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Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Episode 48 A Soothing Shawlette

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Welcome to New Pipeliners 

Sally from Cleveland, Susan, Beverly, Leislknits, Jeri, Arlene, MontanaSue, and Kathy Green! 

Thanks to knitstersusan for the Thumbs Up iTunes Reviews!

I found out that I need to change my country on iTunes to see reviews from outside the U.S.  A big thanks to Canadian Pipeliners: Djdee, Debbie, Clementine 22, and KnittingJane.

KnittingJane wrote in her review:  My dad was born in Edinburgh and the skirl of the pipes always sends a shiver down my spine. 

I wonder about the word skirl since it I have only heard it used in relation to bagpipes.  Do any other musical instruments have words that describe their sound exclusively?   That is a question for Martha and Grant of A Way with Words.  Check out this show/podcast!  It is fantastic!

 Pipeliner News

Joy (nitiram on Ravelry) started Kevin Fan Club on our board.  Kevin is our good friend and the announcer on the podcast.  I will get him on the show soon!

Anna Lena's Evenstar Shawl won a Blue Ribbon at the County Fair. Well done! (Pattern by Susan Pandorf)

I read notes from Pipeliners Maggie H and Shanna about going into Squirrel Mode when packing for a trip.  Patti/Wombat knitter links to podcasts on Facebook as she listens.  Great idea! I’m going to do that also.  JanMarie’s note was so clever.  She thinks that I’d better watch out since my husband suggested the ruffle on LaLa’s Simple Shawl…he might be turning into the next Stephen West.  I love reading your notes!

Ravelry Notes

Michele from the Quad Cities friended me today and I responded that I thought we already were friends. Lately I’ve been friended by people on Ravelry and I am fairly certain we were already friends.  Maybe we’ve just corresponded enough that I felt we were.  Michele wrote, “I’m curious how people use their “friends” on Ravelry.  I figure this is a work in progress.”

On an earlier episode I told you how I use the friends feature on Ravelry but what about you?  Share your ways of using the friends feature and I will share your tips on the show.

Giveaway Notes

This week’s giveaway is a skein of Simply Fine in your choice of color from Green Mountain Spinnery.  Many of you wrote that you loved the color I had and hope to get the same.  The color that I reviewed is "Variegated".

The winner is Jeri who is Patternwhisperer on Ravelry. Jeri, please contact me and I will let you know how to claim your beautiful skein of Simply Fine.

Nature Notes

After a big thunderstorm early one morning I encountered a baby robin on the sidewalk.  The nest was too high to reach and the mother bird was sitting on the nest.  The bird was close to death.  At moments like these I remind myself that nature does account for such accidents of nature.  It sounds a bit callous but there is consolation in knowing that a bird lays a sufficient number of eggs to ensure survival.  The main factor that nature cannot control is mankind.  We need to do what we can to minimize damage.

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. 
 --J. Lubbock.  British Statesman 1834-1913

Needle Notes

I finished my second And So Are You Shawlette by Rose Beck of RosyPosy Designs.   I love this cuddly shawl.  Finished measurements are 15" deep, 50" across and an astounding 11 ft from tip to tip along the outside border edge.

I used 30% of the total yardage for the border, which is 2".  The yarn is delicious Opulence from The Woolen Rabbit.  Colorway: Iris.


Take a load off your circular needles when you have so many stitches.  I was using Knit Picks Options Needles so I turned the one circular needle into two very long needles with the purple stoppers at one end of each needle. If you do not have interchangeable needles try using two circular needles even if one is not exactly the same size. Twist a rubber band around the non-working end of the needle. For a border such as this a slight difference in needle size would not make much difference and would probably be indetectable.

I continue knitting Triangular Summer Shawl by Nancy Bush.  I am getting pretty good at nupps now!

I started Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki.  The yarn is Quince & Co Tern in Stonington and Oyster.  Tern is a blend of merino wool and tussah silk.  So soft and wonderful to work with. Garter stitch goodness and a stripes are a combination I can hardly resist!

Ready to begin a new project!

Quince & Co Tern in Stonington and Oyster

Yes, the design is assymetrical.
The Blethering Room

I'm moving along on the Stash Dash 5K with The Knit Girllls.  My total yardage is now 2,354.  I will post over there soon.
I do not recommend knitting laceweight yarn on a small needle to try to use up stash!

In the Piping Circle

Singing Happy Birthday to Jose.
Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums competed in the Chicago Highland Games.  We were fortunate to have The Pipe Major of Dutch Pipes and Drums, Willie McVean, and his wife Jose (Yo-say) with us.  It was Happy Birthday to Jose at our band tents!  I gave her the Merope Shawl from Romi's Seven Small Shawls knitted with Woolen Rabbit Harmony in the Chiquita colorway.

Massed Bands after a long day at the Games.
Aren't these little tenor drummers the cutest things ever?
The two on the left have curly red hair with a red ribbon braided through their plaits.

In Piping our lifelines are our fellow bandmates, the other pipers and drummers.  When one piper falters another will pick up the slack.  We play as a team, just as a team in sporting events.

Remember to share how you use the Friend Feature on Ravelry.  Do you "drive by" friend?   Do you group your friends?  Share with me and I'll share your tips on an upcoming episode.

The tune is Morgan's Magan by Turlough O'Carolan performed by Healing Muses on the CD Dolce Musica.

Haste ye back!


knitterknurse said...

I, too, enjoy A Way With Words podcast and highly recommend it. Grant and Martha are entertaining and informative at the same time. That you appreciate precise English (an example is your use of "fewer" where some might have incorrectly used "less") is apparent in your podcast and is one of the many reasons I listen.

A tip regarding using two needles of different sizes: it is only important that the right-hand needle be the size needed to achieve gauge. If the other is slightly smaller it will make no difference in the resulting fabric. This is useful to know if one wants to knit in the round with two circs but has only one set of interchangeable needles.

Thanks again for your wonderful podcast.

Knitterknurse on Ravelry

carolshue said...

Thanks for another great podcast! Loved the piping report and the extra music at the end. I also love the GMS yarn!


Shelly said...

HI Paula,
I have been listening for a while but this is my first post. I wanted to say thank you. You mentioned using the purple stop post on the knit picks circular needle to make your circular into two "straight" needles. Great idea. I am working on a new afghan and was pushing those stitches around and around and it had not occurred to me to use those stoppers for that purpose.

Also on your blog I found the video for the Russian cast off method. I love it. So simple and I like the fact that it makes for a stretchier bind off.

I have enjoyed listening to your segments, pipeline notes and nature notes, but I really enjoy the knitting tips and tutorials you provide. Thank you for many hours of listening pleasure.

Atlanta GA

Anonymous said...

Paula, I typed up my weekly 'Quote and a Question' blog post this morning and then listened to the podcast in the car. Your quote and my quote are identical! What a funny coincidence. I hope you find rest this week.

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