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Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, April 22, 2011

Episode 41 Ready, Set, Gauge!

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Quince & Co is a sponsor of Knitting Pipeline. Sign up for their free e-newsletter. Thank you, Pam, for blogging about the Estelle KAL. Pipeliners, let's flood Pam with nice messages, ok? Our Estelle KAL starts on May 1, 2011!  What is a Knit Along?  A KAL is when knitters simultaneously work on the same project to share their ideas, progress, suggestions, and challenges.  Feel free to join us.  Estelle is suitable for adventuresome beginners.  It is a top down cardigan with little or no seaming.

Estelle by Melissa LaBarre

Giveaway Sponsor: Three Bags Full

Week #3 Winner of the Hummingbird Project Bag is KnittingLady 54 aka Gwyn!  I will give you a week or so to contact me so you can hear your name announced on the air. Congratulations!

Our Week # 4 Giveaway from Three Bags Full is a Pink Daffodil Project Bag.  Just leave a comment on this blog post by noon Central USA time on Thursday April 28, 2011.  The winner will be announced on April 29th.  Since we have an unexpected 5th Friday in April, Michele has generously donated another very special bag to go with next week's show's theme.  Thank you, Michele!  Also, there are just 10 days to enjoy FREE Shipping at Three Bags Full by using the promo code "piper" at checkout.  This offer is good through April 30, 2011. Michele is a busy lady and each bag is handmade so shop ASAP for the best selection.

Pink Daffodil Project Bag for Week #4 Drawing from Three Bags Full

Pipeliner Notes

Birgit from Germany has the most amazing collage photos on her project pages and also on her blog.  Her Ravelry name is BConstanze.  She uses Picassa for the collages.

Yarnette reminded us to no use food coloring in hummingbird feeders.  Just 4 parts water to 1 part sugar.  Boil and cool before adding to feeders.   Do not use honey or any other sweetener.

Nature Notes

John Muir in the New World was a fantastic documentary.  Watch it online here.  April 21 is John Muir Day.  April 22 is Earth Day.  Bob and I and two of our friends participated in the Great American Clean the rain on Sat April 16.  I won't say it was fun but it was rewarding.

Thank you to Maggie H for sharing that the John Muir autobiography The Story of My Boyhood and Youth is available for FREE on Kindle! I immediately downloaded it and am enjoying reading it again.  (I gave my copy to one of our sons.)

Take a course in good water and air; and in the eternal youth of Nature you may renew your own. Go quietly, alone; no harm will befall you.   --John Muir

Needle Notes

Clockwork is a scarf by Stephen West of Westknits.  I used two kinds of fingering weight yarn from The Woolen Rabbit.  Pandora is a wool/bamboo blend and the color is Forever in Blue Jeans.  No wonder it looks great with Casper's denim jacket.  Harmony is a merino wool superwash and the color is Birch Beer, a very rich green/gold.  I love these two colors together. 

Casper modeled Clockwork moments before leaving our place for Chicago and then back home to Denmark.

Clockwork closeup.

I put all the finishing touches on the Norwegian Setesdal Sweater.  The sleeves might be a tad long but he likes them that way.  I will get photos of Bob wearing the sweater as soon as the rain stops here.  We have had torrential rains and thunderstorms lately.

The sweater measures 43" across the body.

Sleeve detail.  See, steeks aren't scary.
My momentary stroke of genius was to add a woolen fabric label that looks a bit old.  Visit a local quilt shop as they sometimes have wool scraps for wool applique quilts.  Or repurpose that old wool skirt that no longer fits you.  I used a fine tipped Sharpie marker.  A scrapbook pen works also.  You have to steady the fabric with a straight edge and write along the top of the edge.  Slowly.

I have also sewn the labels on the side seams but he liked the idea of having it at the neck.

I probably should have pressed the label before sewing in.  We will see how it looks in a week or so.
Gauge Swatch for Estelle

First Swatch with size 4 needles.  4 YO K2 tog make it easy to tag your needle size on the swatch.

Before blocking measure with smaller needles.  Put the pins in at exactly 4" apart at a point where the fabric is not distorted by ribbing or lace.  Count the "v"'s between the pins. 
Wash and block the swatch however you plan to treat the garment.  Don't cheat when counting the stitches. Include partial stitches as these will affect the size when added up.

Book Notes

Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders:  101 Patterns that go way beyond socks.
edited by Judith Durant.  Storey Publishing 2010.  $18.95

Little Hanten by Cheryl Oberle.  This design is the reason I bought the book.  I also like:
Spring Garden Shorties by Cathleen Campbell
Mitered Square Gloves by Kathleen Taylor
Lettuce Slide Scarf by Bobbie Morris
Baby Hoodie by Diana Foster
Patches Baby Sweater by Christiane Burkhard

The musical selection has our friends, the spring peepers, in it!  I think this is the perfect lullaby for all ages.

