I'm tired of show notes right now?

Pipeliner JanMarie referred to The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee.

The music was supposed to be a live recording of Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums from St. Patrick's Day 2011.  Since I cannot seem to upload the file this will have to wait until next week.  Meanwhile, enjoy

Irish Ground (Tollett) performed by DaCamera available on

In the Piping Circle
Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums led the parade in Peoria on St. Patrick's Day.  In this video from the Peoria Journal Star site I am in the beginning of the video, front and center, for about one second.  You can see my feet marching along for another second.

Celtic Cross at one of the Peoria Pubs wearing our Pub Crawl T-Shirts.


Cate said...

Tern is my favorite Quince yarn! I'd love some in Wampum or Sea Grass. I'm in Maine, so I've had the chance to pick up some Quince yarn in person at their LYS, Knit Wits, in Portland.

pauly said...

I love the podcast. For nature notes The bird I love where I live is the Egret. They are everywhere, and so beautifull. I want to be in the drawing. Thanks. I'm pauly81 on Ravelry

beefi8 said...

I love your podcast! Thank you. I look forward to your next one. :)

nancy said...

Great podcast, educational and interesting. Thank you! I live in PA and get to see the snow geese migrate and have visited a nearby wildlife preserve to see snow geese, thought you'd like to see the counts here:

Linda Healey said...

Hi Paula, I love your podcast! I've been hearing cardinals all winter on my walks but since I walk in the early morning in the dark and evenings after work (also in the dark), I rarely see them. With Daylight Savings time, that will change.
Saw a red fox this morning, heading for the woods with a red squirrel in her jaws.
I also live near the KnitWit Yarn shop in Portland, Maine, and Quince yarn is spun at the mill in the next town to ours. I bought a skein of tern the first week it came out and would love some more of it. I am Jaxie985 on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to every episode of your podcast! We have a beautiful red cardinal that lives in the backyard; I enjoy watching him every morning!

sandygale (ravelry)

redsknits said...

I'd love to try out the Quince and Co. yarn and really enjoy the podcast. Thanks especially for giving instructions on how to leave a rating on I Tunes - just could not figure that out - better at knitting than computing!

Sarah in Houston said...

I just took a cruise on your Longaberger site and noticed you live in Washington, Illinois! My grandmother grew up there. I visited her family a LONG time ago. It's such a small world. Thanks for what you share on the podcast. I love hearing about the nature you see and the piping. My nephew has been a piper since about 1st grade. He's a sophomore in high school. He is working on the weekends for a small restaurant that has an Irish bar attached. He is really good and really enjoys playing. Have a good week!

Barb R. said...

I have a shawl that I would love to fix but may just get rid of. I don't think it is worth fixing because it is all black and...enough said. I also have a hand spun, circular shawl that needs an additonal section added to it because...I am as small as I think I am.

Barb R.

kleggett said...

I'd love to try Quince & Co yarn. They have some beautiful colors. Thanks for the podcast Paula. I always look forward to listening to it.

Phyllis said...

Can't wait to see Quince and Co yarn in person.
Love your podcast. It is one of my favorites.

Cindy said...

Your podcast is so welcomed every time it is posted. You have such a calming voice.
I have been lusting after Quince!!
: )

Elaine said...

i love your podcasts Paula! I listen before going to sleep. Thank you for all you do.

Bindeej said...

I am enjoying your podcasts so much. Also love the Quince and Co. yarns you feature. I recently had to cut off the end of a finger on a pair of fingerless mitts (Knucks). My son blew out one finger he wore them so much. Fortunately my good friend Juliet was at the Knitty group that day and she did the dirty work for me. I had to get down to an even row of sts. I don't think I could have done it myself. My stomach flip-flopped just watching her cut that off. And, since they were knit from the fingers down, they had to be reknit in the other direction. Fortunately, you can't even tell and he's wearing them daily again.
Repairing knitting helps you understand how to take something apart and put it back together again - and not necessarily in the same direction.

KnittyBarb said...

