Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, September 9, 2011

Episode 57 Twist, Steek, and Shout!

I apologize to those who have had trouble leaving comments on the blog.  I did some research and have changed the comment form which is supposed to help.  This is a glitch on Blogger and I have also reported it.

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From our friends at Green Mountain Spinnery:
Spinnery will be donating the profits from our shop and on-line retail sales made from September 3 to September 11, 2011. Proceeds will go the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund. Expenditures from the fund will be used 100% for the unmet long term needs of survivors from the Irene disaster.

If you do not need to add to your yarn and pattern collection at this time but still would like to help
Here are two places to donate:

American Red Cross – Vermont and New Hampshire Valley Chapter
To donate online visit

The Vermont Disaster Relief Fund to donate online, go to

It's all in The Blethering Room!

  Susan from Knitajourney Podcast visits me, along with my friend, Bronwyn. 
Paula, Susan, and Bronwyn

  • My Kollage Circular Needle broke at the cable join.  There is a one year warranty and I just bought it at Sock Summit.  I just wanted to let you know because I still do prefer Kollage double points over most other brands but I am now cautious about the circulars.  I am going to contact Kollage so stay tuned.  Also, there will be wooden needles reviewed soon.
Stitches Recap.  One of the highlights for me was spending time with Meghan of the Stitch It! Podcast.  I also had the pleasure of meeting a good number of Pipeliners. 

Wild Card Purchase.  Noro at $10/skein

Miss Babbs Yummy

Bronwyn reviews a knitting app JKnit Knitting Project Assistant  (same source as Knit Evenly App)  Bronwyn recommends.  There is also a JKnit Ravelry Group.

We discuss the question of when does a modified design become its own?  An example is the February Lady Sweater which was inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Sweater on Two Needles in Knitter's Almanac.  Feel free to leave your comments.

Twist, Steek, and Shout

Before steeking The Classic Lines Cardigan...It is a like a Straight Jacket.  Bronwyn does not look happy, does she?  (This was not staged.)

It worked!  Bronwyn is a Happy Steeker!  And the sweater fits!
(We had to reduce the file to upload to You Tube and it is not very good quality.)

Disclaimer:  We do not recommend twisting your sweater but if it happens and you are 9 inches into the sweater before figuring that out (Go, Bronwyn!) then know that IT CAN BE DONE!

Textural Healing Shawling being blocked.
I used A Verb for Keeping Warm/Annapurna.  The color is Filigree.  One skein.

Fall Shawl KAL

Shaelyn by Leila Raabe is the #1 pick for the KAL.  If you would rather do Simply Pretty, then go right ahead.  It is not that different.

Here are a few Shaelyns from Pipeliners.  Wow!  I think we could go crazy with this shawl.  It is going to be difficult to hold off until October 1!

Puffygriffinclaw has knitted 2 already but will join us for #3!  This is a DK weight.

Isn't it stunning in laceweight?  Knitted by generous-gardener on Ravelry.

Remember to leave a comment on the show blog to enter the drawing.  3 copies of Shaelyn will be given away, compliments of the designer, Leila Raabe!

Haste ye back!


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely shawl. I love your podcast.

knitterlydesigns on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

I really love that Textural Healing Shawling in the photo. And all of the Shaelyn shawls are lovely. I will have to add it to my queue.

I am having trouble posting this comment, so will do it as anon. even though I'm not.

Ashley said...

Go Bronwyn! So glad it worked out for you!

1to1 said...

Oh what a fun episode! Susan and Bronwyn were a great addition. Glad the steeking worked out.

I'm almost ready to cast on another shawl...the HRH Kate Shawl that I won is almost complete.

Thanks as always,
Carla aka 1to1

Ana said...

Stunning shawl...hope to win this!

Anonymous said...

Bronwyn, your sweater looks great! And we all learned something from you!

I haven't listened to the episode yet, just ready to download it, but had to comment on the sweater. And I'm looking forward to the shawl KAL.

Nancy--Aizome said...

