Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Episode 91 Kindness of Knitters

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This show by sponsored by my Longaberger Home Business and Quince & Co.
The folks at Quince &  Co have created a line of thoughtfully conceived yarns spun from American wool or sourced from earth friendly overseas suppliers.  Their newest addition are colors in Sparrow, 100% organic linen, grown in Belgium.  Still the same lovely hand and drape.  Perfect in all Sparrow patterns.  See Sparrow and all the beautiful Quince yarns at
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Thanks for your iTunes reviews and star ratings!  We might catch up with the beer brewers and gamers yet!
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The winner of a copy of KnitBot Essentials by Hannah Fettig, signed by Hannah Fettig and Pam Allen is
Heather, Knitinmom25 on Ravelry! 
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There is an outtake on today’s show after the theme music for those who like a little extra laughter and chatter.

Bronwyn is having surgery. Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation--overview of what they are
If you want to participate in a surprise for Bronwyn send an email to me at Paulaef at aol dot com.
If you want to cheer Bronwyn up you can sent cards to her via my PO box:   Bronwyn c/o Knitting Pipeline, Box 549, Washington IL 61571
Bronwyn received a beautiful comfort shawl, knitted by friends at Camp KIP.
Comfort Shawl knitted by friends at Camp KIP
The Comfort Shawl is in Bronwyn's favorite shades of blue.  It has ribbons woven through it!

Pipeliner Notes
Prairiegl: Hiya Hiya has some free patterns on their site --- according to the package my bamboo interchangeable tips came in (I’m just buying a few tips as I have a full set of interchangeables of another brand). I noticed in the cable package I have, a sock pattern is included.
Needle Notes
Last week…Koigu Beaded Beret.  Not completely fair review since I substituted the yarn for the project.
My finished object is a new crescent shawl design. Stay tuned!
Bronwyn FO’s: Woobie Puppy  and Lotus Scarf
Crinkle squares and Gratitude Shawl were Bronwyn's own concoctions.
Crinkle Squares for baby gifts

We want to rename Amy Beth of The Fat Squirrel Speaks.  To us she is now The Foxy Squirrel.
Memphisholli  responded to my challenge of finding a suitable design for the yarn from Camp KIP.
A couple of suggestions for you Gnome Sweet Gnome would be the Leyburn sock or the Harvest Dew sock. I recently knit the Leyburn in very colorful yarn after several false starts. I haven’t knit plain socks in a long time and find I have a hard time convincing myself I want to knit it.
I also have a question about the yarn. Is it variegated or self-striping? In a broader sense perhaps you could talk about different colored yarns and how you know how to describe the color, variegated, gradient, self-striping, etc. and things to look for in a pattern to handle those color variations.
We use the term variegated for any multi-colored yarn.  Within this wide category are many smaller subsets.  The Knitter’s Guide to Hand-Dyed and Variegated Yarn by Lorna Miser.

The Blethering Room

Yep, that's my grand-dog on this card from a well-known card company.  Isn't he cute?

Bronwyn got a cute card, possibly for dog walkers and dog sitters, from her son.

In the Piping Circle
Springfield Games Report.  Summer Neck Chillers were a hit!  (from our Handmade Christmas Episode Dec 2011)
Product Notes
We discuss some of the glitches that happen now and then with iTunes.
Podcatcher apps
Podcaster (Brownyn uses) .99
Downcast is $1.99 Downcast has great features.  Easier to add podcasts to your subscribe list.
Instacast was recommended by Clumberknits/Ann Kingman on Books on the Nightstand.  It used to be a great app but has not worked well since they updated it.  I was happy with it until the upgrade and have now deleted it and switched to Downcast.
Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Removable Keyboard, Case and Stand for iPad 2 and New iPad (K39512US) $67.99 (was $59.99)  Case and keyboard combo.  Great value since cases alone run at least $40.
Bluetooth, Long battery life, Nice touch to the keys
Could have a better manual but we both highly recommend getting this for your iPad.
High Note/Low Note
Low Note: June Bugs
High Note: Frequent Flyer Miles
Low Note: Poor customer service.
High Note: Support of friends and family.

Haste ye back!


Lee Bernstein said...

Bronwyn's shawl is so beautiful, just like her.

I wish I could say I had the opportunity to knit on it, but I didn't know a thing about it.

How thoughtful this was!

Ana said...

Wow...wonderful post. Just listened because I'm behind! Funny you should have mentioned problems with ITunes. I stay on top of podcasts with Google Feedburner and it let me down. I didn't see a new show from you so I just knew "something was wrong". Pray for Paula, I would think, then I thought to check, and sure enough you had posted 2 new shows! My Feedburner seems to be broken......

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