Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, July 27, 2012

Episode 98 Pi Shawls and Eliza-Palooza Week 2

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This show by sponsored by my Longaberger Home Business and Quince & Co.
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Pipeliner Notes
Brenda Castiel who is Goodstuff on Ravelry is donating all the proceeds from her pattern sales in the month of August to The American Cancer Society in honor of her sister who is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. Use Code AUG20 for 20% price of pattern in August.

2012 NordicKnitting Conference: Nordic Mittens!  October 5 – 7, 2012
I read notes from qwiltknitnut, Lee, and Suzanne.

Nature Notes
We decided to stop putting food in our bird feeders because the turkeys forage on what falls to the ground.    It is amazing that within a day we could tell a difference and a few days later it was very quiet outside.  No squirrels, no turkeys, hopefully no chipmunks.  We still have our hummingbird feeder filled and our black niger seed feeder for the goldfinches and we’ve found that some of our songbirds who normally will go to our safflower feeder or platform feeder, such as Black capped chickadees and nuthatches, have decided that they will eat thistle seed in a pinch.  In a few weeks when birds are migrating through we will start feeding in full force again but we did need to disperse the turkeys for a while.
Our American Robin pair that nested in our little black tupelo tree in our front yard has a nest of babies and we hope they are ok in our extreme heat and drought.  What looked to be a bonus summer for butterflies early on has deteriorated in the heat and drought.

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. ~Albert Camus

Needle Notes

Summer Solstice Mystery KAL by Wendy D Johnson.

NUPPS…best ones are the ones made the traditional way…at least for me.

I used Knit Picks Bare that I dyed with Kool-Aid.  Looks great but it bleeds terribly.  I have tried setting it with vinegar but that didn’t help.  I need help from the Kool-Aid Experts! 
Shawls have been around for a long time but Elizabeth Zimmermann brought them to modern knitters in a new way. 
Knitting without Tears, a true knitting classic, c. 1971
A Knitter’s Almanac   1974  July: A Shawl: Good Travel Knitting.  Bonus: One Row Buttonhole
There are so many shawl designs today that are descendents of the Elizabeth Zimmermann’s pi shawl.  These are the shawls that are circular or half-circular with concentric rings that are separated by YO increases.
In Knitter’s Almanac, Elizabeth wrote to use a needle size larger than you normally would use for fingering weight.  I had been using 9 and 10 circulars for my Lopi sweaters so this is what I used for the Pi Shawl.
Pi Shawl Nap for Two 1978

Torben with Pi Shawl.  3 months.

 A Note from Elizabeth

Winter 1982  She was not writing about the baby in the photos above.  This is son #2.

The Blethering Room
Peter finished his hike on The Colorado Trail, over 500 miles!  He hiked from June 26 through July 21 2012.  There are more photos on my personal blog. 

I tell a story about how my mom duped us kids with Kool-aid by putting food coloring in water.
Charr, Bronwyn and I decided to go to Stitches Midwest in Schaumburg/Chicago this year August 9-10!  We hope to see you there!

Paula, Bronwyn, and Charr.  We got together for knitting at The Blend this week!
In The Pipeline
Finally decided on my Ravellenics project.  Vodka Lemonade by Thea Colman.  Baby Cocktails.
Brooks Farm Solo that purchased at Stitches Midwest 2010.
Mathematical Notes on Pi
My husband, Bob, joined me to talk about pi and how this irrational number works with the pi shawl.  This segment is about 8 minutes long.

The Flowers of the West by Cheryl Ann Fulton  The Airs of Wales 


needsyarn said...

What sweet photos of baby and pi. The shawl might be a little large for wearing, but it looks great for napping. An amazing project!

YarnCrazyMama said...

So glad to see the picture of Bronwyn! Am behind on podcasts due to a job change so have been wondering how she is doing.
Always enjoy the podcasts--like having a visit with a friend who knows lots more about knitting than I do!! Thanks for sharing your time and talent!
Another Paula

Penelope Z said...

As always, Paula, it's a pleasure to sit and (spin, in this case!) to your podcast. I love to hear about EZ through you!

Pat said...

Love the PI shawl! And Torben and his young Mom are pretty cute too!

Michelle said...

Paula, Loved your latest podcast. My 15 year old daughter loves Pi but I never understood why. Now I do because your husband explained it in laymen's terms. It's a random or nonsensical number! No pattern to it! That's why my lovely daughter likes to repeat it again & again. Thank your husband for finally answering my question of "Why"?

Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

So glad Pete made it home and had such a good trip. I think we should all knit him a little mouse so he could retain the memories from his last night with a chorus line of mice! What would such an adventure be without at least a little drama!

Kelly aka ShortysSutures on Ravelry said...

Another wonderful podcast episode! Loved seeing your pictures to go along with your descriptions. And, a special thanks to Bob for his Pi segment. I'm not very good at math, but he explained things in a way I found very interesting and enjoyable.

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