Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Thursday, April 11, 2019

2019 Knitting Pipeline Maine Retreat

Maine Retreat

September 22-26, 2019

Sunday 2:00 PM through Thursday 11:00 AM

26 Beach Ave

Kennebunk ME 04043


Hosted by Paula Emons-Fuessle

Knitting Pipeline Podcast                                                        PrairiePiper on Ravelry

Your registration fee includes:

·         Single or Double/Triple Room (own bed) and private bath with tub and shower

·         Hot Buffet Breakfast Mon-Thurs at Franciscan Guest House

·         Dinners on Monday and Wednesday at Franciscan Guest House

·         Pizza Party Sunday Night

·         and all the knitting and fiber fun we can pack into 4 days!

Double Occupancy (10 rooms) $485.00

Single Occupancy (10 rooms) $685.00

Triple (3 rooms) $485.00

·         Wi-Fi and mini-refrigerator in guest rooms.

·         Walking distance to beach, shops, and restaurants

·         All rooms non-smoking

·         Free hotel parking

Not included: lunches, one dinner, transportation.

Special diets are not offered; however, there are choices at all meals.

·         Fill out the registration form and POSTMARK NO EARLIER than May 1, 2019.

·         Registrations will be accepted after this time pending space availability. Spaces will be filled by postmark date and by lottery if necessary.

·         I will confirm registration by ear-burning you on Ravelry in the Knitting Pipeline Retreats Group. Please send in a $200 deposit by June 15, 2019. Your deposit will secure your spot at the retreat. Checks are not deposited immediately, so don't worry if yours does not clear. I always check if I have posted your name and do not receive a check from you.

·         Full payment is due by August 1, 2019*. Feel free to send in your total amount in one payment with your initial deposit.

·         Mail registration and payments to Knitting Pipeline Maine, PO Box 549, Washington IL 61571

Cancellation Policy:

  • All registration deposits include a non-refundable $50 deposit. If you cancel before August 1, 2019 then I will refund your retreat registration less $50 deposit if your place can be filled. After August 1, 2019 refunds are on a case by case basis depending upon what expenses can be recovered, whether your place can be filled, etc. I understand that life happens and will do what I can to refund your money.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Episode 326 Tomten Jacket, Millie Doll

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This episode is sponsored by Quince & Co and Knitcircus Yarns

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Ravelry Group

Knitting Pipeline Retreats Group


Pipeliner Notes

Welcome to our newest Pipeliners who have said hello to us on the Welcome thread or to me in a personal message. There are quite a few because I’ve been procrastinating. These are all from the Welcome thread. If you have introduced yourself to me in a PM then, go to the Welcome thread and re-introduce if you have not heard your name on the show.

Ladyquiltsalot Margaret from CN, CatSaysKnit Cathy from Maryland, MyCorgiKnits AL, Wattle and Wool Astrid from Australia, DawnERose Dawn from Idaho, Gamermom who is Regina from Rhinebeck, hgalbally who is Helen from Australia, jamaknits who is Julie from Embro, Ontario, UVocca who is Ursula in ME, Ruth who is Knittertwitter1 from Ontario CN, Texancathy who is Cathy from TX, Magentarunrise who is Maria from NC, AnnaHutchens, Anna, Indiana, Ullafr who is Ulla from Sweden, bilingualann, alicita who is Alice in FL, and abruneel who is Anne from Krikwood.

ITunes Reviews--Thank you!

  • CathytheCatLady 3/1
  • Urochris 3/24

395 review…close to 400!


Links to retreats and registration materials are in the Knitting Pipeline Retreats Group on Ravelry. There is also a sticky thread with all upcoming retreat dates.

Maine Retreat Information and Registration will be released this week! There will be a short episode, a blog post, announcements in the Knitting Pipeline Retreats group.

Needle Notes

Cobblestone by Jared Flood. Pullover with garter stitch details.

·        Sleeves too big and baggy. Went back to my roots with Knitting without Tears and used the reliable EPS or Elizabeth Percentage System.

·        Knit sleeves on one size larger needle.

·        Will add some length to the body too. 18”

·        Barrett Wool Co Wisconsin Woolen Spun. Molly was here this week and I asked her to touch it.

