Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, March 25, 2011

Episode 37 A Startling Shawl Discovery

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Come forth into the light of things. Let Nature be your teacher.  --William Wordsworth

Quince & Co offers a line of thoughtfully conceived yarns spun from American wool.  Leave a comment in the show blog to enter the contest for your choice of 3 patterns and the Tern yarn to make it.  Choose from Sabrina Mitts, Abbey Road Socks, and Barcelona Scarflet.

Pipeliner Notes

I read a letter from Elseline about seeing a large number of Short Toed Eagles.  She sent me this link as well as photos.  The Short Toed Eagle is probably a descendent of the old world vulture. 

Elseline's photo of a Short-toed Eagle.  Note the beautiful markings.
 I got to meet Jen when she visited Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums rehearsal.  I also met Kathleen!

Paula, Jen, and Kevin.

Nature Notes

My friend Mr. Fox on his way to the bird feeder.

A busy Fox Sparrow.

Visit Pileated Woodpecker Central, a site solely dedicated to this woodpecker.
Our resident Red Fox visits daily and he is very shy.  A flock/den of Fox Sparrows entertained me with their scratching in the leaves at the edge of the wood.  Fox Sparrows are the largest of our sparrows.

Panthers in Illinois

Needle Notes

Blethering Room

I finished a ribbed stocking cap that is too small for all the men in my family.  This will go to charity.
Sewing in the ends on a piece of ribbing is like magic if you know where to put it.

Find the row of bumps where a line of knit stitches meets a line of purl stitches.  I call it "the gutter". 

You sometimes have to spread the fabric a bit to see the row of bumps that is nestled in here.

Run your threaded blunt needle through the bumps for about 3 inches.

See it?

I left a little tail sticking up so you could see where the tail is threaded through.  Pretty nifty, eh?  This is the wrong side of the hat so you are essentially making a ribbed hat reversible by hiding the ends so well.

Is anyone interested in a KAL?  I have to knit this cardigan!
Estelle by Melissa LaBarre

The Leila Cap by Carrie Bostick Hoge reminds me of Flower Fairies.  I also mention Annabel Babe Cardigan because when I talked about it last week I did not say the name.

Book Notes

Knitting Traditions  Winter 2011 on display until 5/15/11  $14.99
Color, Texture, Lace:  45 Projects frm around the world
Special edition of Piecework by Interweave Knits.  Contents comprised of articles selected from Piecework's 17 year archive, favorite Interweave Books, and new stories and projects.

How could I resist with this beautiful pair of mittens on the cover?

Highly recommended for those who enjoy historical knitting, traditional knitting, folk traditions, and colorwork. 

Music is from Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums, recorded at our rehearsal on Thursday March 25, 2011.

Here another photo of the band in the St. Patrick's Day.


drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Paula, I really like that cardigan, too. Would it look good on someone who was a "tad" bit older than the model, do you think? I especially like that color. If you & others think it would look OK on one of us "old ladies" I'd love to have an KAL for it.

prymnumber said...

Paula, thank you for the tip on weaving in ends. I will definitely give it a try in my ribbed project next time. The Estelle cardigan is lovely but I've already got the mother of all queues! I think I'd be knitting it vicariously through you guys if a KAL is started. Good luck!

Susan said...

Estelle is a nice looking cardigan. I can visualize it as a 'go-to' sweater. As always it nice to have another of your podcasts make its way to my iPod.

Peg5 on Ravelry said...

Paula, I've been feeling a similar yearning to your shawl withdrawl, but mine is for socks. However, I've discovered that I can produce FO's much quicker if I'm a monogamous knitter and I just cast on for a felted tote. There are so many gorgeous shawl patterns, I sometimes get overwhelmed and choosing one seems like such a difficult decision! Unfortunately, we don't wear socks or shawls very much here in FL! Thanks for all you do, Paula!

tashbalaz said...

Thanks for the suggestion of tackling a fix-it on a weekly basis. I overwhelmed myself by getting a number of projects out and didnt start any. If i just choose one per week and a specific day/time for fixing, they are more likely to get done.

KnittyBarb said...

I am really interested in knitting Estelle. I think I was one of the first people to queue it after receiving the email from Quince & Co. So...if you start a KAL, I'm with you...

Mette said...

Thank you for the weaving in tutorial. It is actually almost invisible.

Carla said...

Another great podcast! I might be interested in the knitalong-IF I could finish up a few things!
I of course would like to have my name added to the hat for the contest as well!

Hipparchia said...

I love love love love the Estelle cardigan and am delighted that you want to do a KAL. Will try to deal with the five or six projects that just need finishing so I can clear the decks for this lovely sweater.

Kei said...

The Estelle cardigan is so cute --- and dressy enough to wear to work, I think! Looking forward to knitting it.

Beth French said...

