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Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tornado Day 3

I left here at 7:15 AM to help with breakfast and beyond.  We served more people today than we did yesterday.  Word got around that a hot meal and a warm place was available.  We had hot food on the table from a little after 7 until I left around 6 PM and I'm sure it was there for longer.  Restaurants have been very generous to send large portions of cooked food.  We have also made food on site.  The Red Cross let us take over the kitchen as they will do packaged meals but not food cooked on site.

I met a woman from Michigan who is part of a disaster relief team.  We ate lunch together.  She was going out later in the day to make a report to her team leader in Michigan.  I offered to be her driver and guide since I know the town.  Mary and I left at 3:30 PM.  Our first stop was my MIL's home on "Easy Street".  Easy Street is not so easy now.  Bob was teaching this afternoon and evening so I was very grateful to have Mary with me.  She helped me make decisions on what to take.  We were able to retrieve some basic clothing and important papers.  That felt good.

On we drove through parts of town that I had not seen. Mary said that she would tell her team leader that all the people he could send would be put to work.  Although we had seen photos of the damage, seeing it in real life was even worse.  There were places that were rubble for miles.  Over 500 homes have been destroyed and so many people are homeless.  All rentals are taken.  People don't have homes to go to.  It is very sad and scary.  It will take years to rebuild.  I will post more photos later but I'm just very tired right now and think I need to sleep.  I usually feel better when I write things down and this has helped a bit.

My knitting friends across the world have been amazing in their support and care.  I have had so many messages and cannot respond to all of them at this time. Please know that if you have written to me it is so much appreciated.  I may put out a short podcast later this week to update you all and there will be photos.

This was formerly a subdivision of nice homes.  As far as we could see there was mostly piles of rubbish with some trees that had been battered and stripped.
If you have seen this on the news I can assure you it is every bit as bad as they portray or worse.

Thank you for your support!


Leslieblonde said...

Paula, so glad your mother in law was protected as well as you and hubby. Keeping your community in my prayers.
Leslie in Texas
Leslieblonde on RAV

Suzanne said...

Peace and prayers to you and all of your community and family.

Angie said...

So glad you are physically ok. Take care of yourselves while you're taking care of others. Your community is lucky to have you! Sometimes a cup of coffee, a hot meal and a listening ear is the best you can offer someone.

aprilquilts said...

Praying for you Paula. I can't imagine what you are seeing. I am praying for your MIL as well as your community. So heartbreaking.

Michelle said...

Paula, I am so glad to hear that you are all right. I have been thinking of you all in Illinois. Prayers to you & yours Paula. Stay safe & try to rest when you can.

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