Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Episode 265 Within and Wonderful Wallaby

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This episode is sponsored by Quince & Co and Knitcircus Yarns.

At Quince & Co  we have brand new designs for fall in The Lodge Collection from designers Melissa LaBarre, Cecily Glowik McDonald and Bristol Ivy. We also have  brand new colors in Finch, Lark, and Puffin—Smoke, Canvas, Maple, Stream, and root.

Knitcircus celebrates fun, a passion for knitting, and the delight of beautiful yarn.

We are always creating new colorways of our gorgeous, hand-dyed, gradient yarn.  Feliz Navidad is our most popular new colorway yet! You are invited to our Holiday Kickoff Party at the Knitcircus Studio on Nov 18 5 to 8 PM.

Knitting Pipeline is a Craftsy Affiliate. I enjoy taking Craftsy classes and have learned so much while taking them at my own pace. Please click on the link in the sidebar prior to purchasing a class or supplies I receive credit for it. Thank you!

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Pipeliner Notes

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with me in the past few weeks. A special thank you and welcome to new Pipeliners who have introduced yourselves in the Welcome Thread. Momdiggity who is JoAnn from Seattle, jchang020 who is Janet from Oregon, BobJKnits who is Bobby from OK, mommanik24 who is Nikki from Indy, Everettstitches who is Loretta from Washington State, kmnsw who is Kristen from Massachusetts, JameBB1975 who is from Indy, Paul29 who is Paulette from the Twin Cities (MN), and Emslittlenest from New Zealand. Welcome to all of you!

As always thank you also for the 5 star ratings and reviews on iTunes. There were 3 new reviews since the last audiocast which is very encouraging. Thank you clowe6 11/4, claussdk on 11/9, and PEBstx 11/10.


Knitting Pipeline Retreat

February 17-18 with optional Workshop and Yarn Crawl Fun Day on Feb 16

Episode 266 will have all the information and links to registration information.
Registration will open December 1, 2017. (earliest pm date).
All information is ready and as soon as I am finished with this podcast I will record a short episode about the retreat registration.

Amy Detjen will be teaching Brioche at the workshops.

Le Mouton Rouge Knittery Hand-Dyed Holiday Saturday Dec 3, 2016. 10-4, Bloomington IL

Hedgehog Fibers, Madeleine Tosh, Leading Men Fiber Arts, Sweet Georgia and more.

KnitVent from CuriousHandmade. 4th annual.

6 patterns, one released each week.

Alpine Sunset by Curious Handmade

Hundred Acre Wood by CuriousHandmade and Little Skein in the Big Wool

Socktacular Giveaway! Winner of Socktacular Prize

#148 Mimifan who is Mimi in Oakland CA.

Mimi wrote: Such cute giveaways. Thanks for a great podcast. Love the interspersed video casts.

Bag by PrairieBagWorks (Sue).

Hue Loco Phyllis Sock in Frost colorway. 80/20 Merino Nylon Superwash. Blues, pinks purples, greens

Sock Ruler donated by Adult and child’s.

Stitch Markers and case by The Snarky Llama or SlapYourLlama on etsy. Keep Calm Carry On.

Surprise Random Prize Drawing from Soctober Thread. Needle Felted bag by Capi of The Yarn and I videocast #74 who is Beewing. (already claimed and mailed)

Nature Notes

Even though it isn’t feeling like November, it looks like November outside. November has a beauty of its own. Leaves are stubbornly clinging to a few of the maples and of course, the oaks as well. We’ve experienced a giant moon this past week and it was perfectly enhanced by the bare branches. For those of in the US November is wrapped up in Thanksgiving, a favorite holiday for many.

Bob took down our water feature because if we wait too long then sometimes a pipe is frozen and that gets messy. We speak from experience. We’ve harvested all the green tomatoes and have them ripening on a bench in the garage. This is the latest we have ever had our basil in the garden although it is studded with black spots.

Why does fall/Autumn have two names?

For a long time winter was the only season that had a name. Harvest became the name for what we know call fall/autumn in English.

My November Guest by Robert Frost

Needle Notes

Wonderful Wallaby by Carol Anderson/Cottage Creations

I have knitted so many of these over the years.
Our two younger boys playing in the sandbox in their Wonderful Wallabies. c1987

Wonderful Wallaby for Kids sizes 2 though 12.

Wonderful Wallaby for Grown-Ups. Finished chest 32” to 52”.

·        Based on Elizabeth Zimmermann Percentage System.

·        Sweatshirt style

·        Bottom Up Raglan with placket and button or buttons.

·        Hood, stockinette or garter.

·        Worsted weight

·        Chatty style. No schematic.

·        Booklet format. Not available as digital download. Visit Ravelry page for information.

PrairiePiper’s Wonderful Wallaby

My old tea stained copy on right and new version on left. 

PrairiePiper’s Smooth Operator Socks #3 by Susan B Anderson

Smooth Operator Socks by Susan B Anderson

Destinations Yarn Copenhagen colorway

Susan B Anderson has started her own company, Barrett Wool Co.

Barrett Wool Cowl by Susan B Anderson…free with newsletter sign up!

Book Notes

Drop Dead Easy Knits by Gale Zucker, Mary Lou Egan, and Kirsten Kapur. 5 Stars! 30 designs.

PS: Photography by Gale Zucker is great!

Within: Knitting Patterns to Warm the Soul by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook.
Hudson Shawl by Shannon Cook

6 patterns 21.95 for print and digital. Patterns are available as individual downloads.

Entwine Scarf by Jane Richmond

  • Timber, a cardigan by Shannon Cook using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. Already 76 projects in 520 queues. Top down open front raglan.
  • Fireside Pullover by Jane Richmond. Cascade Ecological Wool/Bulky. Top Down in the round, shawl collar. 1,776 favorited
  • Hudson is a shawl by Shannon Cook also using 4 shades of Cascade Ecological Wool/Bulky. YarnCrayon has a beautiful one in Quince & Co Lark. Top down triangular.
  • Tread by Shannon Cook. Hat in worsted. Texture pattern. Silverbell’s Tread in Quince & Co Osprey in Glacier.
  • Woodstack Mittens by Jane Richmond. Worsted.
  • Entwine Scarf by Jane Richmond. Super Bulky.
Timber Cardigan by Shannon Cook

Enter the drawing for a free copy of Within HERE in the Knitting Pipeline Group on Ravelry.

Have a great week, haste ye back and hold your knitting close.

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