Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Episode 55 Leafprints Shawlette & Westknits Mystery KAL

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I am taking a week off so the next podcast will be released after Stitches Midwest.

Pipeliner Notes

I heard from new pipeliners: Nancy in Alabama, AuntTea/Ellen, Abbysknits, Julia, MaggieGrl, Cheryl, and Helen.

New iTunes reviews from GuruNam and Listening in the Adirondacks made me happy!  Thank you.

Nature Notes 

The Barred Owls are very busy these days, or really these nights.  

Louise of the Caithness Craft Collective Podcast noticed that I talked a lot more about butterflies last year than I have this year.  She is absolutely correct.  It hasn’t been the best summer for butterflies. 

Needle Notes

Leafprints Shawlette by Anne Hanson. 

Review of Creamy by KollageCreamy is a blend of milk and cotton. 80/20 .  A little slippery but it is a lovely material.

Westknits Mystery KAL

Intarsia has not killed me....yet.
Quince & Co Tern in Barnacle, Driftwood, and Seagrass.

Don't worry if you are a few stitches off.  I don't think it will matter.
Intarsia has not killed me yet.  In fact, I'm enjoying it!  (But know better than to overdo it.)


Stitches Midwest is August 25-28.  I will be there on the 25th and 26th.  There will be a Pipeliner Meet and Greet on Friday August 26 starting at 11 AM in the Concession area of the Market.  I will be sitting there with my knitting and I hope you can join me. 

Betty Hay asked questions about attending big knitting events such as Sock Summit and Stitches.  Betty, I apologize for not answering sooner. 

The Market:

  • Set a budget and perhaps some goals.  I try to think ahead of time what I am looking for.
  • Take cash for the Market.
  • If you are wavering on a purchase then think about it for a while.  Come back later.  Sometimes you have more perspective.  

I take easy project to work on so I can chat with people easily.

Take some business cards with your Ravelry information, your blog if you have one, to exchange with people you meet.

Keeping up energy among a lot of people:  Are you and introvert or an extrovert?  A definition is that an introvert gathers energy from being along and an extrovert gathers energy from being with others.

The Blethering Room

AJ 's favorite dishcloth is Chinese Waves by Margaret Radcliffe.  Join in our discussion on Episode 54 on dishcloths and natural cleaning.

I knitted two Chinese Waves Dishcloths.  I know, I thought I was done but I needed the palate cleanser of knitting.  Thanks, Angela!

In the Piping Circle

Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band won The World Pipe Band Championship Games!   

Haste ye back!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Episode 54 A Dishcloth Binge

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Emily in The Kilkenny Cowl by Pam Allen.  Knitted in Chickadee in the Clay colorway.


I heard from new pipeliners Carolyn and Jenn.   

There were two new 5 star reviews on iTunes.  Kitten Little and Lyn862.  Thank you so much for your kind reviews. 

Dilemma is the proper spelling.  Is "dilemna" a regional issue?  According to Common Errors in English Usage by Paul Brians "dilemna" with the "n" is clearly wrong!

Nature Notes

We finally have a break in the heat.  It was so wonderful to open up the house.   This morning it was in the 50’s when I went on my morning walk. It is noisy here with the grasshoppers and cicadas buzzing and chirping all day and most of the night.  I listened to the grasshoppers while knitting the Leafprints Shawl by Anne Hanson, and noted that the buzzing started up faintly at 8 AM and was quite a bit louder at 8:30 AM. 
On the Grasshopper and Cricket  
The poetry of earth is never dead:

When all the birds are faint with the hot sun,

And hide in cooling trees, a voice will run

From hedge to hedge about a new-mown mead;

That is the Grasshopper’s – he takes the lead

In summer luxury, - he has never done

With his delights; for when tired out with fun

He rests at ease beneath some pleasant weed.

The poetry of earth is ceasing never:

On a lone winter evening, when the frost

Has wrought a silence, from the stove there shrills

The Cricket’s song, in warmth increasing ever,

And seems to one in drowsiness half lost,

The Grasshopper’s among some grassy hills.
--John Keats  1795-1821
Needle Notes
I have 3 patterns that I go to when I feel a dishcloth frenzy coming on.  I have no idea what propels me to stop what I am doing and knit up a pile of dishcloths.  It is a nesting instinct that hits me every two years or so.

Mason-Dixon Knitting by Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner.  These ladies are hilarious. 

Petal Dishcloth by Hazel Schrock
Waffle Dishcloth from Debbie at Homespun Living Blog.  Visit the Firefly Farm Goods!
Eloomanators Diagonal Knit Dishcloth.  Variation of Grandmother's Favorite.
Petal Dishcloths
Waffle Stitch Dish Cloth from Homespun Living
Eloomanator's Dishcloth

New one I tried.  It is just ok.
Holes and Ridges Knitted Dishcloth Debra Proctor USU Extension Agent.
Holes and Ridges

Peaches and Cream site  Cotton yarn
Knit Picks Dishie
Lily Sugar and Cream carried by Michael's and Wal-mart in my area.


Stitches Midwest.  Meet me in the Market in the Concession/Snack Area about 11 AM on Friday, August 26th, 2011.  I will be arriving Thursday morning and leaving after lunch on Friday.

