Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Monday, July 25, 2011

Episode 52 Kilkenny Cowl and Stripe Study Shawl

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KnittyBarb was the first one to respond that my nephew's fiancee resembles Susan B. Anderson!
A special welcome to new pipeliners who sent me emails or private messages last week: Mimi, Lisa, Hannah, and Peggy. 

We also had some lovely 5 star reviews on iTunes.  Thank you so much: Luciaknits, Luvmylabs, Hoversew, Joan/FugueStateKnits,  LeaAline, and Prairie Poet.   

Pipeliner Tip 

Last week mentioned that it is sometimes difficult to photocopy and enlarge charts and instructions from books when the text and charts are too close to the binding.  Julia who is Choosejoy on Ravelry gave a great tip for this on our knitting Pipeline board.  Julia wrote that she takes some of her books to a copy place and has them spiral bound.  This costs about $5.  Thank you, Julia, for a fantastic idea.
Nature Notes

Bob joins me to answer an email from a Pipeliner about keeping Redwing Blackbirds off her feeders.  Bob and I share information about American Goldfinches and their nesting habits with thistle.  I mention 

There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before.
~Robert Lynd, The Blue Lion and Other Essays


Needle Notes 

I finished the Chambered Nautilus Tam by Elizabeth Zimmermann from Knit One Knit All.  It turned out a bit small but it is sassy. 

It will take guts to wear this cap, don't you agree?

 The Kilkenny Cowl by Pam Allen.  This is a purchase pattern that calls for 4 skeins of Quince & Co Chickadee.  I used the clay colorway.  It is an unusual color and the name describes it perfectly.l  I made this for Emily, my future daughter-in-law.  Emily designed the new logo for the podcast so Kilkenny is a little token of appreciation.  Better photos coming soon when temperatures are reasonable!

Things I learned from this project:
A cowl isn't necessarily a weekend project.   This cowl is a beautiful contrast of cables and lace.  Well worth the time spent on it.  A fun and challenging knit, but not too difficult. 

Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki 

This pattern is really making the rounds on Ravelry.  It is an asymmetrical triangle.  There is a spine in it that runs from top to the bottom of the point but it is not in the middle of the triangle.  It’s all garter stitch.  Calls for 880 yd/440 of each color.

I chose Quince & Co Tern in Stonington and Oyster.  2 skeins of each.  Size 5 needle 

Better not knit this shawl if you have any tendency toward vertigo.


  • Did a simple backward loop instead of M1 L and M1 R.
  • Tapered the bottom point by eliminating the central increases on the last inch or so.
  • Bound off in iCord.  I have nicknamed this BO  The Two State Bind off because I started binding off in  Indiana and finished in the middle of Ohio.

The I cord Bind off looks different on each side.  Decide which side you like best.  I cast off on the right side but a lot of people like to cast off on the wrong side.  

At the beginning/end of the row cast on two or 3 stitches by knitted cast on (I did 2).  Knit two stitches.  Slip the next stitch on the left needle knit wise.  Knit the next stitch. PSSO.  Slip these 3 needles back to left needle.  Continue with knit 2, slip one, PSSO, slip 3 back to left needle. 

The Blethering Room

 Yesterday we had a visitor.  Franklin, our resident wild turkey, and one of the ladies.  To those who are new to the podcast, Franklin is a wild turkey who lived in our woods last summer and competed with his own reflection in our windows for several months.  His lady friends were named Knit and Purl by one of our Pipeliners.  I have to admit that it was a bit of a relief when they moved on for a while but I had to smile when he suddenly appeared in his usual place, all puffed up and proud, while Knit or Purl stood coyly off in the woods preening herself.  Maybe this was just a cameo appearance.  We shall see.

If you are going to Sock Summit there is a Podcaster Meet and Greet on Saturday July 30th from 12 noon to 1:30 PM at the Bar Maids Booth #400.  I will be there!  Feel free to check with me on Twitter @ knittingline to see what we are up to so you can join us.  Charr and I are arriving on Tuesday so we do have time for individual meet ups.

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Haste ye back!

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Anonymous said...

I suffer from vertigo, so that pattern is out. I love the pattern for the cowl and I love the color of the yarn. You did a good job.

Linda B.

Anser said...

As interesting and entertaining as always Paula, thank you.Yes, you are right, it takes guts to wear a hat like this, but over here in Germany it has become quite common to be seen with unusual hats...
Greetings Sabine

Nancy McCarroll said...

Your Kilkenny Cowl gave me inspiration to make one myself. And I did, and love it!

Thank you for your always interesting podcasts and good suggestions for knitting projects. (I gave you a shout out on my blog today. The website is here:

Shaila said...

After a long day of meetings and work (8 am to 6 pm) it was very relaxing to sit down with a cup of coffee and my to-do list (instead of a knitting project) and listen to your show. Thanks Paula!
The cowl looks terrific! And so does the shawl.

Aizome--Nancy said...

I love looking over your notes while I listen to your podcast! It was interesting to learn more about goldfinches. Looking forward to hearing about Sock Summit.

Frenchconnecfion (Ravelry) said...

The cowl is so beautiful! I wish there was a sweater pattern based on the same design.

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