Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, June 12, 2015

Episode 213 Home and Away

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Events and Announcements

SSK hosted by TheKnitGirllls in Nashville TN July 15 to 19. Bronwyn and I will be there!

Stitches Midwest Banquet and Fashion Show. Friday night, August 7, 6:30 PM. Post in the thread here in the Knitting Pipeline Ravelry Group. You will also get admission to all four days of the Market.

Knitting Pipeline Cornerstone Fall Retreat in Washington IL Download Registration Materials here.

October 21-24, 2015 Washington IL          Registration begins June 15, 2015

Nature Notes

It is way too quiet around here without the seed in our platform feeder. Oddly enough it seems that the reduction of birds at the platform feeder has affected the birds that generally feed at the other feeders. I believe we are ready to cave in and welcome the Blue jays again even if it means not having House wrens in our bird houses.

Last night we had a series of good ol Midwestern thunderstorms which in addition to lightning included massive rain, hail, and high winds. We have more storms in the forecast and that will probably include more flash flood warnings. Our creek overflowed its banks. I think of all the birds and other animals whose nests were tousled and blown by the wind and soaked by the rain. I’m sure many fledglings perished in these storms and I’m sad for that but I remember that nature’s birth rate is proportional to nature’s mortality rate. A bird only needs to replace itself and possibly its mate to keep the population steady.

Yesterday I was sitting on the love seat in the sunroom when I heard the rustling of leaves in the woods at the edge of the yarn. Usually a rustling of leaves is a squirrel. Squirrels make a lot more noise than seems normal for such a small animal. This time it was not a squirrel but a doe with her young fawn. Then I saw the wee one nuzzle his mother and begin nursing. His or her tail was flicking back at forth. I watched for about 8 minutes at which point the fawn was finished nursing and the two quietly wandered away. I wonder where that fawn and its mother sheltered during the storms. I hope they found a good place.

That beautiful season the Summer!
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light;
and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood."
-   Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Needle Notes

I finished another pair of Bootstrap Socks by Lara Neel. This is pair #2 from Sock Architecture. (Already cast on another pair!)

Foot length is 9.5” from heel to beg of toe decreases.
Foot length total is 12”.
I used Med Wide Toe.

Susan B Anderson Baby Raglan from SSK 2013 class

I used Queensland Collection bebe Cotsoy (discontinued)

In the Pipeline

  • For Such a Time by Kate Breslin       4 stars. A bit unbelievable but it held my interest
  • Goodnight June by Sarah Jio           4 stars.Recommended especially if you love the book Goodnight Moon.
  • The Widow’s War  by Sally Gunning. 2007   Purchased April 2014 when Missy and I visited Patfrag on Cape Cod.   4.5 stars. Recommended
  • Four Meals for Fourpence: A heartwarming tale of family life in London’s old East End by Grace Foakes. Reprint of 3 books published in early 1970’s    4 stars recommended if you like memoirs.
  • Shiny Pennies and Grubby Pinafores: How we overcame hardship to raise a happy family in the 1950’s.  Sequel to Full Hearts and Empty Bellies.  4.5 stars Highly recommended though not as good as her first book
  • Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny (audible) 2009  # 6 in series. Not my favorite Louise Penny book but still recommended. Read these books in order for sure!


Pebble Beach KAL with Curious Handmade

There will be several prizes awarded, including this skein of Lace Merino from The Uncommon Thread
and other items to be announced later. The winners will be determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG) method of post numbers in the FO thread. (This is why we can’t have chatter in the FO thread.)

July 5 end date. More prizes thanks to generous donors.

Helen has just released a brand new shawl design Whispering Island Shawl. Subscribe to her newsletter for her updates including special codes for discounts.

Cave Point to be published by Quince & Co during Shawl Week on June 24th!

Quince is sponsoring a Shawl KAL in their group so I want to share that and we will have a KAL in our group. I’ll be donating a prize of Quince yarn in our group.

I have another shawl design to be published for SSK. Leading Men Fiber Arts is doing a special colorway for that shawl. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s the perfect way to use a skein of fingering weight.

Book Notes

·        Known for her classic and minimalist designs.
·        Most unique feature is that for all the sweaters instructions are given for seamless or knitted flat in pieces and sewn.
·        This was sent to me for review. Thank you, Hannah!
·        Print copy comes with one time use scratch off code for digital copy.
·        9 designs: 7 sweaters, vest and hat. Several sweaters are republished and some are new.
·        Wide range of sizes 30.5 to 62.5” bust
·        Maine sites for photography by Daniel Hudson
·        All designs call for Quince & Co yarn.
·        Essay on helpful knitting topics such as gauge, choosing your size, sweater construction, understanding a knitting pattern, yarn (interview with Pam Allen), Knitting in the round, button bands & buttonholes, Finishing.

In the Piping Circle

Honor Flight on Tuesday June 9. Caithness Craft Collective Project Bag saved the evening! I wore it like and extra sporran. Want a new audio podcast to listen to? Try Caithness Craft Collective.

Sat June 6 Milwaukee Games We did not place in the competition. Beautiful day!

Playing at the Peoria Honor Flight. Photo by Don Pyles

Have a great week, haste ye back, and hold your knitting close.

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