Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Episode 238 Mae Cardi and Aziza Bonnet

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Pipeliner Notes

Thanks to everyone who  has been in touch with me recently

From AngelMum 3

PS Fish Lips Kiss Heel -

First, if anyone isn’t aware, Patty Joy (designer of FLK Heel) is battling an aggressive Breast Cancer - you can read her discussing it in her Ravelry Group so many positive thoughts for Patty Joy!

2nd - When you do your template for your foot - use something like a plastic placemat (found at the $1 store) its so much more durable than the cardboard I used (a friend gave me that tip when she saw my poor template!)

Pipeliners, the Fish Lips Kiss Heel is a major sock game changer for many.

Let’s show our support for Patty Joy by purchasing her Fish Lips Kiss Heel $1 Ravelry Download for ourselves and our friends.

I would like to gift the pattern to at least 10 people so if you want to send me names I’ll gift the pattern. Please make sure they do not already have the pattern in their Ravelry library. Also if you are going to the Georgia Retreat we may have a break out session to make our foot templates and everyone who participates will need to have their own copy of the heel pattern. (I’ll bring the plastic placemats.)

On Sock Relative Velocity (Episode 235)—a somewhat controversial subject.

From Knitting Daddy

Agreed on the Simple Skyp socks. I won a blue ribbon at the state fair with the Simple Skyp Socks I knit for my dad a couple of years ago. The pattern keeps your interest, and the resulting sock is something at dudes can wear without feeling like they’re wearing a pattern designed for a lady. The pattern also looks great as a lady’s sock as well. It truly is unisex.

Dad wears a size 12 (I think) and I wear a size 13, but our feet are close enough that I don’t make adjustments in my sock knitting for either of us. Those are big feet, definitely bigger than the average man’s foot. For us, I cast on 72 stitches. Compared to a 60-stitch cast-on, if everything else were equal, those extra 12 stitches represent a 20% increase in the number of stitches. That’s not an epic difference, but it’s not insignificant. Then, there’s the matter of extra length for the foot. Between the two socks, a few more inches of foot knitting isn’t epic, either. The thing about knitting socks for Dad that really sticks out to me is his preference for a long leg. A 6” leg/cuff (which my Mom is fine with) just feels to short to Dad. I tend to side with Dad on that one, too. So that’s a couple more inches in the leg to knit. All in all, I definitely feel that knitting socks for Dad or me is a noticeably larger investment of knitting effort than knitting a pair for Mom. But I don’t mind it. It’s certainly not enough to scare me away from it. And the fact that Dad and I have large feet, while Mom’s are closer to average, come in to play.

For me, my biggest concern knitting men’s socks is running out of yarn. A 400 yard put-up almost always means I’ll be playing yarn chicken, so I’m always looking for 420 or 440 yard put-ups if I’m knitting for Dad or me. Additionally, I’ve switched to always doing contrasting cuffs, heels, and toes for us. The heels and toes is a no-brainer for extending the mileage for the sock. The contrasting cuff allows me to get another couple of inches on the leg without worrying that I’ll run out of yarn before I run out of sock. I’ve picked up a couple of balls of solid (natural and black. and maybe another neutral-ish color?) sock yarn that I just keep around for heels/toes/cuffs.

This is a great discussion, Paula! I’m not sure I’m 100% on-board with your assessment, but I’m definitely close. And I certainly encourage everyone to knit up loving socks for the men in their lives -- if the men in their lives will appreciate it appropriately. ;-)

MindfulWilliam responded to KnittingDaddy

Good write up :)

When I buy sock yarn I always go for 400+ yards regardless of who I’m knitting for. Most of the socks I knit are 7.5 in the leg (including the cuff) and the women I knit for have never complained about that. On the other hand my nieces have at times asked for much longer legs (now that is a chore). I just don’t play “yarn chicken” LOL I’m perfectly happy to have left over yarn for other toes, blanket squares, toys.. the list goes on and on.

I guess “for me” I really don’t much care if something is more work or not. I either want to knit that item for that person or I don’t and I like knitting for all my friends and family. I like to knit LOL ;) So the “work” concept just doesn’t enter my perspective.