Knitting Pipeline Retreat March 2-3.  Details will be announced in late September.  The place is reserved as well as some local accommodations.

Blethering Room

Bronwyn is going ahead with her cardigan with the twist in it.  She knitted up a baby version of the sweater with the twisted join.  I think she can pull it off!  Check it out on our board on Ravelry under Episode 53.

Franklin the Turkey has been banging on the window occasionally.  He flew to the rooftop when Bob walked around back with our son's two dogs on leads.  He knows that dogs are more dangerous than people. 

High Note

The New Best Recipe: All New Edition by Cooks' Illustrated  $35 but $21.47 on Amazon.
A hefty volume that would be even heftier if it had photos of the food.  I love food photos!  Reliable, extensively tested recipes.  A must for my kitchen.

Foolproof Hard-Cooked Eggs from Best Recipes.  (my abbreviated version)  Put 6 eggs in a pot with water at least one inch above eggs.  (You can cook more eggs as long as the water is 1" over the top of the eggs. )Bring to a boil over high heat.  Turn off heat.  Cover and let sit for 10 min.  Meanwhile, fill a bowl with water and a tray of ice cubes.  Put the eggs in the ice water for 5 minutes.  Peel eggs from the blunt end.  Perfect!

These instructions from Simply Recipes are quite similar. 
Martha Stewart has her egg say here.

In the Piping Circle 

Celtic Cross is preparing for a competition on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend Sept 3 in Waukesha WI.
Harry Potter Fans take note.  You can learn to play Quittich at the Waukesha Games.

BBC World Pipe band Championships  Live streaming begins at 9:00 BST on Saturday August 13 that would be about 3 AM for those of us in the Midwest.  Later on you can catch video of the highlights.

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Thanks for listening.  Haste ye back!

Haste ye back!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Episode 53 Bronwyn's Dilemna and Sock Summit

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A special welcome to new pipeliners who sent me emails or private messages since the last episode:

Sue, Karen, Christine, Justyne, Lynne (Kitten Smitten),  Christina, Isabel, Brenda,  Diane from Knitabulls Videocast, and Peggy. 

There were some wonderful new 5 star reviews on iTunes thanks to Stickyquilter, llenz57843, NancyArtsCrafts, mebeutt, and kitten little.  Thank you!

Pipeliner Notes

 I read a note from Susan B Anderson and one from Sabine. Sabine says that unusual hats are fashionable in Germany.

The Blethering Room

Bronwyn needs help with her Classic Lines Alison Backus.  She has 9" of the body finished (bottom up) and found that she twisted the join.  It is a full twist, not a moebius (half).  The cardigan will be steeked.  Bronwyn wants to finish the sweater as is and then steek.  I am skeptical that this will work.  The sweater is also too big for her so I was going to tell her to be safe and frog it.  She did a paper mock-up and steeked the sample.  It worked.  Has anyone tried this?  Opinions?

(Next time Charr and Bronwyn come I will remember to take photos!)

Bronwyn finished
Daisy Shawlette by Anniken Allis    Her first project with beads.
Scent and Thorns by Carine Ancel
Determination Socks (her title) Fixations Socks by Bobbi Kraft

Random Friend Deletions on Ravelry

Over the past few months I have been friended by people who I was sure were already in my friends.  Recently a person called this to my attention because she felt she had been deleted intentionally.  I have never deleted anyone from my friends list and do not intend to do so.  I have reported the bug to Casey on Ravelry.  If you have had similar experiences please let Casey know on the For The Love of Ravelry Board in the thread I started.  The challenge of fixing this is that it is random and people don't usually notice exactly when it happens.  Just know I have not unfriended anyone and if you have dropped off my list, please friend me again.  Thanks!

Sock Summit

I will try to list the specifics as best I can.  If we mentioned something that is not in the show notes, please feel free to contact me for more information.

Turkish Bed Socks by Churchmouse Yarn and Teas.  Charr and I started these as our Sock Summitt KAL  (just the two of us).  I like the end result that I have seen on various project pages but was not keen on the one I finished.  The construction method seems fiddly to me.  I would rather knit a short sock.  These do look very cute with clogs! 

Charr and I visited Twisted in Portland.  It is a lovely yarn shop and we were impressed by the friendly staff.  They feature many of the local independent dyers. 

Peggy, our new friend, in her lovely shawl with pockets.

Charr and I met Ms. Gusset and volunteered to help in her booth at The Marketplace.  We had fun!  Charr's And So Are You Shawl was a big hit with people passing by the booth. 

Charr bagging fleece for Ms. Gusset.

Paula and Charr working the booth for Ms. Gusset.

Knitter's Brewing Company Bridge of Roses Sock Kit.  Fundraiser for Susan G. Komen.  Charr and I each bought a kit and another one for Bronwyn.

Other products we mentioned
Paradise Fibers.  I bought Anne Hanson Shawlette Pattern and Kollage Creamy Milk Yarn.
Huckleberry Knits.  Silk Handkerchief Demonstration.

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Thanks for listening.  I'll be back to the usual format next week.

Haste ye back!

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