Paula - I love your podcast! Thanks so much for sharing all your information and knowledge with us. The Quinco & Co yarn looks so yummy - I'd take a win and that prize any day.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of your podcast on saturday morning. my 11 year old was looking out our back window and saw two beautiful pairs of cardinals sitting on our tree. also, there is a hawk that lives in our neighborhood that she saw fly across our yard. I told her I would write and tell you because I had learned from the podcast that cardinals are not everywhere and that we are lucky to be able to see them so often. Sherry

Anonymous said...

I love Quince. Would love to be added to the contest entries. I am Thank you for the wonderful podcasts. really enjoying them. valli

Lee Bernstein said...

Yet another wonderful podcast - thank you, Paula.

I just wanted to say that thanks to you I have fallen in love with the Stripe Study Shawl and purchased the pattern today.

I was sorry that your music didn't "take" at the end of the podcast, however the music you substituted was delightful. I look forward to hearing you soon.

I always learn so much from you.

rinebird said...

I am so glad I found your podcast & sight.
I love Qunice & Co too.I like buoy in Tern.
I have a postcard from Quince with a color called River.It was used for mitts.Thanks

ciproano said...

Paula, I have just the thing for the "fix it challenge"! I have a pair of socks that I finished in July 2009. It was yarn that I loved and took forever to find just the right pattern. I loved the way the socks were coming out. And when they were done and I tried them on--tooooo big. I was so crushed that I just put them away. I took them out recently to see what could be done, and I think that if I take out the heel and reknit a smaller heel, it will improve the fit enough to make them wearable. I have no idea HOW to take the heel out, so I'm bringing them to Camp KIP so someone can hold my hand while I try to figure it out!

Cindy (PuffyGriffinclaw)

Anonymous said...

Dear Paula,
it has been quite a while that you and your podcast are a steady comforting and interesting company during my weeks! I love your love to living traditions, Scotland and nature! These ones we have in common. I come from Bavaria, Germany and altough I live in a plain with no majestic nature surrounding me, I enjoy walking at our lakes' shores and watch the traces, the beaver population leaves all over.

As to comfort knitting I have to agree with most of the other knitters that an easy pattern in combination with a beautifully coloured and textured wool is mere bliss. But I would add to it: It is the joy of recreating historical patterns - that is the cherry on the cake! Knowing, that these pattern have a living history of many generations, gives me a feeling of comfort and belonging. My perfect comfort knitting at the moment is the Kjaellingesjal by Mette Rorbach. I decided to knit it with brown Tvinni Tweed. The colour and texture reflect (at least for me) the knowledge that women many years ago combined both utility and beauty with the facilities of their time. I am so blessed to be able to contribute another link to this precious chain!

Blessings to you and your family
Sabine from Augsburg / Germany

bumbles1 on Ravelry

JudyAnn said...

Paula, I really enjoy your podcasts. A panther roaming in Illinois---that's scary!!!!

I love those baby patterns!

Debbie said...

I love the "columbine 140" tern yarn! Gorgeous! Thanks for the nice giveaway!

tashbalaz said...

Thanks for the reminder to fix a few languishing projects. I have some FOs that need a little fixing like redoing the ribbing on some toe-up knee socks that are falling down. I needed the inspiration to get excited about fixing them and how much better they will be (and how quick it will be to fix).
Thanks for a great podcast.
tashbalaz on rav

Anonymous said...

Paula, I would have to say that my comfort knitting is socks, I guess partly because I feel like a genius when I work with DPNs, so that bolsters my confidence. Also, I feel comforted by the product of my sock knitting, nothing feels as warm and comfy as a well-fitting pair of hand knit socks. My favorite Tern color is backbay, how gorgeous. Thanks Terry (mickysmom) on Ravelry

Amy said...

HI Paula
I really enjoy your podcast - you always have something worthwhile and informative for us. I would really like to try the Quince & Co. yarn - it looks absolutely scrumptious. The mitts are really calling my name - I think I would have to make them if I win.

AnneLena said...

