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Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, December 17, 2010

Episode 25 Wristers and Muffatees

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A Winner!

Thanks to everyone who left comments on the blog!
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The winner of the giveaway from Quince & Co is Sabra!  Sabra, please contact me as I do not have your contact information.  Congratulations!

Leave a comment below to enter the new giveaway for 3 patterns of your choice from Stephen West of Westknits!

These are vintage patterns that I meant to talk about on the show but forgot!
Muffatee Pattern from the Swaledale Museum, Yorkshire, U.K.

Vintage Patterns from 1843.  Muffatees and Wristers

Robin Hansen.  Fox, Geese, and Fences.   Down East Books.  1983
Robin Hansen and Janetta Dexter  Flying Geese and Partidge Feet.  Down East Books.  1986.

Patterns mentioned in this podcast
The first two patterns were published in Knitty.

Fetching in Cascade 220.
These 3 patterns were published on Leslie's Blog A Friend to Knit With

3 pair of Those Mitts by Leslie Friend.  Two pair have the Baby Cable Rib and one pair is as the pattern is written (far right).
I added Baby Cable Rib to my version of Those Mitts.  Directions are on one of the pages in the sidebar.  I believe it is the same as Mock Cable Rib.  No cable needle necessary!

Baby Cable Rib
The music is from the Eastern European Vocal Ensemble, Kitka.  The song is Shen Khar Venakhi ("You are a vineyard, just blossoming") from the Magnatune Christmas CD. 

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Sally said...

I've never heard of Muffatees before, the patterns you linked to are great! My quilting studio is chilly, and they're very practical. Thanks for another great podcast and a fun contest. Sally

pauly said...

I enjoy the podcast, I miss the Turkeys. a lot of birds Migrate during winter, but since turkeys don't fly I don't think thats the case. I am knitting one of westknits free patterns. It is my first shawl. It is very simple. The Boneyard shawl. I like it, and am enjoying knitting it. It would be nice to win a few patterns from Stephen West, and I can't wait to see what he designs next.on ravelry I'm pauly81

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed another of your podcasts. I tried to post an earlier comment that hasn't shown up, hope I don't have two comments to post. Thank you to Stephen West for this give-away. I'll be listening in Jan. to hear your ideas for organizing my knitting stash and equipment.

Sabra said...

Thank you. I'm really excited. My ravelry id is Sabrab and my email address is

Bahls Daddy said...

Wow, your selection of Christmas music is beautiful! I just bought the entire CD from the Zune marketplace.

Unknown said...

Hi Paula, Your podcast is great as usual and I love the music. My daughter is a huge fan of fingerless mitts and wristers. The patterns you showed here are lovely. Thanks!

Nancy Nordquist said...

Thank you for the great ideas for wristers! I had said I was not knitting any gifts this Christmas, silly me, but I do have 3 women in my family who really need something exactly like Those Mitts. I have a great week ahead of me!
Nancy (needsyarn on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Love your podcast!

sparker29 said...

Hi Paula,

Loved your podcast on wristers. I just finished making Wisp by Cheryl Niamath and had added fetching to my favorites. I was surprised to find they are also designed by CN.

I'm excited about your newest contest. I love the Daybreak shawl by Stephen West, and hope to make it sometime this year.

You are doing a great job of creating interesting podcasts. Thanks for that!

Merry Christmas,

shanalines said...

enjoyed the podcast! enter me for the Stephen West patterns-- I want to knit them all!! :)

sandygale said...

What a great podcast! I love wristers and while I have knitted Fetching, I look forward to knitting the others. Your cable rib really adds beauty and interest...I anticipate using it on my next set of wristers.

MaggieH said...

Another great podcast! I loved hearing you talk about muffatees.
Last September I went to Old Sturbridge Village and had a great talk with one of the reenactors about what looked like fingerless mitts to me, but which she told me were muffatees. Of course I asked about a pattern, but she didn't have one. She just knit a garter stitch rectangle, at a very tight gauge, and then seamed the side and left an opening for the thumb. She said that they were great for protecting your hands while raking leaves!

Kendra from missknittas studio said...

Thank you for another wonderful podcast! I laughed out loud about your husband thinking that the mitts weren't finished yet because they didn't have fingers, bless him. I'd love to be entered in the drawing, thank you so much to you and Stephen West!

Karen said...

Paula, as usual I really enjoy your podcast. It is soo relaxing and I learn so much. I look forward to your next podcast. It is a treat for me. Thanks again, Karen

MachelleH said...

Don't apologize for going on too long on a podcast. I can't get enough and would be happy if they were twice as long. I learn so much from you - books, techniques, yarn, Ravelry, designers, nature... Love it!
I have never heard the term muffatees. Thanks for teaching me one more thing. I'm glad you talked about this. My fingers have been freezing at work and I have been saying, "I need to knit myself some fingerless gloves!"
Thank you for the great podcast and for the giveaway!

La Dolce Knita said...

Paula, another great episode. I really loved the nice music at the end! I've made a couple of pairs of wristers this Fall. They don't have a separate thumb hole, but the hand edge is lacy, so you could stick your thumb through one of the lace holes, if so inclined. I discovered that when a friend tried one on and did exactly that. They're very useful and so quick and easy to knit up!

