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Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Monday, January 14, 2013

Episode 116 Pete's Hike Report

Our son, Peter, hiked The Colorado Trail starting June 26, 2012 finishing July 21, 2012.  I interviewed him in August 2012 about his trip.  More photos are posted on my personal blog .

You can listen here or find it on iTunes.  I have not added it to the Flash Player yet.

Pete at the end of the 485 mile through hike of The Colorado Trail on  July 21, 2012 in Durango CO



bethany said...

I think the only thing I love more than knitting is long-distance hiking. And hiking tales in the dead of winter bring on a special kind of longing…

But the rats! Egads, that sounds awful! Mice are a bane of established campsites, and I don’t think there’s much you can do to avoid them, especially in high-use areas that require using established sites. I’ve used a floorless tarptent for the past few years (basically a tarp with bug netting that hangs down to the ground) and inevitably a mouse will find it’s way in under the netting along the ground but then not be able to get back out. Turn your headlamp on, mouse panics, runs halfway up bug netting then falls to the ground, repeat until you’re awake enough to direct him out. The only thing worse is the deer – I’ve had them pull my backpack out from under me while I was sleeping so they could chew the salty straps! Unfortunately I’m not sure that there’s a good solution other than avoiding those campsites altogether – when I did have a lightweight tent, the mice just chewed holes in the netting.

And I completely agree about the challenge of keeping food appetizing over a long hike. For a long weekend, I’ll get hungry and eat whatever I’ve packed. But after a couple weeks or months on the trail, you just can’t do it. I’ve taken to doing a lot of home dehydrating, putting together my own meals, my own energy bars, etc.

Ok, as you can see, I could talk about hiking forever but I’ll stop myself. Thanks for the hiking diversion!

Susanna/Funky said...

Great to hear the hike recap! I can't believe there was precipitation every day! It was interesting to hear about the animals he saw. Glad he didn't see a bear! In the pictures, the path looks so tranquil!

Nan said...

I've stood in that very spot many times and fantasized about doing that hike. Pete's retelling of his adventure is very inspiring to me. If not now, when?
I've used one of the photos from the hike (from 7/3/12 of a path stretching out and down ahead)as my new "desktop" on the computer. That should help keep my eye on the prize.

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