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Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Episode 307 Impressionist Shawl, Epic Blunders

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Pipeliner Notes

Welcome to our newest Pipeliners who have said hello to us on the Welcome thread or to me in a personal message. Raisedbywolf who is Emily in Ontario CN.

Thank you for your star ratings and reviews on iTunes. Thank you, aquabug8. (May 1, 2018.)

Post from Jaynaro on alternating skeins while knitting in the round.

I’m glad someone mentioned using the helix method for alternating skeins after last episode. I had been meaning to say something about it, but it slipped my mind.

I recently used this method for the first time, and I also found the explanations and video tutorials to be confusing. I think it’s just one of those things that you have to try for yourself and then it makes sense.

Here’s my attempt at an explanation:
Let’s say you decide you want to start alternating two skeins while working stockinette in the round.

Use a marker to keep track of the beginning of the round.
Starting at the beginning of the round with the skein you are already using (first skein), you knit half of the round.

Then you drop the yarn from the first skein, and start knitting with the second skein (leaving a tail to weave in later) to finish that round. Continue knitting the next round with skein two until you reach where you dropped the yarn from the first skein.

Then drop the yarn from the second skein and pick up yarn from the first skein, knit until you reach where you dropped the yarn from the second skein.

Repeat alternating at this mid-round point until you no longer want to alternate skeins.

Hope that is somewhat helpful!

Thank you, Jaynaro!


Links to retreats and registration materials are in the Knitting Pipeline Retreats Group on Ravelry. There is also a sticky thread with all upcoming retreat dates.

Maine Retreat Registration is in progress.

Needle Notes

Impressionist Shawl on (queen) guest bed. Better photos to come!


When the stitches got crowded on the needle (clue 3), I used two interchangeable circulars like straight needles. This helped tremendously. Unfortunately, the Lykke cable did not hold up very well. Chiagoo cable worked great!
I should have thought ahead about weaving in the ends. I cut the yarn more frequently than the pattern indicated so there were a lot of them on the edge. Next time I do a shawl like this I will change the yarn after the side increases so you don’t have to cross over the YO when weaving in.
I just measured the finished shawl after washing. I did not stretch it to block. Still in shock to find that it is 10 feet (3 meters) along top edge and 15 feet (4.5 meters) along bottom edge.

 Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry. Uses DK weight. Double Finch. Top down cardigan.
See the back with two sleeves on the right? Yep. I did that!

3 blunders…Two of them really silly and one was a change of mind on the color.

I’m starting it for the 4th time now.

Nature Notes


My husband and I are hiking at least two times a week. We share some of the wild flowers and birds we have seen. The most exciting thing happening here at home is that we have Baltimore orioles coming regularly to our feeder of oranges and grape jelly. They seem to prefer the grape jelly.

Bob is an expert on roses so if you have questions, feel free to post in the Ravelry group and I’ll have him answer on the show.
Mr Handsome...Baltimore Oriole

American Goldfinch

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Dutchman's Breeches

In The Pipeline


CuriousHandmade Shawl Society. Secret Garden. May 21 with coupon code. May 31 start date


Yogurt in Instant Pot

Danish Rye Bread

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