Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, October 7, 2011

Episode 61 Let the Shaelyn KAL Begin!

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Two wound skeins of Quince & Co Chickadee Carrie's Yellow.  Ready for Shaelyn Cast on!

Nature Notes


Tracks & Trails Newsletter of Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria IL Fall Migration Challenge which gave me some things to think about. Here are some of the ways that we humans can help birds and other animals.

  • Turn off outdoor lights when possible to avoid confusing the birds.
  • Provide birdfeeders, birdbaths, and nestboxes.  Due to land development there are not as many natural sources for animals.  We starting feeding in all our feeders about a week ago despite the chipmunks.
  • Plant native plants.
  • Reduce litter.
  • Reduce toxic pesticides and herbicides.
  • Help birds avoid window collisions with stickers, decals, window birdfeeders, or curtains.

Whooping Cranes in Florida Class of 2011 Whooping Crane Chicklets will be making their first migration with the help of an ultralight.  Migration starts on October 8, 2011.

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one autumnal face.

~John Donne

My path to the compost bin.  Isn't it lovely?

In my Pipeline
  •  Radiance Shawl by Helen Stewart
  • Magrathea by Martina Behm
  • Afterthought Heel Hiking Socks using pattern by Laura Linneman
  • Shaelyn by Leila Raabe
JanMarie suggested I overdye the socks with too much yellow, idea which had crossed my mind.
Needle Notes
 Fawl Shawl KAWL for AWL update
Tag for your project:  knittingpipelinekal2011
Name of Project  Fawl Shawl KAWL for Awl  or Fall Shawl KAL for All
Shaelyn by Leila Raabe 
Most successful KAL we’ve had so far.  It’s not too late to jump in.

330 yds IS enough sport weight.  My cost to knit Shaelyn in Quince & Co Chickadee is $14.00.  A bargain!

Beginning of Shaelyn.  Fun!  Color is Carrie's Yellow.  It is richer than the photos indicate.

Marker shows beginning of lace pattern.  I explained on the thread on the board how to read your lace so you know when to start another band of lace (without counting rows.)

I did a video tutorial of the garter tab cast on.  I forgot to mention in last week's episode on Garter Tab CO to use two double pointed needles.  This tip seemed to help a lot of knitters.

Lifeline Tip from Twinsetjan:
Instead of a thread for a lifeline use a long circular needle in a very small size.  Advantages are that if you have to frog (unravel) the stitches will already be on a needle.  Plus stitch markers do not get caught up in the lifeline.
I tried this method and I wasn't real fond of it (although I am fond of Twinsetjan!) but encourage you to try it for yourself!  I prefer using a blunt needle and fine crochet cotton for now.
The Blethering Room
 Wore my A Shawl Like Kate’s (Milk Run Shawl by Cat Wong) to the grocery store (Aldi).  Interesting experiences. 
Quince & Co has new colors.  Gray heathery colors called Iceland, kumlien’s gull, kittywake, sabine…in chickadee, lark, osprey, and lark.
Estelle Cardigan Update
October 15 is Wear Your Estelle Day.
Take a photo of yourself in your own town, workplace, home, etc.
We (Bronwyn) are going to make a photo collage.
For those of you who have not finished your Estelle please join us in the fun! Take a photo of yourself knitting on your Estelle and we will include it in the collage. 
Movie    The Big Year starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, Jack Black  release date Oct 14, 2011
Knitting Pipeline Retreat
March 2-3 Washington IL 
New development for the adventuresome knitters:  you may camp out at the facility!  Bring your own sleeping gear, towels, etc.  More info coming soon. 
October Rip Van Winkle Challenge 
Go through your Ravelry queue to find a project that has been asleep for a long time.  Or maybe you have been asleep while others have been knitting this project.  In your Ravelry queue you can see when you put projects in your queue.
Another mission for the overachievers out there:  go to your stash and try to find your oldest yarn and match it to an pattern in your queue. 
Product Review
Vogue Knitting Knitopedia: the Ultimate A to Z Guide
Sixth and Spring Books  2011  $34.95 US $41.95 CA

Comprehensive scope.  Oversize book.  Maybe not for every knitter's library but still an excellent book.

In the Piping Circle
Greg, Kevin, Paula

Paula, Kevin, Greg
Greg and Heather in foreground.  Tuning before the Walk.
Heather, Rob, Paula, Kevin in the tuning circle.
Dutch Pipes and DrumsIn Harmony.  Track 8 
Salute to Royal Fendersmith, Corkhill, The Banjo Breakdown.
Thank you to our friends from Dutch Pipes and Drums!

Haste ye back!

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Laura said...

Great episode, Paula! I love love love the song from Dutch Pipe and Drums. It really put a smile on my face. Thanks!

Julknits said...

Paula, I also loved the music from Dutch Pipe and Drums! The pictures from the Alzheimer's Walk were great. I love small towns and am looking forward to visiting central IL for the retreat!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Just popping back in to let you know I look forward to your podcasts and am eagerly awaiting the next one. Just finished my Shaelyn last nite, but need to "document" it.

Martha said...

Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your backyard and Kevin. Love the nature poetry too. Your podcast always brightens my day.

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