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Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, June 17, 2011

Episode 47 The Day a Knight Came to Dinner

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This week's giveaway sponsor is Green Mountain Spinnery.  Leave a comment (with your contact information or link to your blog) below and your name will go into a drawing for a skein of Simply Fine in your choice of color!  (The color I reviewed is the gray on the far right in photo.  yum)  The drawing will be held at noon on Thursday June 23 CDT.

Simply Fine Yarn by Green Mountain Spinnery
Pipeliner Notes 
Welcome to New Pipeliners: Sarahapple, Jo, Tink, zknits, Jennie, duBedaare, Lizzy B, Erica, Lisa, Terri, Kimberly, and Scarhandpiper!
Thanks for the iTunes reviews: mtk3, angelluna20, DCknitter, silverpennies, PostLeslie, and twinsetjan!

Thanks for your feedback on the Kate's Shawl episode.  I think I see I lot of ruffles in the future of Pipeliners.
I read a funny note from Kathleen Kibblehouse.  She cracks me up.

Giveaway Notes
There are four winners this week! When you contact me let me know which pattern you prefer or whether it makes no difference.  We have 3 copies of Esther Budd's HRH Kate's Shawl and one copy of another pattern from me.  I thought another designer had agreed to donate a pattern but I was mistaken.  I have taken care of this by purchasing the pattern for the winner.  Thank you, Esther!

Congratulations to our winnners!
  • sabafartash (Sabine)
  • Kei
  • Carla (1to1)
  • Caitlin
 If I don't hear from you within a week I will contact you with the good news!
Nature Notes

I bought the iBird app for the Midwest U.S.A.  I found it useful in the field in trying to identify a bird.
I tell a story about my husband defending himself with a tennis racket in the face of a wild blue jay.

Earth's crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God:
But only he who sees, takes off his shoes,
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.
--Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Needle Notes

LaLa's Simple Shawl:  I added a ruffle in garter stitch, a suggestion from my husband.  He's quite pleased with himself and I think it's cute.  I used all but about 8 yds of the 2 skeins of Plymouth Happy Feet.

I finished my first And So Are You by Rose Beck from the Be Mine Collection.

Again, foiled by a pleated border!  I told you these ruffles and pleats are yarn hogs and I wasn't kidding!  I thought I had about 200-250 yds for the border and yet I had to leave out the last increase and a few rows.  The pattern did not specify what kind of bind off to use but it did say to "bind off in pattern".  You can bind off in pattern using the Russian Bind Off, my current favorite.  See video tutorial.  I love the color of this shawl and the pleated border.

I started on Triangular Summer Shawl from Estonian Lace by Nancy Bush.  Laceweight yarn by Knit Picks.  This bit represents an estimated 15 hours of knitting.

The Blethering Room
Romi aka Rosemary Hill is starting a new series of shawls.  Seven Small Shawls Year Two: The Muses.  $20.  If you purchased the first book you should have received a coupon code so you can purchase the new collection for $16.  Use it by June 30th.  The patterns will be released as Romi completes them.
When packing my knitting for vacation I went into Squirrel Mode, stashing balls of yarn in nooks and crannies of my bags.  What was I thinking?  I didn't even have time to start on the Kilkenny Cowl by Pam Allen.  I have Chickadee in the Clay colorway set aside for this project. 
 Book and Yarn Notes
Thank you to Green Mountain Spinnery for sending these products for review.
Simply Fine is as close to handspun as you can find in a machine spun wool.  60% merino and 40% kid mohair.  It has a clean sheep smell and feels delicious.  I LOVE IT!  Highly recommended.  450 yds per 100 gr skein. One skein will be enough for a small shawl or a pair of socks.

The book contains a history of the working coop, a day in the life of Green Mountain Spinnery, 36 original patterns by various designers, some techniques, and a nifty thumbnail photo index of the patterns.  Charts are large and easy to read.  Nice large font.  Good layout and photos. About half the patterns are sweaters/vests and the rest include socks, shawls/scarves, baby and children items, hats, mittens, and even an entrelac afghan.  The working coop is environmentally conscious and an all-round good business to support.  They use local sheep and other fiber sources when available.  Recommended.
In The Piping Circle
The band competed in the Milwaukee Highland Games.  I'm the shortest piper in the band, behind the tenor drummer twirling the sticks when we are standing in the circle.  On June 18th we compete in the Chicago Highland Games in Itasca IL.
My band mates, Rob and Deb, have friends from The Dutch Pipes and Drums visiting them this week.  I invited them all over for dinner.  Willie is the Pipe Major for The Dutch Pipes and Drums and Jose (pronounced Josay or Yosay) is a piper also.  Then Rob told me that Willie has been knighted, hence the title of the podcast.  I didn't know that when I invited them but it didn't make any difference.  I was going to use my crock pot anyway.  It was a perfect evening but I forgot to take photos!
You can read about Willie receiving his knighthood title here on the May 2, 2011 entry.  He was bestowed the decoration of "Knight of the Order of Oranje Nassau".  Am I impressed?  Yes!
There are photos of Willie and Jose at our band rehearsal on my personal blog A Piper Knits.  Here's one photo of the 3 of us before we started playing.