Every Bug, Every Bee, Every Breath by Lydia McCauley from Quieting.


It's Pottery Week on my Longaberger site . Enjoy 20% off through April 30th. If your order is over $150 you may qualify for a 1/2 price item. If so, please contact me directly.

Haste ye back!


Britni :) said...

I love this bag so I thought I better get my comment on her quickly.
The book you reviewed is a wonderful book. Myself and several of my friends are doing a sock yarn project a month and this book was our inspiration.

Ravelry: Beewing

C. said...

Another very interesting episode! Thanks. This bag is very springy and cheerful. Very, very pretty!
And I think I will start making my own labels for my knitting goods, I really like this idea.

Sabra said...

Thanks for another opportunity to win a beautiful bag. Good episode.

Cynthia said...

I have not been referring to these notes after listening from iTunes. I like the visuals. If I were to do the KAL, I think your notes would be very helpful.
What do you mean by before blocking , measure with smaller needles? I wouldn't mind winning the bag. : )

Peg5 on Ravelry said...

Thanks for your review of the Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders Book! It was very helpful.

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Paula, I like the notes & photos about the swatch. Could you, perhaps put something in the Ravelry thread about just how you knitted those patterns in the swatch? I am remarkabley dense when it comes to this sort of thing.

Aizome said...

Love the Clockwork scarf and the sweater is an heirloom--beautiful! The daffodils bloomed here on Palm Sunday, April 17th--we were very excited to see their sunny faces!

jamielynk said...

Yay! I cant wait to relax and listen :) Thanks for another great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I love the spring themed bags. Spring has been slow to come here in Maine. We had a bit of spitting snow 2 days ago:-( The bags are a great reminder of what's to come. Thank you for the episode. Kelley (Fiberevincer on Ravelry).

Bindeej said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful podcast! As I am not a spinner, I enjoyed to the fullest every single word. You always do such an excellent job. You have everything planned out in advance and the podcasts flow easily and are so enjoyable to listen to. Plus, I LOVE the bag that is the prize this time! Going to check out so many links from this show. Blessings!

Penelope Z said...

Hi Paula,

I agree with you - your idea for the sweater label is pure genius! What kind of pen did you use to write on it?

I am so excited to begin the Estelle KAL. I've done my swatching and settled on a size 6 needle. I'm a loose knitter and am a wee bit surprised that you are using a size 4. Can's wait to see everyone's progress!

Thanks again for another soothing listen!

Penelope aka MuzzerZ

PJM said...

I just started listening to the podcast and love it. The bag is so pretty. I'm knitting a shawl out of the one skeins book as I listen!

Paula - pjpurls on ravelry

CardiLover said...

Beautiful pink bag!!!

ciproano said...

Another lovely podcast with good information. I am going to swatch for my Estelle this weekend, so the info (and photos!) about swatching will be immediately useful.

Unknown said...

Hi Paula - thanks for the heads-up re: PBS' John Muir feature and to the person who mentioned free Muir publications on Kindle - off to read!


Anonymous said...

The new logo is lovely. Thanks for a great episode.

kayindc said...

Thanks for the review of Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders. I really like this book (and the whole series). I've made the Baby Hoodie from leftover Knitpicks Stroll hand-painted, and I found a neat little button with a teddy bear on it at craft market. I also made the Petal Shawlette with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. It blocked beautifully. Both are pictured on my Ravelry project page. I may try the Little Hanten next. Thanks again for a great podcast.

bethsok said...

I have just found your fabulous podcasts! Wow, thanks. Norwegian Setesdal Sweater is gorgeous, I may just make one myself one day as it gets cold here in Maryland. I would love to win the bag!


Wendy said...

Hi Paula
Thank you for another great episode. I really look forward to them every week. I love you sweater label idea. I'm going to use that. Also, the bag is lovely...thank you for the opportunity to win it!

Fernie said...

Hi Paula, Thanks for another great podcast. Listened to it this morning (Easter) while walking the dogs - first sunny day we've had in a while. The daffodil bag is so beautiful and cheery! After seeing everyone with their cute project bags at camp I'm no longer finding my plastic baggies very satisfying. Your Clockwork came out great and you're right, it looks really good on Casper. Definitely works for a man or woman.

Happy Easter,

Choosejoy said...

Hi Paula
The Norwegian sweater is absolutely gorgeous. You were right about the Lydia McCauley music being the perfect lullaby. I enjoyed it so much I downloaded the whole album. Thank you for sharing your great music finds. Thanks to Michele for donating another beautiful, colorful bag.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,
I recently started listening to your podcast and I love it! You share so many useful knitting techniques--I liked the gauge swatch information. Your sweater is amazing! Thank you for the chance to win the adorable project bag. It makes me think of spring, even if it's still winter here in MN!
smurphy2 on ravelry

yarnette said...

