Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, August 5, 2011

Episode 53 Bronwyn's Dilemna and Sock Summit

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A special welcome to new pipeliners who sent me emails or private messages since the last episode:

Sue, Karen, Christine, Justyne, Lynne (Kitten Smitten),  Christina, Isabel, Brenda,  Diane from Knitabulls Videocast, and Peggy. 

There were some wonderful new 5 star reviews on iTunes thanks to Stickyquilter, llenz57843, NancyArtsCrafts, mebeutt, and kitten little.  Thank you!

Pipeliner Notes

 I read a note from Susan B Anderson and one from Sabine. Sabine says that unusual hats are fashionable in Germany.

The Blethering Room

Bronwyn needs help with her Classic Lines Alison Backus.  She has 9" of the body finished (bottom up) and found that she twisted the join.  It is a full twist, not a moebius (half).  The cardigan will be steeked.  Bronwyn wants to finish the sweater as is and then steek.  I am skeptical that this will work.  The sweater is also too big for her so I was going to tell her to be safe and frog it.  She did a paper mock-up and steeked the sample.  It worked.  Has anyone tried this?  Opinions?

(Next time Charr and Bronwyn come I will remember to take photos!)

Bronwyn finished
Daisy Shawlette by Anniken Allis    Her first project with beads.
Scent and Thorns by Carine Ancel
Determination Socks (her title) Fixations Socks by Bobbi Kraft

Random Friend Deletions on Ravelry

Over the past few months I have been friended by people who I was sure were already in my friends.  Recently a person called this to my attention because she felt she had been deleted intentionally.  I have never deleted anyone from my friends list and do not intend to do so.  I have reported the bug to Casey on Ravelry.  If you have had similar experiences please let Casey know on the For The Love of Ravelry Board in the thread I started.  The challenge of fixing this is that it is random and people don't usually notice exactly when it happens.  Just know I have not unfriended anyone and if you have dropped off my list, please friend me again.  Thanks!

Sock Summit

I will try to list the specifics as best I can.  If we mentioned something that is not in the show notes, please feel free to contact me for more information.

Turkish Bed Socks by Churchmouse Yarn and Teas.  Charr and I started these as our Sock Summitt KAL  (just the two of us).  I like the end result that I have seen on various project pages but was not keen on the one I finished.  The construction method seems fiddly to me.  I would rather knit a short sock.  These do look very cute with clogs! 

Charr and I visited Twisted in Portland.  It is a lovely yarn shop and we were impressed by the friendly staff.  They feature many of the local independent dyers. 

Peggy, our new friend, in her lovely shawl with pockets.

Charr and I met Ms. Gusset and volunteered to help in her booth at The Marketplace.  We had fun!  Charr's And So Are You Shawl was a big hit with people passing by the booth. 

Charr bagging fleece for Ms. Gusset.

Paula and Charr working the booth for Ms. Gusset.

Knitter's Brewing Company Bridge of Roses Sock Kit.  Fundraiser for Susan G. Komen.  Charr and I each bought a kit and another one for Bronwyn.

Other products we mentioned
Paradise Fibers.  I bought Anne Hanson Shawlette Pattern and Kollage Creamy Milk Yarn.
Huckleberry Knits.  Silk Handkerchief Demonstration.

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Thanks for listening.  I'll be back to the usual format next week.

Haste ye back!


Pat said...

Really enjoyed hearing about Sock Summit. Agree with you, Paula and Charr, there is an alarming tendency of participants in classes everywhere to yak, take cell calls, show off what (little!) knowledge they have, etc. Sounds like Stephanie P-McP was a great lecturer. Loved your image of an auditorium full of people who were knitting.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new listener and have caught up on this year's podcasts and am now going way back to the very beginning as well. I so enjoyed hearing how you learned to knit! Thank you for all that you put into each podcast. I listen during my hour long commute to and from work and it doesn't seem so long when I'm listening to my new friend! BTW, I play hammered dulcimer (well, I haven't taken it out of the case in 3 years, but I really should do so). Your music has made me long to tune it up and play away! - Camille (wizzdumb on ravelry)

NancyN said...