Willie, Paula, and Jose

In honor of Willie and Jose I have included a selection from The Dutch Pipes and Drums after the theme music.  This is Track 1 which is Meeting of The Waters and The Badge of Scotland.
Purchase the CD In Concert here.  Thank you to Willie and The Dutch Pipes and Drums for permission to share their music on the podcast!
Haste ye back!


Nancy ("needsyarn") said...

What a great episode. Thanks for the video of your band. It was a delight to watch!

The Simply Fine yarn looks lovely. I am a handspinner, but I am so slow that I still need to buy yarn for knitting! I think that yarn would make a nice snuggly shawl, maybe with two skeins.

Pat said...

Paula, So glad you had a nice vacation. And thank you so much for another wonderful and info-packed podcast. You must work very dligently on these podcasts. Appreciate you! (As we say here in the South!) Enjoy the Chicago Games tomorrow! Pat (

Mary said...

Thanks for another great episode! Your Russian Bind-Off video was helpful and it was fun to watch the band play. ~ KnitAdmin on Ravelry

Britni :) said...

WOW! Your shawls are gorgeous!

This yarn looks so nice and I would love to win some of it.

Thank you for sharing the YouTube video with us. It was nice to listen to as I typed my comment. :)

Ravelry: Beewing

Anonymous said...

Got quite a chuckle about your travel packing. So glad I'm not the only one who over-packs things-to-do! Sally

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Paula for another wonderful episode. I truly enjoy your program, especially your reviews on yarns and books. You cover all the important topics one needs to make a decsion on a book or yarn.

I enjoyed your re-visit to the blue jays. Since your last episode, I noticed there are not any in my area anymore. With your explanation of the West Nile virus, I had no idea of the impact on the jays. It is a shame.

Thank you, again for such a thoughtful and intersting program.

Colleen aka Mickitaz on Ravelry.

hollyberry knits said...

It's so funny that you chose to feature the On Your Toes Sweater as I have been struck by its interesting design as well. I'd like to knit it in my handspun yarn! Thanks for another wonderful podcast - I always look forward to listening after a long work week!

chessie said...

You've become my favorite podcast! It doesn't hurt that your tastes are pretty similar to mine, either.

Nancy--Aizome said...

I enjoyed your latest podcast. Did not notice a "scarey voice" last podcast at all, and I listen to your podcast several times--once at 3 or 4 AM when I can't sleep, once again during the day with DD, and again later whenever I have a chance. Kathleen's comment made me LOL! Love the quote from EB Browning. Are you using the bird app on your iPod??? Thanks for all your work on the podcast!

MaggieH said...

I loved hearing you talk about being in Squirrel Mode while packing for your trip. I do the same thing -- even when the trip is just an hour or two! When we picked our son up from college last month I had two tote bags filled with projects...and it's only a two hour drive!

Funky--Susanna said...

That was a funny story about your husband playing tennis with a blue jay!!

I agree--the Simply Fine yarn looks a lot like handspun. It's beautiful!

BTW, How does someone get knighted?

JazzyJStitches said...

I was delighted to hear a positive review of Green Mountain yarns. Have been intrigued by their history, but have been scared to just order fiber untouched and unseen. There is a simple worsted weight shawl, November Ruffle Wrap (yes, ruffled!) in my future, and it begs for a soft, natural color.

Anser said...

Thanks again for your great episode. I loved the nature notes and the poem and will forward it to my friends, who will highly appreciate it!


KnittyBarb said...

Another delightful episode Paula. I too am becoming obsessed with the ruffled shawls and am trying to decide which on to knit!

Paula said...

Paula - My mom and I visited Green Mtn Spinnery last fall. Glad to hear your review of their fine yarn. The stash I brought back to Mn does not disappoint! Paula

Bronwyn said...