Well state, both of you. My main point is that whether the sock is 20% or 30% or even 50% more knitting it is the mindset of the knitter that changes the game. Someone said her husband only wants black socks and to that I say, Forget it! We all have our limits and I would not knit a black sock for my most beloved.


I want to knit socks - I can knit shawls, but socks… I’m on my 5th pair I think, and I have 5 stories and problems, and challenges… I wear a size 12 - I switched to top up and “tandem” knitting (knit 2 socks on 2 different needles) I found the FLK heel has really helped me customize my socks…
(I’ve knit socks on size 2 needles, size 1 needles, size 1 1/2 needles and believe it or not size 0! Using a needle gauge showed me it was a zero but the package said it was a 1!)

I fall asleep! Seriously, I’m knitting socks, and then… snore, I wake up! silly really, but there it is, the reason it takes me so long to knit a pair of socks - plus I’ve relegated it to ‘car knitting” but I decided to watch the clock and it takes me so long to knit that heel! 3 hours I think…

and because it takes me so long to knit the socks and because I have so few socks. I don’t wear my socks. Sometimes I may wear them for a few hours at a knitting retreat… I hope to get to the point where I can knit a pair of socks a month. Right now it takes me at least 3 months!

and I know it doesn’t take me that long to knit a shawl with the same yardage! So, the myth is mine! in my mind!! grin
Knitting Pipeline is now on Tunein thanks to Leslie aka Tinkerer who listenes via her

I am going to Curioushandmade’s Country Manor Retreat in Cumbria! March 14-17. I’m going to tie this in with a visit to my good friend in Troon, on the west coast of Scotland and then to Edinburgh Yarn Festival. At the Edinburgh Yarn Festival there is a Podcast Lounge sponsored by Blacker Yarns and organized by Louise of KnitBritish Podcast.

I’ll be in the Podcast Lounge for the Podcaster meet up on Friday 1-2 PM and probably on Sat as well.

Nature Notes

I’m watching the feeders at dusk today on January 19. A male cardinal and two nuthatches are getting in their last meal of the day to fortify them for the cold night ahead. Our temperatures have been sub-zero lately so it isn’t easy out there for the birds or any other animals. A very smart White-breasted nuthatch is upside down on the suet feeder getting in some fat. He was just chased away by a Downy Woodpecker.

Last week Sarah asked why birds weren’t coming to her new feeders that she had put out on December 28. I was stumped because I know Sarah’s yard and bird habitat. She is a gardener and there is some cover there for the birds in trees both in her front and back yards. The feeders and seed are new so it is unlikely that there is mold. I did a little research and found out a few possibilities. I’ve referenced some of the sources in the show notes.

·        It can take a month for birds to find a feeder.

·        Birds locate food by sight so make sure the feeders are easily seen from perches nearby. Bronwyn hit on a tip last week when she said to leave a trail of seeds. You can scatter some seed on the ground below the feeders to attract ground feeding birds and then the others will see them and perhaps follow suit.

·        Watch the level of the seed in the feeder to see if it is going down at all. Perhaps the birds are feeding at a time when you aren’t looking outside.

·        There might be a predator in the area that is keeping the birds away. We have a Cooper’s Hawk that stalks our feeders. Last week we saw him capture and kill a Downy woodpecker after driving the woodpecker into a window. Another possible predator is a neighborhood cat. (I know Sarah doesn’t have a cat.) If your neighbor’s cat is stalking your feeders you could ask if it is possible to put a bell on the cat’s collar. We had this feline issue at our old house but it didn’t stop the birds from visiting the feeders. The upside was that our neighbor’s cats they kept the chipmunk and mice populations at bay. One time I saw chipmunks scampering about our front porch. One of the cats went under there and I never saw a chipmunk after that.

·        When you start new feeders only put a small amount of seed in the feeders so that it doesn’t get wet and moldy while you are waiting for birds to feed. If it has been several weeks without any action you might want to clean out the feeders and start over.

·        Make sure the seed is fresh. We buy ours from Forest Park Nature Center. We know it is excellent quality without a lot of fillers and the dedicated bird lovers shop there so there is a turnover.

