Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episode 49 Chat with Sir Willie and Jose McVean

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This show is sponsored by my Longaberger home business and Quince & Co.  Visit Quince & Co for nature inspired yarns spun from American wool.  Sign up for their free weekly e-newsletter. 
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Larry, Jill, Marie, Sarah, Kathy, Mina, Charissa, Erin, Deb, Shelly, and Missy.  If you are a new Pipeliner, do let me know so I can recognize you on the show!
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Pipeliner Notes
 Thank you to everyone who has written to me and left messages on the board.  About the word “skirl” as in “the skirling of the pipes, Louise of the Caithness CraftCollective podcast said that it can be used to illustrate the sound of a screaming of a bairn such as,  She is fair skirlin’.  What’s wrong?  
I read notes from Shelly in Atlanta and knitternurse.   A tip regarding using two needles of different sizes:  Knitternurse wrote that only the right needle needs to be the proper size.    
Moz wrote about my wool label on Bob’s Norwegian Setesdal Sweater.  To stabilize the label while writing on it with a parker, iron freezer paper to the backside before writing on it. 
I tell a funny story about Bob correcting me when I used the term "spit join". 
Nature Notes
Plant a tree if you can.  Trees are important for all wildlife.  Trees can keep your house cooler in the summer.
I read a (rather long, sorry!) poem.  Plant a Tree by Lucy Larcom.   "He who plants a tree, plants a hope."  I love that!


He who plants a tree

Clear DotPlants a hope.

Clear DotRootlets up through fibres blindly

Clear Dotgrope;

Leaves unfold into horizons free.

Clear DotSo man's life must climb

Clear DotFrom the clods of time

Clear DotUnto heavens sublime.

Canst thou prophesy, thou little tree,

What the glory of thy boughs shall

Clear Dot be? He who plants a tree

Clear DotPlants a joy;

Clear DotPlants a comfort that will never cloy;

Every day a fresh reality,

Clear DotBeautiful and strong,

Clear DotTo whose shelter throng

Clear DotCreatures blithe with song.

If thou couldst but know, thou happy tree,

Of the bliss that shall inhabit thee!

He who plants a tree,--

Clear DotHe plants peace.

Clear DotUnder its green curtains jargons cease.

Leaf and zephyr murmur soothingly;

Clear DotShadows soft with sleep

Clear DotDown tired eyelids creep,

Clear DotBalm of slumber deep.

Never hast thou dreamed, thou blessed tree,

Of the benediction thou shalt be.

He who plants a tree,--

Clear DotHe plants youth;

Clear DotVigor won for centuries in sooth;

Life of time, that hints eternity!

Clear DotBoughs their strength uprear;

Clear DotNew shoots, every year,

Clear DotOn old growths appear;

Thou shalt teach the ages, sturdy tree,

Youth of soul is immortality.

He who plants a tree,--

Clear DotHe plants love,

Clear DotTents of coolness spreading out above

Wayfarers he may not live to see.

Clear DotGifts that grow are best;

Clear DotHands that bless are blest;

Clear DotPlant! life does the rest!

Heaven and earth help him who plants a tree,

And his work its own reward shall be.

Clear Dotby Lucy Larcom Born March 5, 1824; Died April 27, 1893


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In The Piping Circle
I chat with Willie and Jose McVean about The Netherlands, Dutch Pipes and Drums, Willie's home country of Scotland, his recent knighthood distinction, and some knitting!  Jose's mother knitted kilt hose for the entire pipe band.  (photo of hose coming soon!)

Jose ("Yo-say") McVean and Sir Willie McVean at Chicago Highland Games

Happy Birthday, Jose!

I said that the fastest knitter in the world is from The Netherlands. That was Miriam Tegels.  I think this lady is now claim to the title (she won the competition).  Look at her gorgeous Fair Isle!

STV: Scottish Lady is World's Fastest Knitter.  (Sorry I cannot embed in blog but they disabled the code.)
Thanks to Dutch Pipes and Drums for permission to play their music on Knitting Pipeline.  You may purchase CD's and DVD's at  This week's selection is "Arrival" which is Track 2 on In Concert.

Haste ye back!


knitterknurse said...

A terrific interview! I really enjoyed that you asked open-ended questions, allowing this delightful couple to do by far most of the speaking.

C. said...

I didn't have a chance to listen to this episode yet (too busy...), but I just want to let you know that I wrote a comment on the French iTunes store after my first time listening.
You can add one more comment for your podcast ;)

C. said...

Just finish to listen to this episode. Nice one, like always!
I'm excited to hear about the knitting retreat... It would be so much fun.

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