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Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, January 21, 2011

Episode 29 A New Favorite Bind Off

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My New Favorite Bind Off
This is similar to the bind off on the Ishbel Shawl but not in purl.  This is the bind off used in Pogona by Stephen West/Westknits.

Designs mentioned in this episode
Ishbel by Ysolda Teague  (bind off is similar to the one above only in purl)
Boneyard by Stephen West (free)
Daybreak by Stephen West (currently on my needles)
Simple Yet Effective Shawl by Laura Chau (free)
Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down  (free)
Simple Things by Mary-Heather Cogar
Knitted Cap Patterns for patients undergoing treatment.  Thank you, Mandikat!
Knots of Love

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions for cap patterns for chemo patients!

Nature Notes

I saw a Common Redpoll at the feeder on 1/20/11.  We've been hearing the drumming of the Pileated Woodpecker, which is our largest woodpecker.  They are shy birds but are occasionally seen near the house. 

On Netflix Instand Watch:  John James Audubon 55 min documentary from PBS American Masters Series.

Needle Notes

This is the Lacey Ladies Cap I gave to my friend.  Another one is in the works.

News Flash on Friday!  It fits her!
Simple Things

A Pogona Pose
This was one of "pensive poses" that made me laugh so hard I could barely take the photo without shaking the camera.

Another pair of "Those Mitts".  #7 I think.

Pogona as it was blocking on the guest bed.  I need blocking wires.  The pins don't work here.

No-Purl or Garter Stitch Patterns suggested by Pipeliners on Ravelry. 

Addabootees by Elizabeth Zimmermann  $1.00
Felted Clog by Bev Galeskas  $7.95
Bear Claw Blanket by Veronik Avery
Mothed by Mags Kandis (free)
Chocolate, Vanilla, Swirl Baby Blanket by JamieKnits (Free)
Ten Stitch Twist Blanket by Frankie Brown  (free with a suggested charity donation)
Johanna Maria Shawl by Elsa Maria Baerentsen
Pimpelliese by Christine Ebers (free)
Favorite Garter Cardi  by Anne Lecrivain-Cozzoli  Creative Knitting 2010
Garter Diamonds Shawl by Lois S. Young Creative Knitting Nov 2010

In the Piping Circle
The Burns Supper 2011

Robert Burns was born on Janury 25, 1759 in Alloway, Scotland.  People all over the world celebrate his birth each year with a dinner and an evening of ceremony.

George in his Baby Sophisticate Sweater.

Meat Pie, Neeps, Haggis, Peas, Tatties

Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums.  Burns Supper 2011

These are Those Mitts made for me by Charr.  Don't they work great with our Flower of Scotland Tartan?
Norwegian Sweater Knit Along

Twila is going to use Cully's Norwegian Sweater, child size, to make a sweater for charity.
I ordered from Quince & Co. for a man's large 44" (tall) sweater

Chickadee (sport weight)
  • 12 (50 g) balls Crow (black)  Probably only need 10
  • 7 (50 g) balls Egret (natural White)  probably only need 5
Leave your name in the comment section to be in the drawing for an autographed copy of Faith Hope Love Knitting by Lorna Miser.

Book Notes

Knitting at Home: 60 Classics from Ella Rae Designs by Leanne Prouse.  2010

The book sets  relaxed mood and has a wide array of patterns.  Instructions assume some knitting intelligence, which is refreshing.  All projects use Ella Rae yarn but substitutions are easy, especially because most of the designs are not fitted.  While I do not consider this a "must have" for my library, it would be a welcome addition. Recommended.

"Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon"
Lyrics by Robert Burns
Sung by Shira Kammen from A Celebration of Robert Burns.  Magnatune.

Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon
How can ye bloom sae fresh and fair?
How can ye chaunt, ye little birds
And I sae weary full o' care?
Ye'll break my heart, ye warbling bird
That wantons thro' the flow'ry thorn
Ye mind o' departed joys
Departed never to return.

Oft hae I roved by bonnie Doon
To see the rose and woodbine twine
And ilka bird sang o' its love
And fondly sae did I o' mine
Wi' lightsome heart I pu'd a rose
Full sweet upon its thorny tree
And my fause lover stole my rose
But ah! he left the thorn wi' me.