Love your new ravatar and the giveaway.
Laughed at your comments about the
rather odd things to knit in the book you reviewed.
We got snow for Easter in Colorado!

beefi8 said...

The bag is beatuiful. I love your show!
Tammie Pfeiffer

JazzyJStitches said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JazzyJStitches said...

Holy cow, that Norweigian sweater is beautiful. My father would love a similar handknit sweater, but the only colorwork I have done was a hat. Still, I may have to gather courage and plan one this coming fall. Paula, you inspire me.

Have purchased Estelle and ordered yarn in a comfy blue that should go nicely with jeans and my 'casual elegance' (according to my mother) style.

carolshue said...

These bags are so stylish and I love the flower themes. Thanks for another great opportunity!

Debi3735 said...

I loved the last podcast, and wanted to share a funny odd thing, You spent a portion of the podcast talking about John Muir and I loved Muir woods in SFO, but I shared some of the things John Muir did with him, but he knew being a child of SFO, so anyway, I put on a new shirt that I picked up, and looked down and there was a John Muir quote on the shirt, was very cool. Anyway thanks for a great podcast

Jersey Shore Deb said...

Love your new logo, loved the song at the end of the Podcast (I was listening to it as I walked from the parking garage to my office on a busy city street on a gray Monday provided a bit of soothing respite!), and I really love that Daffodil project bag!
Thanks for another enjoyable episode, Paula. Will also look for the free Kindle download of the Muir book--a great tip!

MaggieH said...

Paula, I would love to hear your thoughts on Nook vs. Kindle. I've only had my Kindle for a month and it was a tough decision because I was drawn to the fact that with the Nook you can download ebooks from the library. I was happy to learn last week that Amazon is negotiating with OverDrive to allow Kindle users to access library books.

Olga said...

Thanks for another great podcast Paula. I look forward to it every week then when I get it I almost want to save it as something to look forward to. I listened today (to yours and others) while I washed windows and window treatments. It made the job so much easier. Love your "Clockwork". I like several of West's designs but this is one I really want to knit.
Have a great week. I'll be looking forward to your next show!

knittynurse said...

Hi Paula, I have a very difficult issue with your podcast at the moment. It has very high enabler potential and you might be guilty of leading me further astray than usual! I "need" to order from Quince & Co. I "need" to download the lullaby from the end of the show and now I "need" to go to the Etsy shop or go exploring about the kindle or buy a new knitting book or buy yarn and start Estelle. Goodness! You do a very good job of making all of these things seem completely reasonable. I love listening to your show and I am perfectly amazed at how well the Norwegian Sweater turned out. It is stunning! I will be looking forward to next weeks podcast and blog post.

Anonymous said...

Love the podcast and can't wait to start the Estelle KAL. My yarn should be here today and I'll work on the swatch. I hope I win the project is so beautiful!


Lisa said...

I love the new new logo - elegant, classic, and simple. Your Norwegian is breath-taking! The pink Daffodil bag is adorable.
ColoradoKid on Rav

Martha said...

Love everything in your podcast. I have the One Skein Sock book and never much noticed the Hanten sweater until you talked about it. Hoping to go home today and find my yarn for Estelle in the mailbox. So glad to be a Pipeliner!

VernaLynn said...

I loved the musical selection and the nature sounds at the end were the perfect addition!

Anonymous said...

The label is such a wonderful addition to that beautiful sweater, I just love it! Thank you so much for another great podcast!

AnneLena said...

awesome as always :-)

Brenda said...

Hi Paula,
Thanks for the chance to win this pretty bag!

Love the podcast!

(goodstuff on Rav)

Emptyknitster said...

Hi Paula! I was out walking this afternoon, enjoying the spring afternoon AND your podcast on the iPod touch. Would love the springy bag to carry my socks in progress!

Pat said...

Paula, Another wonderful episode of the Knitting Pipeline! Thank you so much for the swatching info. Uh - ho -- I have never blocked a swatch, that might explain a lot! Hope you are having a lovely Spring week in Central IL

1to1 said...

Paula, as always another wonderful episode! I'm working on the Daybreak using your backward loops on the ends. Maybe I'll try a Clockwork after I do another Daybreak. Casper can definitely pull off wearing the Clockwork....looks great! Thanks, Carla

PS I filled up my Hummingbird feeder after the last episode and yesterday I saw a baby (smaller than normal) hummingbird. I was so excited and everyone in the house always knows when I see my first one of the year!!

Jennifer said...

Love the bags! Always fun to win something! Thanks for the opportunity.

