Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, April 13, 2012

Episode 86 Skyp Sock Wave

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This show by sponsored by my Longaberger Home Business and Quince& Co.

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Pipeliner Notes
I share notes from Judiuni and Lasknits2.
Nature Notes
Garlic Mustard Day.  Take a few hours each year to pull up these plants on your property so you can keep it in control. 
Common Violet  Viola sororia sororia State Flower of Illinois since 1908 Possible host plant for a number of butterflies, especially fritillaries. Flowers are edible but have little flavor.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream  Act 2 Scene 1  William Shakespeare

Needle Notes
Main Needle Choices for Socks or other small items in the round:
1.      Double Points  4 or 5

2.      Very Short Circular 9 to 12”

3.      2 circulars, usually 24”

4.      One long circular also called Magic Loop, 32” or longer

Both of these somewhat dependent upon newer and more flexible cables than were available prior to 2000 or so.
The Magic Loop by Bev Galeskas January 2002 
I attempted 2 at a time socks on Magic Loop.  Took Judiuni’s email to heart and divided up my Austermann Step into two equal balls of 21 g each.  What a mess!  Would work better with toe-up using Judy’s Magic Cast On.
KarenE1969 started the Simple Skyp Sock Wave at the Knitting Pipeline Retreat.  Thank you, Karen!  This is my new favorite sock pattern.

Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku   Written for sport weight but I didn’t realize that until today when I started on the show notes.  Stitch count seemed right for fingering weight and mine fit perfectly.

Cakewalk Yarns Stash  colorway Vernon  80/10/10

Reasons to Love Simple Skype Socks by Adrienne Ku

1.      6 + 2 rib is super stretchy so the sock fits well.

2.      Easy to memorize, only 2 rows and one is simple rib.  Skyp comes from the main stitch Slip one, knit 1 YO, PSSO

3.      Wonderful for variegated yarns.  Pop of color and texture. 

4.      Unisex-usually a YO in a man’s sock is the death knoll but it works here because of the pass over.

Piper’s Journey KAL
Welcome to newbies who are joining the KAL!

The Blethering Room

I tell the story of how a Snowy Owl was in our town for two days and I didn’t know about it.  Sigh.  Shed a few tears.
In the Pipeline
Lookbook KnitBot Essentials

KnitBot Essentials by Hannah Fettig

Slipped Stitch Patterns
Interrupting Cow Socks by Laura Linnemann  $4.00 Ravelry Download

Blue Monday Set a free design by Thea Colman  Beewing linked to it on our board.  Hat and mitten pattern with stranded slip stitch colorwork. 
Claire by Adrienne Ku top down, unisex, ribbed  $5
If I like a free pattern by a designer then I try to purchase one of her patterns as a thank you.
Joy in the Congo.  60 minutes April 8, 2012   Amazing Story!
Book Notes
Sock Knitting Master Class: Innovative Techniques and Patterns from Top Designers by Ann Budd. 
17 designs by 15 designers so that is a great value even if you just consider the patterns in the book.  Although the font is a rather small I recommend this book if you enjoy sock knitting.  Font is a bit small.  Highly recommended.

Haste ye back!


Ana said...

I enjoyed the episode yet again, Paula. I want you to know that I did so enjoy "Joy in the Congo"! How humbling. I have children who play instruments in our small church orchestra: piano, violins, and an oboe. We would love to add a cello and more. We all found this very encouraging...and thankful for what we have.

Stripeyspots said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I have come to look forward to your podcasts; I sit down with some knitting and a cup of tea and a smile.

Britni :) said...

Very inspiring show! Thank You. :)

Kell said...

What a wonderful idea to buy a pattern from a designer whose free pattern you enjoyed. It's such a thoughtful gesture that I feel quite ashamed that I hadn't thought of doing that before! I do try to send messages to thank designers whose patterns I've done and really like, especially a free pattern.

Thanks for another great podcast.

Unknown said...
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