Another wonderful episode, in fact this is one of my favorites among all your episodes. My comfort knitting is complicated fair isle, it occupies the mind and you can't wait to see what comes next.

Fran said...

Hi Paula. All of the Tern colours are pretty. I would apply my best Tim Gunn motivation to "make it work" should I be lucky enough to win.

I continue to be more aware of nature around me. There is a pair of Canada geese nesting outside my window at work. They are VERY noisy

penelope stitch stop said...

Love ur podcast and would love to try Tern

Val said...

I would love to try the Tern yarn. I haven't had a chance to see this yarn in person yet but I intend to soon! How exciting that you may have seen a black panther. How rare! I live in Montana and have never seen an actual mountain lion but I've felt one in my presence before, quite creepy when you can feel you are being watched and followed but you can't see what is following you!

carolshue said...

Paula, I loved this podcast. I listened as I sat on a rocker on our cabin porch in smoky mtns, TN. I was listen
Ing to at least 10 different birds songs. We also saw at least a dozen wild turkeys today. I immediately thought of Franklin! Thanks for the opportunities to "get away" from the busy life by slowing down with you! See you at CampKip.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,

Thanks so much for another great podcast! Even though we've dipped back into winter temps for a bit, I do have a "sign of spring" nature note for you. My Egyptian Walking Onions are poking up. Please enter me in the Quince and Co. contest. I'd love to try their yarn, the colors are fab. I'm Pengwenn on Ravelry.

Jaimee said...

Hi Paula,

I just love listening to your podcast. The topic about what your listeners use as comfort knitting is so interesting- I never really thought about what I do myself before. I think I am just a garter or stockinette in the round person- if there is something big going on, I just don't have a lot of brain-space for anything else.

I would love to win the Quince and Co contest. I just looked at the colors (again!) and I think that the Stonington color is gorgeous! Quince and Co is on my list for my next sweater's worth of yarn. I have had my eye on Hannah Fettig's Trail Jacket for a while. :)

(also Jaimee on Ravelry)

rohanknitter said...

Thanks so much for your podcast, I always really enjoy it. Have enjoyed your comments about Quince & Co yarn, it's something I'm very interested in trying so it's nice to hear such good reviews.

The only project I've done so far that really doesn't work for me is a Liesl that I made from malabrigo. I didn't "trust the pattern" while knitting it, so ended up with a project that is really a bit too small. I think the only fix other than ripping it out is to get smaller myself - I'm working on it. ; )

VernaLynn said...

About 35 years ago my husband and I were living in a 100 yo log house in the mountains of NC. One night when we were walking along the dirt road not far from the house we heard a scream like a woman, but much more powerful. We took off running home as we recognized that as a panther's cry.

Kei said...

I just received my yarn for Estelle. My first order from Quince & Co --- the yarn is beautiful, nice and squishy. So looking forward to knitting this!

yarnieblarney said...

Win or not, I'm knitting the Abbey Road socks in Columbine, a scrumptious pink. Now, that's comfort knitting for spring.

Unknown said...

For "fixing", I've been thinking of reworking the bottom portion of the first sweater I ever made for myself. I made it wider than I now wish, but I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle all the re-knitting.

Diane said...

Your comment about packing too much knitting for a trip was funny. It takes me longer to decide what knitting I'm taking on any given trip than it does to pack for the trip. I'm always worried that I won't have enough and/or I won't like the project and/or the needles won't match the yarn for a project I'm just starting and so on.

Would love to try the quince yarn in person.

lottasun said...

A Warm hello! I just found your podcasts a few days ago via itunes; have had an enjoyable marathon to catch up to the current episode. I've grown quite fond of your thoughtful insights. Kudos and please keep 'em coming!

Ana said...

I would LOVE to win!

Kendra from missknittas studio said...

I am behind in my podcast-listening and just listened to this one tonight! I hope I'm not too late for the contest!

My fix-it item is to mend a pair of socks that is almost completely worn through on the bottom. I know that I have the original yarn somewhere, and hope to find it this weekend.

Thank you for such a wonderful podcast week after week!

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