Unknown said...

Enjoyed the episode. I've got some of Hansen's Chipman Block mittens on my needles right now and I've been considering knitting wristers so this was great info. Thanks! You sure come up with some great giveaways, Paula.

Chellieanne said...

I have been knitting fingerless mitts for Christmas do I appreciated hearing about new patterns- Have been making 220 Fingerless Mitt's by Jessica Jensen because they fit everyone-

MicheleinMaine said...

Hi Paula,

Thanks for another great podcast. I especially Loved the Kitka piece at the end. I'm a church musician at heart, and a capella choral music just touches my soul. Thank you for a wonderful selection.

I'm just back from a chilly winter walk as the sun was setting (4pm!) and I saw two pileated woodpeckers!

AnneLena said...

Hi Paula, Thanks for another great podcast. I miss Franklin, Knit and Purl :-(

Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår


Aizome said...

What a lot of great fingerless glove patterns there are out there! Fun topic!!!

Funky said...

Fingerless gloves are amazing! You can do all your usual things with your fingers, but still keep your hands warm!!!

Jersey Shore Deb said...

Hi Paula,
I really enjoyed this episode, as I love making fingerless mitts. I made a pair for my daughter and each of her 10 best friends when they got their driver's licenses last year (as it is easier to drive with fingers free, but the hands get cold on these winter mornings! They are fun, fast and functional. I made all different patterns which you can see on my Projects Page in Ravelry (JerseyShoreDeb).
The Bodhi Mitts were a particular favorite.
I'd love to win the Stephen West patterns!

Debbie said...

I've got to make some fingerless mitts ... it's -20c here so they'd be perfect for everyday wear! I'd love to win the patterns!

Unknown said...

I want to make a pair of fingerless mitts to wear under my mitten and gloves when I walk the dogs. And a chance to win the patterns.

Peg5 on Ravelry said...

Seeing the antique wrister pattern reminded me that when I watch historical fiction BBC shows, I've seen such wristers on many of the male and female characters, regardless of social class. As a musician, I keep a pair in my instrument case and wear them when I have rehearsals in cold venues. Toss my name in for the Stephen West patterns!

Cari said...

I would love any. Thanks for the chance.

Lisaknits said...

What a designer. Thanks for the chance.

Lani said...

Another great podcast. My favorite pair of wristers were beaded. It was an easy way to learn to knit with beads. I've knit one of Steven West's shawls and have another in my queue. I have my eye on several more patterns.

Becca said...

Another great episode! Now I want to sit down and knit a bunch of fingerless mitts. Might go well with all the crazy rain we are having here!


Unknown said...


Thank you for the lovely Christmas Chorale, I so enjoyed it while I cooked dinner.
I can't wait to get started on muffatees and wristers!
Doesn't surprise me that westknits has offered some patterns to your listeners, he is a kind and generous person, and a GENIUS pattern designer.
They are such fun to knit, and the patterns are clearly written.
I'm amgknit on Ravelry.

Lee Bernstein said...

I listened to your podcast for the first time today, thanks to hearing the podcast mentioned on Knitmoregirls podcast. I'm now a fan -- all it took was to listen once, and I look forward to hearing more.

I love the Fetching pattern -- must do!

Happy Holidays from a fellow midwestern gal (Indiana) . . . no kangaroos in my yard, either.

Michael said...

Love your show. Keeping podcasting. Love the photos you posted of the fingerless mittens.

Mikal4u2 on ravelry

Tammy said...

Love your podcast...and I'm a big big fan of fingerless mittens...long before they were in style.

pmack17 said...

I like Stephen West's style and I'm enjoying watching his evolution and success as a designer.
I'm all caught up on the podcasts and it's fun to follow the evolution and success of Knitting Pipeline, too!

pmack17 on rav

kleggett said...

I love making wristers for gifts and as stash busters.

Susan said...

'Those Mitts' look like they will be my next fingerless project. I'm glad to hear someone else wears fingerless mitts inside.


denise said...

I have made a number of wristers. My most creative was turning an old pair of hand knit socks into wristers for my daughter. She appreciated me being so "green". I also like Fetching. This year I only made one pair of wristers for Christmas, but I have made 10! Pair of felted mittens for the men in my family. I am so happy to be done and I am now watching them dry. I continue to really enjoy the show

cmflame said...

We were watching Tim Burton's Alice last night & she was wearing little fabric mitts during part of her adventure. I probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't just listened to your podcast. Thanks for another informative one!

stringplay said...

Paula, another wonderful podcast. I tend to run a bit behind in my listening, but I guess I like knowing there is always one waiting when I am ready. Once again, I listened during my walk. A little frosty today and I was wearing my fingerless mitts, Sweet Fern, from The Book of Wool. I'm looking forward to browsing your queue for more great patterns.

Moknita said...

Have been listening to older episodes, trying to catch up. So glad that I decided to listen to a more recent episode, as I love Stephen West designs! Great podcast!

MimiD said...

What is it about this time of year and wristers? Cold hands I guess... I too have a list of different patterns I'd love to try. But I probably would stop and go back to the shawl obsession with a Westknits pattern :)

Unknown said...

This is the first time i have made it over to the show notes, but i really enjoy listening to your podcast on the way to work...

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