I've always been put off by hairy mohair, too, but I actually got to pet (and smell) Paula's shawl. It really is lovely. And the colorway is perfect, too.

I got quite the chuckle when you said that you were going to pull out all the stops and break out the Crock Pot! I hope they enjoyed your all-American meal. It sounded pretty good to me!

leislknits said...

1st time listener! Very enjoyable podcast. Have ordered, based on your glowing review of Quince yarn, skeins of Puffin (in egret) to do a rather lovely blanket (pattern downloaded from their website).
I'm like you, no worse, I pack more yarn and books than clothing when I go on vacation to Maine and New Hampshire. Makes my husband crazy.
Chris Knight

Anonymous said...

Makes me feel so much better to realize that someone else packs just like me. Too funny!

I spin, but I don't spin fast enough, so I can always use a ball of that gorgeous yarn. How great of them to contribute the yarn. I have purchased from them before and their yarn is wonderful.

Thank you for a wonderful podcast.
Linda Borst

Pretentious Wombat said...

Hi, Paula! I just wanted to let you know that, since I always listen to you online instead of through Itunes (I don't have an Ipod), I try to always put a link on Facebook whenever I listen. I hope that little bit of free advertising helps you get some new listeners. :-)

I just love listening to your podcast :-)


Anonymous said...

I love your podcast. I am behind on listening but not on ready your shownotes. I am really liking all the reviews of the small shawls, as my guild is sending some kits to a group of female "Combat Knitters" in afganastan. I needed ideas.
Sharon in Va skispinner on ravelry

Sally said...

Paula, your "And So You Are" shawl is just beautiful. Thanks for another great podcast, I always learn something from you.

Emmy Lou said...

Please include me in the drawing for the Green Mountain skein. I have always enjoyed their yarn.

Anonymous said...

mamased on ravelry
Great episode! I went right to the Green Mountain Spinnery website, but can't decide which color is the grey--it sounded so excellent according to your description, Paula

Choosejoy said...

Paula, I always look forward to listening to your weekly chats. It must have been quite fun to have dinner with a knight! I hope he enjoyed your all-American dinner. It sounded delicious! I just came across Corinna Ferguson's sideways shawlettes and the Green Mountain yarn would be lovely to make one of them with!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your podcast as usual. LOL about over packing, I'm famous for packing knitting first and too many. I always justify with what if something happens to the house while we're gone, I'll need lots of knitting to recover. My husband can't understand why I don't worry about other items when we travel, knitters know clothing is easier to replace than "special" yarn. Shanna

mariaeb on Ravelry said...

Thanks, Paula, for the opportunity to win something from Green Mountain Spinnery! The book you mentioned sounds wonderful, as well as the Simply Fine yarn. I too am knitting a shawl from Nancy Bush's book and it's going very slow. Good luck with yours, what you have finished looks lovely. Best, Maria

knittynurse said...

I just had that book out from the library. I liked it very much. I can't wait to have a few minutes to look at your Russian Bind off tutorial.

Dawna said...

I must say that I really appreciate all the effort you put into your podcast and show notes. You are always so interesting and full of great information. You have introduced me to many yarns and patterns I had never seen before. Thanks for the inspiration.

gjarshird said...

I look Forward to your podcast every week I have learned so much. GJarShird

Anonymous said...

Your podcast is so very generous. You share such a rich life with us and still, it's not about you. You make your podcast about sharing with others and it's very happy. Thank you.

I'm Stacks on Ravelry because my email address is StacksofBooks. Maybe it shoudl be PilesofKnitting.

Still can't figure out how to post other than Anonymous. Will get my son to help with this.

AnneLena said...

Yet another fabulous podcast, thank you for generously sharing part of your life with us Paula.

Knitcrazy said...

Love Your Podcast!!!
Thank You for the video on the Russian Bind Off..Penny

Pennyknits in Ravelry

Anonymous said...

Hi, Paula,
Long time listener, first time commenter.
I very much enjoy listening but my hands are usually full of pruners or weeds. Or knitting.
And then I don't remember to drop by and comment. Then when you announce the prize winners, I am kicking myself. So maybe I can win some yarn this week.
patternwhisperer on rav

Carla said...

Another great show Paula, thanks!
Please add my name to the tam for the contest-

Kei said...

WOW, Paula!
I've never won anything in my life! I'm so excited and thank you!
(I just got back from a trip to Alaska, and in about 10 minutes I will have a "present" for you on your Nature thread in your Ravelry group!)


Eden Stein said...

