Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Episode 269 Lush, Beans, and 2016 Review

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This episode is sponsored by Quince & Co and Knitcircus Yarns.

At Quince & Co  you will find 100% American grown wool and responsibly grown plant fibers. Our yarns are springy, they’re soft, and you will love knitting with them.

Knitcircus celebrates fun, a passion for knitting, and the delight of beautiful yarn.

We are always creating new colorways of our gorgeous, hand-dyed, gradient yarn.  One of our new colors,  Birds of a Feather is inspired by A holiday party graphic. This vintage-style gradient gives you soft blues and warm reds for a perfect cozy knit.

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Pipeliner Notes

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with me in the past few weeks. A special thank you and welcome to new Pipeliners who have introduced yourselves in the Welcome Thread. Chickenfoot who is Susan from Chicago and SweetScissors who is Rina from Moscow.

As always thank you also for the 5 star ratings and reviews on iTunes.

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Needle Notes

Tip: Draw schematic of your finished knitted item. Take a photo and put on Ravelry page.

Beans the Cat by Linda Dawkins

Lush Cardigan by TinCanKnits (Emily Wessel)

Quince & Co Phoebe in Mercury Colorway

Tip for Recycling Yarn

1.      Unraveled sweater on Swift.

2.      Wound yarn onto Niddy Noddy and ties off skeins.

3.      Used Euro Steam iron to steam out the kinks. Hung over ironing board to dry.

Project Peace by Christina Campbell

#peacealong2016 and #projectpeace on Instagram.

Seven Sisters Arts Matrika and other silk blends.

Clara (Dress) by Karin Vestergaard Mathiesen Madeline Tosh Pashmina in Blood Runs Cold. Brilliant Red tonal

I had about 4 inches on the dress and decided it was too big. The bottom of the skirt measured 42". Unfortunately there is no schematic for this pattern so you have no easy way to see if you are off. The skirt is supposed to be large but this seems excessive.

Despite gauge swatch, my new gauge seems too big. Closer to 5.5 sts per inch instead of 6.

Tip from JanMarieKnits: Buy t-shirt in the size she is currently wearing and use to size knitted garment.

2016 Review=59 Projects and 1 Design

1 design—Crooked Ewe Cowl

Shawls (10)

1.      Wool Peddler

2.      Balsam Hollow

3.      Hilltop Shawl

4.      Holyrood

5.      Talisman

6.      Amulet

7.      Asana

8.      Golden Sand

9.      Quill

10.   Abide

Socks-16 pair

Women’s size 6.5-7

1.      Zigzagular

2.      Bootstrap

3.      Zigzagular #2

4.      Dancing Dog Dyeworks

5.      Smooth Operator #1

6.      Smooth Operator #2

Men’s Size 12

1.      Socks that Rock

2.      Felici

3.      Dragonfly Fibers

4.      Wellesly Socks

5.      Into the Whirled

6.      Cakewalk Yarn

7.      Happy Go Lucky

8.      Smooth Operator #3

9.      Smooth Operator #4

10.   Beyond Vanilla by Mina Phillip (75% done)


1.      Mae Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre

2.      Mae Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre

3.      Mae Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre

4.      Mae Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre

5.      Aziza Bonnet

6.      Aziza Bonnet

7.      Aziza Bonnet

8.      Camilla Babe by Carrie Bostick Hoge

9.      Mignon

10.   Lemon Chiffon by Taiga Hilliard

11.   Entrechat by Lisa Chemery

12.   Entrechat by Lisa Chemery

13.   Wonderful Wallaby

14.   Clara Dress (in progress)


1.      Sans Serif

2.      Calligraphy

3.      Lush

Accessories and Misc-14

1.      Project Peace (50%)

2.      Barley Hat

3.      Verdure Mitts

4.      Verdure Mitts

5.      Verdure Mitts

6.      Little Leaves by Alana Dakos

7.      Mittens for Charity

8.      Mittens for Charity

9.      Mittens for Charity

10.   Hug Me Cozy

11.   Hug Me Cozy

12.   Swift by Shannon Cook

13.   Swift by Shannon Cook

14.   Chromatic Cowl by Amy Detjen

15.   Chromatic Cowl

16.   Beans the Cat

Total is 59 projects and 1 design.

In The Pipeline

Making Magazine No 2 Fauna

Icelandic KAL/RAL coming in February

Blethering Room

Instant pot Thread

In the Piping Circle—last time

I’m retiring from Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums. It’s been a good 20 year run!
Last solo gig

Have a great week, haste ye back and hold your knitting close.

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