Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Episode 287 Annabel Babe Cardigan, Socks

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This episode is sponsored by Quince & Co and Knitcircus Yarns.

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Pipeliner Notes

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with me. Welcome to new Pipeliners: Craftyamandaknits,

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 Post from PGAhmers, Amy from Pittsburgh

Catching up on old episodes, and I had to stop an comment on the travel knitting question. Lately, traveling for work is my best time for knitting and crocheting, as long as I’m not driving. I’ve been flying about 3 times a month, and my next project will involve a 5-hr driving trip about twice a month. Initially, I will be a passenger, though eventually, I will go without my boss and have to drive.

A few factors that I take into consideration:

  • How much other stuff do I have to carry, especially for flying? If I have a bag of finish samples or a big roll of drawings, then I only bring socks or a hat. But if my purse isn’t that full, I’m happy to bring a sweater.
  • What do I really WANT to work on right now? I’ve put a small project in my bag that I wasn’t excited about in my purse, and found myself reading or playing solitaire instead of knitting. Also, if I really want to work on that larger project, I won’t mind carrying it, in order to get to work on it.
  • Is it a long enough trip that it is worth bringing options? If I had a 28 hour round trip car ride, I would definitely bring several options and possibly items in different weights of yarn to give my hands a break.
  • I do prefer to avoid charts, but if it is something that I REALLY want to make, I will try it. Colorwork charts are easier for travel than lace, IME.
  • Lastly, the project needs to be started BEFORE I leave. Unless I am swatching while I travel, I want the project to already be started, so I don’t have to be counting the cast on, acquainting myself with the pattern, or doing any critical measuring.

From Ellen who is shpizl

Your gloves turned out great, Paula! I made a pair years ago and had a hard time with the gaps at the base of the fingers and the overall fit. I’d like to give them another try. I was interested to hear that you used Chickadee. I’ve always thought gloves needed to be done in fingering weight to get a close fit and reduce the bulk between the fingers. How do you feel about your choice to go with sport weight?

(Paula) I think the yarn weight might have been holding me back too, Ellen. I like the Quince Chickadee which is sport weight and feel it is a good weight for warmth without being too bulky. Chickadee is a round yarn with good stitch definition which I believe will help the gloves wear well. And if I wear a hole in a finger, I can just cut it off and quickly knit a new one—much easier than repairing mittens.

About those gaps at base of fingers…I picked up extra stitches to fill in. You also have at least one end to weave in so you can close up gaps during finishing as well. I have a YouTube tutorial on this trick.

From HazelPurls

There is a GLOVES, GLOVES, GLOVES! group and they have a information page dealing with this very common issue! Lots of good resources in this group.

From Patched Pastor who is Lauren in Arkansas

When knitting flat with circular needles, until a week or so ago I would have said I always have the 2 needle tips attached to one cable. But then I pulled a rather large blanket knitted in one piece out of the UFO bin with the idea of finishing it off, and after an hour of knitting I had to put it down because my wrists were really hurting. I analyzed the situation for a day and realized I was struggling to move half a pound of yarn around the entire circle of the needle every row. Further thought suggested that if I put the 2nd tip on a 2nd cable I could have the bulk of the blanket sit comfortably on the sofa next to me and only move the parts that were completely necessary. I also had more room to move stitches as part of the time they were divided between the 2 cables. I tried that and have been able to knit pain-free for longer periods of time. So there are times when 2 cables are helpful, even if not strictly necessary for knitting flat on circular needles.

I’ve only knit one pair of gloves as here in Arkansas it’s rarely cold enough for gloves and getting the finger lengths right for gift gloves is a bit tricky. I did knit one pair several years ago and found it fiddly but not impossible. I think if I were to do them again I would use Lucy Neatby’s double knitting technique on the fingers; there might be a slight ridge at the sides but it would be worth it to only be working on 2 needles instead of 4. And now that I’ve been thinking about gloves I’m remembering that I had set aside the remaining yarn from the first pair to knit a second pair; I wonder where that yarn is. Hmmmmm.

More on Icelandic Sheep

From Dayartist who is Jennie:

No Wool, No Vikings from Hakai Magazine. Coastal Science and Societies. (can download podcast version)

Watch later feature of YouTube.

Article sent to me from Liz in England from The University of Cambridge Alumni Magazine. Thank you, Liz!

  • Saga Stead by Dr. Emily Lethbridge


Giveaway thread: KnitCircus Greatest of Ease Sock Set

The winner is…

# 144 Cathryn3 

I love so many of their colorways it is hard to choose a favorite. My favorite today is Starry Night.

Congratulations, Cathryn, and thank you Knit Circus.

New Drawing for KnitCircus Parasol (30% Mulberry Silk 70% US Merino) 100 g /440 yds!

Gloves KAL

…official start is September 1 but if you are rarin’ to go as my family would say, go right ahead and start now.

Registration started for Eagle Crest Retreat. November 8-11.—registrants are posted in thread. We have a few spots left.

Maine Mitten Project and Threads Hope and Love

Stitches Midwest! Bronwyn and I will be there!

Needle Notes

Annabel Babe Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Apple Blossom Socks by CuriousHandmade

Finally started my Fairy Hill Shawl by Curioushandmade. Quince & Co Finch in Stream colorway.

Have a great week, haste ye back and hold your knitting close.

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