Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Episode 55 Leafprints Shawlette & Westknits Mystery KAL

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I am taking a week off so the next podcast will be released after Stitches Midwest.

Pipeliner Notes

I heard from new pipeliners: Nancy in Alabama, AuntTea/Ellen, Abbysknits, Julia, MaggieGrl, Cheryl, and Helen.

New iTunes reviews from GuruNam and Listening in the Adirondacks made me happy!  Thank you.

Nature Notes 

The Barred Owls are very busy these days, or really these nights.  

Louise of the Caithness Craft Collective Podcast noticed that I talked a lot more about butterflies last year than I have this year.  She is absolutely correct.  It hasn’t been the best summer for butterflies. 

Needle Notes

Leafprints Shawlette by Anne Hanson. 

Review of Creamy by KollageCreamy is a blend of milk and cotton. 80/20 .  A little slippery but it is a lovely material.

Westknits Mystery KAL

Intarsia has not killed me....yet.
Quince & Co Tern in Barnacle, Driftwood, and Seagrass.

Don't worry if you are a few stitches off.  I don't think it will matter.
Intarsia has not killed me yet.  In fact, I'm enjoying it!  (But know better than to overdo it.)


Stitches Midwest is August 25-28.  I will be there on the 25th and 26th.  There will be a Pipeliner Meet and Greet on Friday August 26 starting at 11 AM in the Concession area of the Market.  I will be sitting there with my knitting and I hope you can join me. 

Betty Hay asked questions about attending big knitting events such as Sock Summit and Stitches.  Betty, I apologize for not answering sooner. 

The Market:

  • Set a budget and perhaps some goals.  I try to think ahead of time what I am looking for.
  • Take cash for the Market.
  • If you are wavering on a purchase then think about it for a while.  Come back later.  Sometimes you have more perspective.  

I take easy project to work on so I can chat with people easily.

Take some business cards with your Ravelry information, your blog if you have one, to exchange with people you meet.

Keeping up energy among a lot of people:  Are you and introvert or an extrovert?  A definition is that an introvert gathers energy from being along and an extrovert gathers energy from being with others.

The Blethering Room

AJ 's favorite dishcloth is Chinese Waves by Margaret Radcliffe.  Join in our discussion on Episode 54 on dishcloths and natural cleaning.

I knitted two Chinese Waves Dishcloths.  I know, I thought I was done but I needed the palate cleanser of knitting.  Thanks, Angela!

In the Piping Circle

Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band won The World Pipe Band Championship Games!   

Haste ye back!


C. said...

Nice episode (a bit too short, but well...)!
Have fun in Stitches Midwest.

Lee Bernstein said...

Your Westknits shawl colors are indeed beautiful together.

In this episode, I especially enjoyed your comments about preparing for Sock Summit, Stitches, etc., and your comments about retaining energy were so true.

I so relate. To everyone, I appear to be extremely friendly and outgoing (and I am), yet I gather my energy by being alone. I crave it so much that if I do not get time alone with myself, I will stay up later or get up much earlier than usual (and I already awaken quite early), just to have time for me.

I've also noticed that the more time I spend with others, the more time I need for myself -- the battery drains more quickly. It is a happy battery, but a run-down one.

Thank you for your insights on this!

rusticknitter said...

For over a year I have enjoyed listening to your podcast. Thanks for all the work you do! I look forward to your review of needles. While I prefer the warmth and weight of wood or bamboo, I find the tips too dull for lace. After searching the internet for the "pointiest" wooden needles and finding very little, I hope you can help me out!

Angie said...

Business cards are such a great idea! I've always fumbled around writing down ravelry names etc. at the big events and then wonder where I put them later. As for the lace comments, I was nodding my head when you said you counted on the wrong side rows. This is the technique that works for me as well. I think it is a sort of lifeline but one that lets you fix things right away. Once you recognize the pattern, it's pretty easy to see when the numbers don't make sense.
Another great show! Thanks!

Betsy said...

Paula - I always listen to your podcast while commuting on the train and don't usually read or comment on your show notes. I don't remember which episode it was but when you talked about being in a hotel lobby (at your Longaberger convention) and you got excited when you thought someone was knitting, I laughed historically! Most every morning and evening on the train I catch movement out of the corner of my eye and think I have a fellow knitter on the train! Moments later I'm disappointed when I realize it's not yarn but earphone cords that my fellow commuter is unravelling. :(


Jaxie985 said...

I love the way your Leafprints shawlette looks! I'm knitting it in Quince & Co. Chickadee on US#4 needles, and I love the design!

Sally said...

Rose Beck was interviewed on A Playful Day podcast recently, and it was quite touching. She also has a stunning new shawl called the Crocus Shawlette. Perhaps if we have another cold winter here I can justify knitting multiple shawls by wearing several at a time....

Knitting Mama said...

Hi, Paula, After listening to you & Char & Bronwyn talk about Sock Summit and the friendly people in Portland, I had to comment. I live in Oregon and had to miss Sock Summit because our daughter was getting married (I guess I had my priorities correct!) I am proud of our reputation for being friendly and believe that it is well-deserved. I am catching up on podcasts due to my busy summer & appreciate you keeping me company on my way too and from work!

Anonymous said...

Am I too late for a "vote"? I like Shaelyn. Lu

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