Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, June 28, 2013

Episode 135 It's Shawl Week

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This episode is sponsored by my Longaberger Home Business and Quince & Co.

Chickadee is a little darling—soft, plump, springy, and eager to loop into intricate color patterns or delicate textures. Its three plies, spun from softest American wool, are twisted together firmly enough
to be sturdy, yet gently enough to be soft and cushiony.  41 beautiful colors to choose from and at just a little over $7 per 181 yd/50g skeins…you will find Chickadee a great value for your sport weight knitting. 
 Find Chickadee and the other Quince fibers at

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Pipeliner Notes

Wool Leaves by Jared Flood gift from Michelleg3737
I’m taking a summer break with Magnatune. Let me know how important the music is for you at the end of the show.
Last week I flew to Minneapolis for my sister’s birthday and for two days of baby gawking.  I have the cutest little great nephew ever.
He's pretty serious here.

He's a little butterball.  I miss him.

Congratulate Megan and Amy of The Stockinette Zombies on their wildly successful Retreat. Zombie Knitpocalypse.

Posting from KnittingRosarian: Thanks for the reminder about washing your woolies. I have historically washed all my woolies and and lingere in soap. It use to be Ivory or Kings. Alas both are now detergent and not soap. I now use Doctor Bronner’s Castlile Soap. I had water that is comfortable to touch in my sink, then add soap and some white vinegar if it is a newly knitted project. I then add the item to wash and just squish it about. I will then drain the water about 20 minutes later, rinse until the water is clear in water that is slightly warmer then I washed it in. I will knead the water out, lay in out a bath towel that is about to go into the wash. It will be rolled up and then I stomp on it toget out the excess water. I will then lay out on a fresh towel reshape on my drying rack in my sunroom away from the sun.
Woolite and other detergents leave their residue in your garments. When washing with real soap the garment rinses clean. If the garment is really dirty, shampoo around the collar and cuff works great and if the garment is a bit scratchy a bit of cream rinse in the final rinse should help. This method and never felted or shrunk anything I have knitted. I will ocassionally will use the spin cycle in the wash if there is alot if the garment is large.

Babyboxermom asked what is the difference between detergent and soap.

TwinsetJan wrote: Soaps are made from natural fats and detergents are made from synthetic (sometimes with additional natural) chemicals. Both are surfactants -- they lower surface tension to allow water to do its job of dissolving things better. Soaps are biodegradable and have less likelihood of irritating skin if made properly. (Anyone have a lye soap story to tell?) Detergents are often petrochemical based and can be harsh on skin and natural fibers, but they are acknowledged to rinse cleaner. Soap’s metallic fatty acid base wants to cling a bit so it needs a more thorough rinsing and is why it can make clothes look a bit gray if used for the laundry.

DoreenMacL: Great info on frogging/upcycling yarn. I recently ripped my grandson’s baby blanket ( in handspun wool silk indigo dyed!) because the dog chewed a corner of it. I did pretty much what Paula recommends and knitted a lace crescent shawl for my daughter, the boy’s mom. And there is likely enough yarn for a toque for him. Now if we can keep the dog away… A good way to make a taut skein is to use two chairs back to back, you can put tension on by just moving the chairs a bit apart so it works better than one chair. I have a swift but sometimes resort to the two dining room chairs because they are handy.

I am planning on announcing registration information about the Maine Retreat in next week’s show.  You will not be able to mail in your registration until July 15 (postmark).
November 10-14 near Portland Maine.

Knit Along           
Lullaby Rain by Paula Emons-Fuessle

Wave 1 KAL already started when pattern was released on Monday June 24.
Wave 2 KAL July 12 with weekly installments.
Uses 3 skeins of Chickadee.   See notes on enlarging the shawl at the top of the KAL thread on our Ravelry board.
Fingering weight test knit by MimiD
Nature Notes

Storms!  We seldom have rain in the summer without some wind and lightening.  That’s what it is like here on the prairie.  There were terrible storms in Minnesota last weekend and we’ve had one every day since I’ve been home except for today.

I read comments by Susanna and Martha.  Thanks for your comments on the blog!
The best thing one can do when it is raining is to let it rain.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Needle Notes

Simple Summer Tweed Top Down V-Neck by Heidi Kirrmaier.  Free Pattern.

LOVE this pattern!  Project pages might scare you off.  Make your own spread sheet.

Gauge is different on Magic Loop.  Tighter and smoother.

 The Blethering Room

At last minute threw in Point of View Vest by Hannah Fettig.  No chance I was really going to work on this. The Knit Girllls nailed it in a recent episode…Stash Separation Anxiety.  SSA

Shawl Week at Quince & Co

Leaves Shawl by Kristen TenDyke

Everly Shawl by Mindy Wilkes (designer of Holden Shawlette)

Fulmar by Veera Valimaki

Qinnatin by Melanie Berg

Product Note

Nikon Coolpix P510 Used smaller pocket camera and my iPhone.  Recovery TIME!

Browning Worm Binder Bag pages make great pattern keepers or notions pouch.

Stanwood Needlecraft Ball Winder the balls have a tendency to ooze out of the center.  Still recommended.

Try-it-on Tubing.  I’m a converted fan.

High Note

1.       MyRadar Weather Radar App

2.       Chocolate Cake from Kowalski’s Market

Have a great week, haste ye back, and hold your knitting close.

More Baby photos in case you didn't get enough earlier:

With his papa. Look at those cute hands!


Anonymous said...

Lovely baby! Do you know that great aunts and uncles are called graunties and gruncles? Also fun to hear my two dining room chair tip mentioned. I appreciate all the tips gleamed on your show.

Doreen MacL.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that would be gleaned! (DoreenMacL)

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