TopHat said...

I love the bags! I just found your podcast. I grew up in Illinois (now in California) and I don't miss those storms!

Anonymous said...

Add my name into the hat for the next giveaway. Thanks again for the podcast.

Kelli Page

Square Root said...

Love your podcast. Thanks.

hybridgirl said...

Another thoroughly wonderful podcast.

I found "The Story of my Boyhood and Youth" by John Muir on the Barnes and Noble iPhone App for $1.99. I'll be the first to admit reading books on the iPhone is not easy. I look forward to your future review of both the Kindle and the Nook.

I listen your podcast during my morning commute. It was especially hard to get out of my car and go into the office this morning after listening to the wonderful music at the end of the podcast today. Like ChooseJoy, I plan to purchase the entire album.

I'm so glad you didn't get to the local pub earlier when the lightning struck. It's always interesting to have European guests when a severe thunderstorm rolls through.

Wishing you more pleasant Spring weather.

Becky from Indiana

Anonymous said...

I love your clockwork scarf.

Ann in Colorado

Linda Brown said...

I just ordered the yarn for the Estelle. I'm so excited to start this project. I chose the Cypress colorway for this project. I wonder how long it will take to get to NC. I'll be excited to get started.

I certainly enjoy the nature notes as well as the needle notes on your podcast. Keep up the good work

Sally said...

I love the scarf and the sweater. Both are lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another enjoyable podcast. I love the idea of the handmade labels - must remember that one. And the "lullaby" at the end was so beautiful. I will have to listen to that again tomorrow. I will also look forward to your comparison of the Kindle and the Nook, as I am considering acquiring one.
Thanks also for pointing me to the John Muir special last week - it was great.

Juliaknit said...

Thanks for another great episode and for another chance at another fun bag.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all others when I say thank you to Three Bags Full for her generosity. Paula, I love the Norwegian sweater and the great label. I will definitely steal this idea in the future when I give knitted gifts. Also, I am knitting socks out of Tern yarn and love the yarn. Thanks for informing me of Quince and Company.
Happy Knitting!
Kelly in WV

elisann said...

Thanks for your show. I always learn something new. I too love the spring peepers. I have a trip upstate NY planned for this weekend with the hope of getting to hear them this season. I think I missed them entirely last year.
I completed my gauge swatch for the Estelle and am ready to go.
Please enter my name in the give away.
I appreciate all your effort.
Elisann in Brooklyn

Susan said...

Wow! Fun bright colors in the bag this week. :-)
Almost done with my Daybreak. It is taking a bit of knit and reknit because I want to use as much as possible of the handspun which is one of my yarns.

knitterlydesigns said...

I just love project bags, and this bag is sooo cute! Thank you for a great show.

aka knitterlydesigns on Ravelry

tavy said...

Just had to let you know how much I love your podcast. Your soothing voice is lovely to listen to and your subject matter is grand. Your music brings me home to where I grew as a child, Glengarry county in Ontario Canada has a great piping history and is home to the Maxville highland games, this link is one you may enjoy. Again thank you!

memphish said...

Another great podcast. Ready to get started on Estelle. I had very bad knitting mojo last week. Today I seem to be breaking that streak. Hopefully that will continue through Estelle.

Tracie said...

Your sweater is beautiful - as are those wonderful bags from Three Bags Full!

AJ Muszynski said...

Great to see the sweater finished! I'm hoping to get lucky in the drawing this week, it was Hannah's birthday!

Unknown said...

I wanted to Thank Three Bags Full for the beautiful bags they have donated. The Pink Daffodil Project Bag is lovely.

cindymen said...

Thanks for another interesting podcast! I would love to win that beautiful bag.

Anonymous said...

I came to your podcast after hearing about your lovely Norwegian cardigan from another podcast. I loved the tips about the hummingbirds. its a lovely, peaceful podcast but quite informative. The KAL looks very interesting. off to listen to some more previous episodes.

joyceetta said...

One can never have too many project bags....and this one is so cheery. Come on Spring!

Anonymous said...

I just love all of these bags!!

Annette said...

Beautiful bag! I would love to win it!

aka yarnaddict on Ravelry

Terri said...

I have recently started listening to your podcast, and find it so peaceful and comforting to listen to!! I was born and raised in the Midwest, but have lived for a year in New Delhi, India, so I need all the peace and comfort I can get, lol!
I would also love to win that fun bag (don't worry, I have a US address that things can be shipped to).

KnittyBarb said...

Paula - another great podcast - love listening to you. And I love the bag - pick me! Pick me!!

jcoz1701 said...

I recently started listening to the podcast and I just caught up to the current episode. Lucky me because I love owls! Love the bags and love the podcast! Also, I am going to be starting Daybreak very soon :)

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