Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, May 27, 2011

Episode 45 The Felted Join

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The Winners!

Thanks to designers Brenna Kotar (Hoot Cardigan) and Rose Beck for two copies of the wonderful  Be Mine Collection of Shawlettes.

The winners are:
Judiuni for both Hoot Cardigan and Be Mine
Redsknits for Be Mine

Congratulations!  Please contact me!

Pipeliner Notes

More owl info:  Getting Wise to the Owl article from NYT. Shared by Jaykay.

Nature Notes

Recent sightings in our woods are Indigo Buntings and Scarlet Tanagers. The Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, which are indeed in the sparrow family, are still visiting the feeder.  We hope they are nesting in our woods.  House wrens are raising a brood in one of our birdhouses.  I love waking up in the morning to the house wren's bubbly song. 

To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment
--Jane Austen.

Needle Notes

Estelle Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre. Despite my prediction that the sleeves on my Estelle would be smooth sailing, I have had a few challenges.  They were a little tight in the upper arms and then I overcompensated and I made them too large.  One sleeve is finished but may be a little short.  See my project notes here.  I felt it necessary to take a little break from Estelle so I cast on for And So Are You, a crescent-shaped shawl from the Be Mine Collection by Rose Beck.  I am using Opulence (silk and wool) from The Woolen Rabbit.

The Felted Join

I have been using The Felted Join in Estelle and the Norwegian Setesdal Sweater.  To be more civilized I  have refined the name and the technique.  This is often referred to as "the Spit Join".  Instead of using your own saliva (which still works in a pinch) I use boiling water and then make myself a cup of tea to drink while I admire my handiwork. 

Advantages of the Felted Join are that the ends are dealt with while knitting so there is less finishing work; the joins are practically indetectable; and if you frog (unravel) your project then you will have one giant ball of yarn.  You must use wool or another feltable fiber (on your own here.)

Video Tutorial of The Felted Join

The Blethering Room

A couple of questions about e-readers were addressed. 
I answered Judiuni's question about using lifelines.
I am joining The Knit Girllls in the Stash Dash 5K!  The goal is to knit 5K (5,468 yd) of your stash between May 27 and August 15, 2011.  Cheating is allowed.  Projects that you started prior to May 27 count if you finish knitting them during the time frame.  You may add to your stash during this event (remember that nice offer from Quince & CO for 10% off?)

How to unravel your knitting and get the stitches back on the needles

Book  Notes

Charts Made Simple: Understanding Knitting Charts Visually by J.C. Briar.  Glass Iris Publications. 
 c 2010.  $17.95

J.C. Briar's website is here.

In the Piping Circle

Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums competed in the St. Andrew's Highland Games in Chatham IL on May 21. 

Kevin and Paula at the Celtic Cross "camp".  Kevin is the big voice you hear at the beginning of the podcast.

Visit my Longaberger shop for special offers through Monday May 30th.  There are always specials and sales!

Coming soon!
Video Tutorial on Meghan's method of picking up stitches after unraveling your work.

All Shall be Well  from the album Sabbath Day's Journey by Lydia McCauley.

Haste ye back!


Anonymous said...

I love your pod cast!

Lee Bernstein said...

Paula, I enjoyed this episode so much, and I especially appreciated hearing about your needing to leave our friend "Estelle" for a couple days.

Like you, I love the pattern and oh my gosh, the yarn is the best, but the fit of the sweater has me feeling down -- in a day or two, I'll be able to pick it up again with a smile.

I so appreciate your honesty with everything from sweater sleeves to piping competitions--it is one of the many things that endears me to your podcast.

When is your Chicago game and where?

Okay, I'm off to watch the video to so I can enjoy seeing how the "felted join" is more civilized.

peaclockknits said...

Hi Paula

You Rock! I am a new listener and a huge fan.

When you talk about the woods behind your home and
your knitting I feel like I am in your living room.

Your an asset to the knitting community.
Thank You!

I would love to purchase a bumper sticker with your logo. Let us know when they become available.


Lisaknits said...

Thanks for another great episode!

C. said...

As always, listening to your podcast was delightful. I wanted to especially thank you for the tip about the life line: it seems to cleaver to thread a string through the little hole of the KP option needles! I was always scared by lace, due to the fact that, if I mess up (and it usually happen a lot in my knitting!), I won't be able to fix it. The other day, I felt in love with Jared Flood Rock Island shawl (it looks so lovely for summer), but I was way too scared by lace to even think about knitting it. But now, thanks to your tip, I am contemplating starting it!

Pat said...

Paula, Great video for the Spit Join! Or the Cup of Tea Join! Am dreading working on the Estelle sleeves...but of course have to get there first!

Square Root said...

Thank you for the video tutorials. It helped me see exactly how they work. Especially the dropping of stitches and picking them up. Perfect!

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