What a fun episode! It was a delight to listen to the three of you discuss your projects and Sock Summit. It was almost as good as going there myself!

penelope10 said...

Interesting summary of the Sock Summit. Enjoyed listening to you all.
As I was listening I was using the Stretchy Bind off, that you had demonstrated Paula!
So easy and has a nice effect!

Susan B. Anderson said...

I was out walking again and heard my name on your podcast. It made me laugh one more time. Thank you and how fun is that!

I don't know about Bronwyn's sweater/cardigan. I would rip it out and start again and especially because it is not the right size anyway. I think your advice was good. She'll live through it:)

That's my two cents.

I love your podcast and really look forward to each episode. I would love to attend Sock Summit someday, not for work, but just to attend as a knitter. It sounds like such a good time. Thank you for sharing.

Take care, Paula.
Susan B. Anderson

Anonymous said...

Okay...where is the flash mob video? It sounds so fun! Thanks for another great episode.

Lee Bernstein said...

I woke up this morning with an end-of-summer cold, and I had a crummy day (REALLY crummy) . . . and the thing I kept telling myself was "When the day is done, you get to listen to Paula and friends."

And I did.

And I smiled.

And I felt better.

Paula, Charr and Bronwyn, thank you for the entertainment and for making me feel better.

Bronwyn, I have no clue what to do with your twisted knitting, but I love that you're having the problem! Sorry, but it is beyond comforting to know that another fairly new knitter screws up the same as I do!

Love to each of you,

Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

Another great show. You two were so sweet to help out a sister knitter with her booth proving once again how awesome we all are! Talking about sock yarn and its ubiquitous use of shawls touched a nerve with me. With a drawer full of socks I have become very stingy with my pretty sock yarn feeling it's too good to risk wearing a hole, or hiding it under pants. I am using my sock yarn more and more for other things, like finger-less mitts, shawls, and scarves. I've always got a pair of socks (or 6) on the needles to be able to match my mood to my knitting, but my very prettiest sock yarn isn't ending up around my ankles quite so much right now.

Laura said...

Hi Paula! I was listening to this episode for the SECOND time tonight, and realized that you mentioned me in the segment about the Churchmouse Turkish Bed Socks! The first time I listened, I had to step out of the room to attend to something and totally missed this discussion. As you said at the top of your podcast, it IS really fun to be listening to a podcast and hear your name mentioned. Keep recognizing your listeners by name; I think it's one of the things you do that makes the Pipeline a community. :)

Martha said...

Hi Paula, Charr and Bronwyn,

Loved hearing the three of you chat about knitting and Sock Summit. Felt like I was in the room too, even though you didn't hear my comments. Like Susan, I loved, loved Paula's comment to Bronwyn "that she'll live through it". So spontaneous, motherly and true!

Thanks for the show notes and links too. I've always admired Hazel knits.

Best to all,
(goldbear on Ravelry)

Auntea said...

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about sock summit. And on a side note, I just ordered the Turkish Bed Socks pattern a couple of weeks ago. Hmmmm, I'm sensing a trend. I found a vintage pair eons ago, they don't look like they were ever worn. I wanted to try and figure out the pattern, and then voila, there it is. My vintage pair have more patterning and also colorwork, but the construction is the same. But my favorite part of this episode is Bronwyn's laugh. She has one of the most contagious laughs I have heard in a long time. Thanks for making me feel like I was right there with you.

JudyAnn said...

Paula, I always read your show notes because of all the shawls you're knitting---most of them I add to my ever-expanding queue.

As for Bronwyn and her sweater: frog it and start over. I think it's Jasmin Knitmore who says it all the time, something like "If you're not happy now, you won't be happy later". Fun With Yarn, I say.

Fernie said...

Hi Paula. Thanks for another great episode. It was so much fun to hear from Charr and Bronwyn again. I loved the story about you and Charr helping the Ms. Gusset (sp?) with bagging her fleece and manning her booth. I was also thrilled to hear that both of Franklin's girls have shown back up. I decided to post here instead of on the Ravelry string this time because you mentioned that it helps to know that people look at the show notes. I always look at them and really appreciate the effort you put into providing videos, photos, and helpful links. Thanks again!


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