I enjoy the piping music so much. Thanks for all your great links, not only to yarn and patterns but musical selections as well! I would love to try this new yarn.

CardiLover said...

Great episode, Paula! I really look forward to each one...even though it adds tons of patterns to my Ravelry queue and lots of yarns to my wish list...definitely will have to try this one from Green Mountain Spinnery. I have both books and love them! Also adored the piping at the end!!!

GramKnitsMostlySocks said...

Thanks fOr the bindoff tutorial. And I hope tohave a chance to try Simply FIne!

Jodi said...

Love the pictures of the shawls Paula, I am wanting to knit one from the Be Mine Collection and LaLa just created a new shawl for a charity that I am wanting to knit too. Thanks for the wonderful podcast

Jersey Shore Deb said...

Hi Paula,
Another enjoyable episode--I listened on my drive to work this Monday morning and as usual, you soothed me! I like the idea (and the picture) of adding the ruffle to the LaLa shawl. I may just try that, as I adore ruffles. Still trying to decide which shawl to make for the Kate's Shawl group that you alerted us to.
Would love to try the Simply Fine!

prymnumber said...

Hi Paula,

Listening to you has always been inspiring. I have the Green Mountain Spinnery book but have not made anything from it yet. Your review totally got me thinking about my next project. I am definitely going to take a look through the book again!

aliasrlene said...

Hi Paula,
I am a fan from New Hampshire. Your podcast is always full of so much great information and stories! LaLa's shawl has been in my faves on Ravelry for a long time. The ruffle is adorable and I would certainly add that to my project.

memphish said...

Another great podcast. I love all the shawls and the review of the wool. Off (virtually) to check out Green Mountain Spinnery next.

yarnette said...

Another great podcast. That Green Mountain
Spinnery yarn sounds and looks fabulous and the cover of the book is gorgeous.

Ruth said...

Hi Paula:
I have to tell you that the first time you used the phrase "I fear boredom more than death" I chuckled and thought of how true that statement is for me---in more ways than one. I used it at one of my recent Weight Watcher's meetings in regard to exercising---which is something WW encourages us to do. All of a sudden I realized why I've always had an aversion to exercise---I find it boring and that lead to me to "mix it up" so-to-speak with my exercise---doing something different everyday rather than just the treadmill day after day---it has changed things for me in that regard. My WW leader liked the expression so much that she's using it at her other meetings! And yes, guilty, I take numerous projects along with my when away from home......triple that number because I'm also a crocheter and a spinner. What's a fiber artist to do? Another great podcast Paula---I'm loving it!

C. said...

Another great episode, thanks!
It seems that shawls are everywhere these days... I think that, as soon as I'm done with the socks I'm trying to finish now, I'll cast on for a fancy lace summer shawl, with lots of ruffles ;) You're inspiring me (already, thanks to you and your many comments about life line, I conquered my fear of lace!)
I'm also very excited by the Russian bind-off video: I learned something new and will definitively use it.
I didn't know about the Green Mountain Spinery. I just checked out their website and their yarn seems gorgeous (I'll definitively keep it in mind for my next yarn purchase...). I love green these days and they've got so many gorgeous shades of green that it would be hard to pick a favorite. Lovely!

sue said...

Hi Paula! Im a new listener and am really enjoying the podcast archives in between your new episodes! I had a chance to visit the Green Mountain Spinnery when we were on a trip back east this spring---what a wonderful place! I was on a mission to buy some yarn for a sweater but caught myself coveting a skein of Simply Fine in the Catkin colorway. I would love to win it--I've been kicking myself for not bringing it home! Have a great week! --Sue

Anonymous said...

Another enjoyable podcast, Paula! And I loved the story about your husband and the Blue Jay.

I went to Green Mt. Spinnery's website, and their yarn is so beautiful. Their colors are great. It would be nice to knit one of those small shawls with it.

badknitter said...

Hi Paula,

Enjoyable podcast, as always! I wanted to say that I used your felted join technique several times and it works really well. It's the first time I've ever actually tried the felted join and I don't know what took me so long! Thanks so much for the tip.

cmflame said...

You might be interested in listening to an interview with Margaret from Green Mountain Spinnery on the June 4 (#222) episode of the Ready, Set, Knit podcast from Webs. Between that & your review of the yarn you were sent I may have to get me some - though winning some would be the best!

Missy said...

Great episode! I am a shawl knitter too.
mkrids on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your podcast. I've enjoyed every minute. Thanks for the opportunity to win such pretty yarn.

dayartist on ravelry

Elledub said...