I always enjoy your show, Paula, but rarely take the time to look at the show blog. I've just been looking at past posts and I think I have the Norwegian knitting book that is out of print, I'll have to take another look. I find it funny that you introduced me to Quince & Co. which is just down the road from me! Well, I'm a country girl and don't get to the big city very often. Happy Spring from Beth in Maine!

Paul said...

Thank you for the info on weaving in ends into ribbing. It's something I've been wondering about for a while. Can't wait to try that. Laove the podcast, - pauly81 on Ravelry

catspaw said...

Paula, where and when did you learn to play the pipes? Where do you practice?
We have a red fox hanging around too. He apparently injured a hind leg but seems to be doing ok. Regarding fox sparrows, we always have a couple but this year I've seen 8 at once which is quite remarkable. The woodcock have come and gone already but we do see the occasional bald eagle as they migrate back north. Such a fun season!

Louise said...

I had a 'catch up with Paula morning' today whilst I was knitting. It was bliss. I like the mending and repairing of items part, maybe your skills have increased since you made the socks but hadn't realised.
Do you think the noise of the pipes will scare away any panther/mountain lions? Or maybe they came to listen to you.
I'd like to be in for the Quince pattern for the mitts, you all make it sound so lush.
And LOVE Aff the Cuff. Have away and had a good listen and was dancing around the kitchen (warmed up this time though after the Canadian Barn Dance muscle pulling incident)
Keep em Coming Paula.

Pat said...

Paula, Another wonderful podcast! I have been admiring Estelle since I received the email from Q and Co. I would love to join the KAL. I'm a little bit hesitant about the shaping at the waist. I remember having a waist myself - but it's only a memory. I'm going to take a leap of faith and order the pattern and yarn. I'm guessing that the pattern will offer some suggestions about minimizing/omitting the waste shaping, since it offers sizes up to 51.5" bust (finished, of course). Thank you for these wonderful podcasts, and a special thanks for introducing Quince and Co to us! Patfrag on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

Another great episode, and another exciting Quince and Co giveaway. (I would love to make those Sabrina mitts. Thanks for the tips on how to weave in ends on ribbing. I have a method which works for me, but I think I'll be trying this one sometime soon.

I've heard other stories of large cryptozoid cats in the midwest. Really interesting stuff, and you never know, your 'panther' may be a previously undiscovered type of wildcat!

Cozy Knitting said...

I live in Arkansas, and the Game and Fish Commission denies that we have panthers here. But we do. Also when I lived in Oklahoma in a very rural area, a male panther followed the creek on my property every year in migration. I never stopped walking near the creek, although I was cautious. Neighbors reported that they saw him laying on a big rock sunning. I moved back to rural Arkansas and the first summer I had a female gray fox with kits living in the blackberry briars outside my back door. It was so much fun to watch them. I understand why they are so catlike since I had this up-close observation of the whole family. I also had a bear sow that would come up at night and eat berries. She was well known by all the neighbors and everyone was very respectful of her need to eat and watched for signs and smell so they would not upset her. I liked and appreciated everyone's concern for her well-being.

Anonymous said...

Paula, again your podcast brightened my morning commute to work.

I hope the mystery of the big cat is solved soon. I wonder if it might be an escapee from somewhere. We have a big cat rescue in West Central Indiana, and every once in a while there is a report of an escape.

You are so lucky to still have a shoe repair shop in your area. I have a binder clip on a strap of one my shoes because I can't figure out how to fix it myself. I bought super strength thread and a leather needle but I could get it pushed through the leather.

I would also be interested in the Estelle KAL. It's such a pretty feminine cardigan.

See you next week at CampKIP.

Becky from Indiana (hybridgirl)

DebKnits2 said...

Enjoying your podcast. Went back to the beginning and played them all.

Golden Leica said...

I'd like to make Estelle! I noticed it when I was looking at my Ravelry friends' activities. Great pattern! I'd have to do a combo of sizes and perhaps put hooks and eyes along part of the front.

Julie (aka GoldenLeica)

Stephanie said...

The Estelle pattern is just what my daughter is looking for in a pattern. Cardigan that doesn't close. I love the lace parts. I too am itching to start another shawl. I like the crescent shaped ones and am going to start Mezquita by the owner of Zen Yarn Garden.

Lisaknits said...

I love the podcast!

Constellation Designs said...

Great tutorial. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great show Paula! I enjoy your podcast thoroughly and can't wait to meet you at CampKIP next week!

Unknown said...

This podcast continues to be a highlight in my week. You achieve a balance of instruction, entertainment, friendliness, knitting and nature. Regarding your piping, I've been wanting to thank you and all the bagpipers who honor the dead at funerals. I was recently at a funeral and the piper was a noble final tribute to a life well lived. Thank you.
I hope the random number generator is kind! I'm longing for some Quince!

Nancy Nordquist said...

Love the new logo!

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