Sabra said...

Faith Hope Love Knitting by Lorna Miser
A book that's a part of my wish list. Will the comments left on the 27th podcast be included in the drawing? If not here is my entry. Your Citron convinced me that I need this book to learn another bind off technique.

I'm Sabrab on Ravelry

Unknown said...

It's taken me too long to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. Your knitting and life insights are interesting and I enjoy the EZ letters. Keep it up, please!

Maritza (a relatively new listener)

penelope10 said...

I have been listening for about 2 months, very enjoyable! I am anxious to try that new bindoff! and I have a renewed interest in Shawls!

Lisa said...

Hi Paula, I found your comments on James Audubon to be very fascinating. Thank you for thinking to share that with us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another informative podcast. I learn something new almost every time I listen to you. I remember seeing Redpolls many years ago, and they are so cute!

Karen said...

As usual wonder show!

MoxieDot said...

Thanks for a wonderful episode. Your husband looks very nice in the shawl. I think men look great in a shawl if it is worn as a scarf. After all a shawl worn as a scarf is just a chunky scarf, and most men (being bigger than women) can certainly carry off a chunky scarf. But hey, I'm from California so just about anything goes around here.

Thanks again for all the work you do to create such a exemplary podcast.
Best, Carmel

Carin said...

Hi Paula - I am so enjoying your podcast! It is so calming and tranquil. I especially love the Franklin reports. I hope he and the girls are safe and sound. I think your husband looks stunning in his shawl and the pensive look really works for him. I wanted to give a beading suggestion. I just finished the Brandywine shawl and added beads at the end of each row. I used Super Floss (available at drug stores) for threading the beads on the yarn. EVERY bead fits through, no need to waste beads. Wanted you to know. I'm looking forward to meeting you at CampKIP!

1to1 said...

Another wonderful episode!!! The Lacey Ladies Cap is lovely!

Martha said...

Another great episode. Your book reviews are one of my favorite segments. Please tell us more about the Norwegian knit-along. Do you think you will knit your sweater quickly or "enjoy" the process? Either way....I am leaning toward casting on too. I might need a few months. Your music selections are always so beautiful and different. Thanks for all the wonderful podcasts, Paula. We are blessed to have you in our knitting world.

Martha said...

Another great podcast. Your projects are beautiful. The book reviews are wonderful and one of my favorite segments. Thanks for all your podcasts, Paula. We are blessed to have you in our knitting world.

Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

Your podcasts give me a reason to look forward to Mondays Paula! Wow, the bind-off is wonderful! How do I look under this rock? Yikes, where have I been! Many many thanks for all that you share.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks Paula! Love the show, especially the music and the tidbits about your piping life.

hollyknitsabit said...

Wonderful podcast as always! I am really enjoying the segments on garter stitch projects. They sound very achievable for me as a slightly advanced beginning knitter. I am also planning to try Quince & Co. sounds lovely. From hollyknitsabit(Ravelry name)

Ana said...

Hello Paula!
Guess what the best thing about gall-bladder surgery is? Catching up on your podcast! While lying in bed being pampered by my family, knitting in hand.
Still have #29 to listen to, but really really enjoyed #28! I enjoyed the ongoing talk about ponchos in #27...I think I'm the one that started that...great comments.
Love your nature in Florida we have our neighborhood Sandhill Cranes. I never tire of seeing their elegance as they stroll around and if we ever catch their mating dance...what a treat!
Hope to win the book...

Fernie said...

Thanks for another great show, Paula. I loved hearing you talk about the eagles. I agree - it's always a special thrill to see one. Your thoughts on the "get a life" comment were quite thought provoking. The Knitting at Home book looks really nice. I always like ideas for knitting things where you don't have to worry about whether they'll fit (whew, how's that for some poor grammar?).

Anonymous said...

I am learned lot from your show,thanks for sharing.
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bluesbee said...

I'm listening to episode 29 now--and heard your explanation of the term "frog." I never knew it was an acronym. Someone taught me that it's called "frog" because the knitter's action is "rip-it, rip-it" -- and the frog says "ribbit."

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