I have been listening to your podcast for a while now and always enjoy the mix of topics, as well as hearing about your music. I am currently recovering from shoulder surgery and your book/yarn review this week really made me jealous! Can't wait to get knitting again!

Anonymous said...

The La-la simple shawl is lovely. Your husband is a smart man. This was one of my favorite knits of mine. Maybe I need to make another with a pretty ruffle.
Ann from Colorado

NikkiSpins said...

Thanks so much for the video on Russian bind-off! I love having different techniques under my sleeve (so much so I read the knitting answer book cover to cover, like a novel...) ^_^

tashbalaz said...

Thank so much for another great podcast. I really appreciate all the information on the nature of ruffles and how much yarn they take. It pays to be prepared in advance. I would like to make And So Are You and I am glad to have the benefit of your experience regarding how much yarn the ruffle takes.
Thanks again, Tash, tashbalaz on ravelry

Lani said...

Another great podcast. Your vacation sounded delightfully restful. Your review of the Green Mt. yarn was great. I would love to try some.

Olga said...

Wow! When I saw the skein of simply fine in your show notes I think I began to swoon. I absolutely love the color! If I did win the drawing I'm not sure if I would even look at the other colors, I love this one so much:)

Ok, never mind. I am going to go over to the website right now and check them out.

Once again, thanks for a great podcast Paula.


Jan Smiley said...

Enjoying this episode as usual! I've long wanted to "feel" the Green Mountain yarns. May need to plan a trip to see the fall colors & the yarns too. Hey, how about a Knitting Pipeliners bus trip to the mill(s) in New England? ;-)

Gene said...

I always learn so much by listening. Thanks for doing this!!

Linda in DE said...

I enjoyed hearing about Door County. We vacationed there when we lived in Iowa. Hopefully, we will get back there again.

TT in MD said...

green mountain spinnery yarn - one of my favorites!!!!

Penelope Z said...

Hi Paula,

So much to write about after listening to your two most recent episodes. Your shows always give so much valuable information - thank you!

1. I, too, ended up purchasing the iBird app for my iPad. My son and I enjoyed listening to the songs of a variety of birds that live in our area - Rose Breasted Grosbreak, Goldfinch, Tufted Titmouse, House Finch, Nuthatch, Chickadee, Junco...what a great app! I look forward to using it when we go to the Maine coast this summer.

2. I laughed out loud when you told of packing for your trip to Door County. I ALWAYS pack WAY too much yarn for any trip I take, be it an overnight getaway or a month-long sojourn. Oh, the horror of running out of yarn/projects!!!

3. Green Mountain Spinnery - I have the book 99 Yarns and Counting and have made the Juliet Shell, using GMS's "Sylvan Spirit". As you said in your review, the book is thoughtfully laid out and contains many beautiful patterns. Right now I'm most excited - a dear knitting friend and I are going on the First Annual I-91 Shop Hop, which begins tomorrow. The Shop Hop is being sponsored by 12 yarn shops along the I-91 corridor between New Haven, CT and Putney, VT - the home of Green Mountain Spinnery! We'll be sure to say "Hi from Paula!" to the good folks there.

4. Your show in general: I began listening to your podcast last July when we were vacationing in Maine (we go there every summer for about a month), and have not missed an episode. (You are the reason I'm so into knitting shawls and shawlettes!) I look forward to celebrating your 1st podcast anniversary next month! Congratulations and thank you, Paula.

Penelope aka muzzerz on Ravelry

Kell said...

Hello there! I'm a new listener and am really enjoying your podcast. I enjoyed the video of your band playing. We went to the Highland Games in Kansas City and had a blast.

I've also never been a fan of mohair, but I'd really like to check out this yarn by Green Mountain Spinnery after hearing you talk about it.

Kelley (kellpatt on ravelry)

neilsnana said...

I visited the Green Mountain site and love, love love their yarn. My favorite was the holiday yarn, its bright colors were reminiscent of holiday fun. Teresa Fussell,aka neilsnana on ravelry.

Wendy said...

Hi Paula
Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous yarn. Green Mountain Spinnery has beautiful, beautiful wool.

I just love your podcast.
Thank you,
Wendy Halbach

Kathy said...

I love listening to your podcast. I enjoyed listening about you packing too much stuff. I always pack too much stuff. I always think I can knit faster than I can. I am not a new listener, but am new at posting.
Kathy Green

Caitlin said...