Northeasterly by Melissa Alexander-Loomis

Molly, Millie, and Morgan by Susan B Anderson with Quince & Co

PrairiePiper’s Millie

Millie and Morgan and a tiny log cabin pillow I made c. 1985.

Helene is holding Millie. Maeve might have given Morgan the shove but picked her up before we left. Look at those legs and black shoes. Adorable!

Ben and Buddy Kit

  • ·        Quince & Co Chickadee. Available as kit on Quince site.

  • ·        Long hair, folk clothing, perfect size. An adult would love receiving one of these for sure.

  • ·        I had all the colors so I knit mine exactly as instructed. She may need some suspenders on her skirt or a drawstring. Size 2 needles. Dyakraft applewood.

  • ·        To see my granddaughters hugging their dolls brought me so much joy!

  • ·        Allow time because there are a lot of steps to the doll but it is very intuitive. I would say advanced or adventuresome beginner or intermediate. I’m ready to knit another one. The shoe/foot is probably the hardest part for me but really once I got it in my head that I was basically knitting a sock, the second one flew. I love watching the doll come to life with the hair and eyes.

  • I’m ready to knit another one without a deadline. And more clothes for Millie and Morgan.

Tomten Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann. 3514 projects on Ravelry.

Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Hoodie with zipper. All garter stitch. I have a little color detail on this one. Fit perfectly over Helene’s Odette Hoodie.

Boxy shape so comfortable layering over sweater. Hoodies have been in style since I was a kid and maybe longer. Probably longer.
38 year old Tomten Jacket in action


Toddler pillow case tutorial by Lindsay Sews. Also how to make a pillowcase of any size.

How to make a Pillowcase- Burrito/Sausage/Roll Up method by The Crafty Gemini
Toddler Pillow Cases
How to make a Pillowcase with French seams using Burrito method by

Friday, April 5, 2019

Video Extra #27--Sister is back!

My sister, Gayle, is here!

Show notes are found at You can also find me here: 
Ravelry: PrairiePiper Feel free to include me in your friends. 
Instagram: knittingpipeline 
Twitter: knittingline 
Pinterest: Paula Emons-Fuessle 
Ravelry Group 
Knitting Pipeline Retreats Group. 


  • PSA Lucy Gloves by Dawn Catanzaro. Chemical hand warmers stained them. 
  • Cobblestone by Jared Flood 
  • Barrett Wool Co Wisconsin Woolen Spun 
  • Northeasterly by Melissa Alexander-Loomis 
  • Quince & Co Fingering
  • Morgan Molly, Millie, and Morgan by Susan B Anderson with Quince & Co 
  • Quince $ Co Chickadee. Available as kit on Quince site. 


  • Toddler pillow case tutorial by Lindsay Sews. Also how to make a pillowcase of any size. 
  • How to make a Pillowcase- Burrito/Sausage/Roll Up method by The Crafty Gemini 
  • How to make a Pillowcase with French seams using Burrito method by 
  • You need 3 fabrics. I was able to make mine from stash. 
  • Dream Pillow and Pillow case on

·      Double the Fun by Jenny Doan  
·      Tim Holz Eclectic Elements 
·      Grunge 
·      Miss Rosie’s Cake Mix #5  
·      Lemon Twist Layer Cake (Yellow and black)
·      Missouri Star Two Step  
·      Holly Taylor by Moda 
·      Needle Book
·       Double the Fun for our brother. 
·       Wool Applique Candle Mats. Gayle made from her own wool stash.

Tips for pillowcases
·       Use binding clips when making burrito.
·       Use walking foot on last seam to get over multiple layers.

Seam Ripper. Extremely sharp.  (It’s called surgical seam ripper on her site.)

Questions from previous episodes:
·       Painter’s tape trick for preventing seams from flipping.

Quilt  Inventory
Space saver photo albums.

·      from lst episode about masking tape. We show a photo and there is a video at the end.
·      Places to get wool. The Quilt Corner in Morton IL, Camp Wool in Kennebunk. Also (not mentioned in video) is Connecting Threads, which has an impressive selection of bundles that look hand-dyed.

Show notes are found at 
Haste ye back! 
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