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Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, July 30, 2010

Episode 5 & 6 Perseverance is Key

Butterfly Blether

Here are a few sites with information about butterflies and their host plants.  Plants and butterfly species will vary by geographic region so you might want to do your own search.

The Butterfly Site

The Butterfly Website

Black Swallowtail "Fat Guys"...soon headed for pupation stage.

Parsley plant after being eaten by Black Swallowtail larvae.  They rarely kill a plant.  It has already started to recover.
Dutch Pipes and Drums, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Track 5 of In Harmony: The Bells of Dunblane by PM Robert Mathieson

Crochet Thread #10 is great for lifelines!  Anchor by tying a stitch marker on each end.

Franklin's Harem need names.

Leave a message here or on the Ravelry Board if you are interested in the skeins of laceweight wool from Old Maiden Aunt in West Kilbride, Scotland.  I will leave this open for 2 weeks to give everyone a chance to enter the drawing.  List your color preferences.

  • Moody (blue)
  • Bracken (light green) 
  • Rose  (This one is already wound into a ball)


Unknown said...

Glad you found the lifeline tips useful! I like the size 30 crochet thread for lace and the size 10 for larger yarns and they work great when you need to rip back which I did a couple of times on Brandywine. Thanks for not telling your listeners what a goof I am that I ran the lifeline threw the stitch markers (a no-no) not once but twice!

I was just going to recommend Electric Sheep to you! Isn't she great. I too am listening to her older podcasts

norabrown said...

All 3 colors are beautiful.

Chris said...

I'm enjoying your podcast and thanks for the giveaway. I really love the Moody colorway, but would be very happy with any of these colors - I can always find a home for knitted lace.

Cozy Knitting said...

I really like your podcast. I enjoyed the links to the butterfly sites. I have a naturalized garden, and it looks kinda sad right now. I do have indigenous trees and shrubs that I am happy to see are host species. I listen while I am spinning, and I always have to stop and look at the show notes.

Sally said...

Your podcast is very sweet, and pleasant to listen to. Thanks for the drawing - Bracken or Moody would be my choice.

Kathleen said...

I've just discovered your podcast via Old Maiden Aunt on Ravelry. I'm glad to check it out! As for the draw, I'd say 1st Rose, 2nd Moody, 3rd Bracken, but they are all beautiful. Thanks for thinking of us OMA fans and all the best for the podcasts. x K

Alison said...

I've just discovered your podcast as well, via Ravelry, and will try and keep up with it whenever possible :-) I would love to go in for your draw and I adore all the colourways so not fussed here at all.

Angela said...

I'm loving your podcast, and am thrilled about such an excellent giveaway! My youngest's middle name is Rose (after my grandmother), so I would choose that color first. Moody describes my oldest daughter (whee!), so that would be my second choice. Ah, but the Bracken is beautiful as well... All so lovely!

Shirley said...

Another interesting episode. I've never been to my high school reunion. I don't even know if they have had one! What about Teresa (meaning harvester) and Tilly (strength in battle) for the turkeys?

I'd like to enter the contest if you are willing to send overseas. 1) Moody 2) Bracken and 3) Rose

Paula said...

Yes, I will definitely send overseas if one of you win! Thanks for all the kind remarks and your interest in the podcast--and the giveaways!

pearl said...

another great podcast, Paula. I LOVE what your husband said at your hs reunion. That's so sweet and it's so sweet and wonderful that he's so proud of your talent. I love hearing about your butterflies. I envy you for being able to grow such pretty gardens. The sun is just too hot here in the desert. I agree that perseverance is much more important than talent. You have great thoughts on that topic. Happy knitting and piping!

stringplay said...

Paula, another great podcast. I seem to be running a bit behind, but that's OK. Again I listened while walking, so the topic of perseverance was quite timely as I had to really stick with it in this awful heat we are having. I'm having to persevere on my Citron, too. It has not been my most favorite project.

Unknown said...

I love your podcast though do need to catch up on the last two due to MP3 player issues. Lots of Scotsmen in my heritage but no one close plays the pipes. Your give-away yarn looks very pretty, Moody or Rose are my favorites. Thanks, Linda

Anonymous said...

Just found you through your post to the Ravelry podcasting board, and looking forward to listening to the cast.

The yarn giveaway looks wonderful. I particularly love the blue, but the others are both great colors.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Since there are any romantic sparks flying around,I'd like to suggest Kite and Key for Franklin's ladyfriends' names. My preferences would be Moody, Bracken then Rose. Thanks for the giveaway.

Kristin said...

Hi I came here via Ravelry (HLK), the OMA yarns look beautiful so there will be three very happy people soon. Love the podcast.

My prefernce would be , well anything.. but if I had to chose then Bracken, Rose and Moody.

Good luck with the podcasts.

LisaK said...

I found you via The Knitting Show podcast and just caught up with all of your episodes.

I love the Bracken colorway with Moody being a close second.

I'm so glad I found your podcast!

Anonymous said...

As I write this I am sitting in my backyard watching the birds at the feeder, knitting a shawl and listening to your podcast. How wonderful. So glad I found your podcast. I would love the color, Moody, thanks for sharing.

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