I am hoping to head up to the Green Mountain Spinnery this weekend. I love the fact that they are a co-op. Your description of the yarn made me want to buy some: perhaps I will or maybe I will win it!

Anonymous said...

Another fun podcast, and another great giveaway. Please enter me in the drawing. Your husband is an expert on shawls now, what with the doling out of advice about adding a ruffle to your Lala shawl. Better take care there or he may turn into the next Stephen West. Looking forward to next weeks episode.


Anonymous said...

I would love a skein of Simply Fine. I am luvtoyo on Ravelry.

Juliaknit said...

Your vacation sounded wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win some great yarn.
Juliaknit on Ravelry

hybridgirl said...

Paula, another great podcast.

It is so good to hear that you had a restful vacation. You are absolutely right about taking time to enjoy and observe nature. It is refreshment to the soul.

I normally listen to your podcast during my morning driving commute. Last night I listened from my laptop while knitting. My dog was not sure what to make of the piping at the end of the episode. She was on the floor next to me half asleep and then came the music. She perked up and looked around nervously. I'm wondering if she thought some strange animal was in the house.

The Green Mountain Spinnery Simply Fine sounds delightful.

Becky from Indiana

catspaw said...

What a beautiful quote from EBB. I've shared it with friends. Also you have inspired me to find my bagpipe practice chanter and start re-learning how to play. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Always love listening to the podcast!

Thought of you this past weekend while at commencement (I work at a college). The Sandwich, MA Colum Cille Piipes & Drums band played during the procession of the platform party and graduates!

Thanks for the contest, would really enjoy the opportunity to try out a skein of Simply Fine!

Elizabeth S.
Ravelry: WintonB

Wee Sandy said...

I just became aware of this today, and I am very upset because I never agreed to offer a free pattern for this blog's draw. The author had mentioned to me in April or early May that she might like to interview me about the Kate Shopping Shawl sometime in June, but we never agreed to anything at all. I am very sorry that this has happened, but it was completely against my wishes or knowledge.

Paula said...


Your message is very upsetting to me. This was clearly a mistake and certainly not intentional. Apparently I misunderstood or confused you with someone else. The topic of the podcast was Kate's Shawl and there were many patterns mentioned. I will purchase another pattern for the winner.

What would a person have to gain by purposefully offering a pattern if they did not feel it was a valid prize? I have a lot of faults but dishonesty is not one of them.

Please accept my apologies.


Wee Sandy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wee Sandy said...

I'm appalled that you are now censoring my responses, giving you the opportunity to make assertions that aren't accurate, without my being able to respond. You should not have deleted my last post, particularly since you're now asserting that using my pattern in your draw against my will is an issue of "freedom of speech."

Elaine said...

Paula, I love your podcast and anxiously wait for each one. I am amazed at how fast you accomplish your projects! The yarn looks lovely.

Elaine H

Cynthia said...

Enjoyed your podcast as always. Yours is my favorite and I like to take you walking with me or like this afternoon, keep my company while I exercise.
The Triangular Summer Shawl will be a beautiful gift when finished. Checked it out on Ravelry.
" gramcyn" on Ravelry.

Golden Leica said...

thanks again -- love our stuff. I'm working my way back to the first podcast.


Jackielemon said...

I am new to the podcast and really enjoying it. I love the nature notes and your knitting tips and learn something new with each podcast. I'm working my way through them from the first episode. Thanks for the great listening experience

kleggett said...

Had to laugh when you talked about packing yarn. I took way too much yarn when we went to the Boundary Waters, did not get much knitting done. I did do a lot of reading though. And as you commented, sometimes it is nice to just sit and enjoy nature - one of my favorite things to do. I am looking out my window at a hummingbird - a rare sight here.

TopHat said...

I loved your husband's ruffle suggestion. My husband would look smug, too, if I followed one of his knitting suggestions! Also I like your shawls, but I've never done a non-lace shawl. They always seem bulky to me. Do you have a shawl preference? open lace? closed?

Anonymous said...

Please enter me in the drawing. Again, I so much enjoy listening to all of the podcast. Thank you for your efforts.

Kelli Page

Deb Cannon said...

Hi Paula!
GENIUS! I too am knitting LaLa's shawl, one of my first ever lace projects. And I don't want any yarn leftover. Voila! I can stop knitting until I run out, and put a ruffle in! If I understand you right, you make 1, then knit into it front and back? I'll experiment. I'll post on Ravelry when it's done. I just love the way the ruffle looks. Oh, and enter me, too! What fun, and I learn so much from you!

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