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.""
--Edith Sitwell

Needle Notes

What is good sock yarn? The answer will vary from knitter to knitter. Some prefer all wool but many prefer a bit of nylon for strength. Some prefer pure wool and others prefer Superwash but often hand wash anyway or gently machine wash and lay flat or hang to dry. All fingering weight yarn is not best suited for socks.

I like a round, plied yarn with a bit of nylon but not too much. I don’t generally like sock yarn with more than 15% nylon, 20% max.

Sock yarn usually comes in 100g skeins with varying yardage. You often hear knitters exclaim that the yardage is fantastic in a brand of sock. One thing to note is that when you get more yardage per 100g skein you will have a thinner yarn and might need to go down a needle size, particularly for socks. I like sock yarn with less than 400 yd per skein. When it gets above 400 yds it is often too thin for me to get a tight enough gauge even on size 0 needles; however that same skein will most likely make a great shawl or shawlette.

Mae by Melissa LaBarre from Wool Baby

Aziza by Melissa LaBarre from Wool Baby

Bebe modeling Mae Cardi in Quince & Co Chickadee Split Pea Colorway

The back of Mae Cardi is cute too. 

Aziza as modeled by my favorite grapefruit

Retreat Notes

Special thanks go out to the sponsors of our retreat. It is because of their generous support that we are able to put on a great retreat at such a low cost to you.

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The Fiber Universe
305 SW Water Street, Peoria, IL 61602

The Fiber Universe provides quality products, service and instruction for fiber enthusiasts. They stock yarn from Cascade, Plymouth, Skacel, Three Irish Girls, Kauni, Jojoland, Claudia Handpaints, and more.  Fibers for spinning and felting are available from local farms.  The Fiber Universe accepts orders over the phone and offers free shipping on orders over $50.  Check out their website, or give them a call today at 309.673.5659.

Klose Knit
311 W. Springfield Ave., Urbana, IL, 61801
217 344-2123

Fine Fibers and Friendly Service is the motto of Klose Knit and that is exactly what you’ll find in our store in Urbana IL. We have a great selection of yarns including Rowan yarns and patterns, Blue Sky Alpacas, Art Yarns, Tahki, Dream in Color, Malabrigo, and Spud and Cloe.  Sock yarns include Opal, Austermann Step, Trekking, Paca Peds; the list is forever growing and changing.  We hope you will find the

Klose Knit is a quick hop off the I-74 in the heart of Urbana IL.  311 W. Springfield Ave.
Urbana, Illinois 61801 (across from Strawberry Fields).

Ewe-Nique Yarns, Etc.
110 E Queenwood Rd, Morton, IL, 61550
309 266-9398

Ewe-nique Yarns is a full-service yarn shop located at 110 E Queenwood Rd, Morton IL.  Among the items they carry are a full line of Addi needles, Chiagoo, and Knit Picks.  They also stock Malabrigo, Madelinetosh, Frog Tree, Elsabeth Lavold, Debbie Bliss, Claudia Handpainted, Louisa Harding, Rowan, Sublime and dozens more.

127 Peddler’s Way, Washington IL 61571

Peddler’s Way Quilt Co. is dedicated to preserving the old fashioned arts of sewing, embroidery and quilting. Located just off historic Washington Square near Peoria, Illinois, we specialize in quilting fabrics, yarns, embroidery supplies and notions.

Next week I’ll be highlighting another major sponsor.

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Yarn Geek Fibers
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The cost of the kit is $56. Preorders will be taken through January 29th.


Unknown said...

I love your pod- and video casts Paula. You are so easy to listen to and generous sharing your life-knitting and otherwise, with us all. Plus we are also bird watchers, but in Australia, and we love hearing of the birds that visit you.
I wanted to ask your opinion and suggest a show topic at the same time.
I would love to attend a knitting retreat and this would be a major trip, all the way from Oz. I don't know which one would be best or even, all that are available. I have heard you talk about your knitting retreat which sounds fabulous, and Susan B Anderson recount of SSK. Are there others?
Keep up the great work you do, entertaining us all, sharing tips and techniques, while we are knitting away at home!
All our love from Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Emy Watson said...

What is canting/shaft alignment on a ski boot?
boot socks

Unknown said...

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