I'm catching up on a few episodes~I always love the harp music in the background at the beginning. Yay for Bronwyn the brave!!! The sweater is beautiful! As for Noro, I'm the type of Noro knitter that just can't bear to cut out any colors--seems like a waste and I love the color surprises. Thanks for sharing with us, all three of you!

Tabby said...

That's a beautiful shawl! I think I've got some yarn that would look lovely in...

Juliaknit said...

The shawls are beautiful and I have it already favorited in Ravelry. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the pattern!

Affinity said...

I agree... Fun episode! Really looking forward to the shawl KAL, too. I've had Shaelyn in my queue, but haven't bought it yet.

Laura said...

That comment from "Affinity" is from me ... Laura, "affiknitty" on Ravelry. Darn you, autocorrect! :)

1PrairieGirl said...

I love each episode and anxiously await my Saturday knit-a-long with Knitting Pipelines. Your show notes are wonderful. Although I could listen through Itunes, I prefer to listen via computer and click on your show notes links as I listen. I enjoyed Soothing Susan and Brave Bronwyn. Thank you, Paula.

Lisaknits said...

Another enjoyable and informative podcast. What a treasure!

Pat said...

What a fun podcast! Loved hearing from all three of you! The shawl you chose for the KAL is absolutely gorgeous. I think I am going to be brave and do it in the lace weight. I have been looking for something special to make for the vet who saved my boy Albert's life back in June. This will be perfect!

Kendra from missknittas studio said...

I've finally caught up on your podcasts! Congratulations to Bronwyn, I'm so glad the sweater worked out! Thank you for the great tips for attending a fiber event (which I think were actually in the previous episode) -- I'm going to Vogue Knitting Live later this month, so that information was very timely.

Also, thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway -- the shawl is lovely!

Sabra said...

Great eposide. Glad everything worked out for Bronwyn. Your guest Susan always has such a soothing voice. Would love to win the pattern. keep up the good work

Wendy said...

Hi Paula
the shawls are just beautiful! I think a knit-a-long well be fun. Brownlyn's cardigan turned out great too.
Thanks for a wonderful podcast!!!


Choosejoy (aka Julia) said...

Another interesting podcast made even more so by your guests Bronwyn & Susan. I'm glad that Bronwyn's steeking experiment worked out & appreciate Bronwyn's review of JKnits. I downloaded Jknits this evening & am looking forward to trying it. More lovely shawls to add to the queue. I would love to participate in the KAL, but I'm so behind in my projects that I best not add anything else right now! I think one of those shawls will be a good candidate for CampKIP knitting!

Sarah said...

It was so fun to hear about Bronwyn's steeking--so happy it worked! I'm looking forward to anoter KAL with the pipeliners...I really enjoyed Estelle!
smurphy2 on rav

Pamela said...

I am a new listener to your podcast. You bring serenity to my day. I would love to participate in your Autumn KAL.

Betty said...

Bronwyn what a leap of faith - great sweater and video.

I wanted to let you know that the Shaelyn by Leila Raabe link actually goes to the JKnits app group in Ravelry.

I'd love the chance to win a copy of the Shaelyn pattern to knit along with Knitting Pipeline listeners.

TMYinHNL on Ravelry (Betty)

Peg5 on Ravelry said...

I loved this episode! It was fun to hear about the adventures with the twist and steek!

Dawna said...

Hi Paula,
I really enjoyed the podcast and found the Bronwyn experiment to be quite interesting. I like how she made her mini sweater to test how it would work out. Very clever!

One another note, I had the same experience with a Kollage circular needle. I bought one at Stitches West this year in a size 1 for sock knitting. In less than a week, my cable pulled out, also! I called Kollage and they immediately sent me a replacement. I really don't like the joins and find that the stitches get hung up on them and have to be forced over. I hope that they can improve the joins and better secure the cables, as I like the square needles. However, I won't be buying anymore until those improvements are made.

kmsears said...

I love the shawl. I am in!!! I would love to win the pattern.

MicheleStitches said...

Bronwyn's twisted sweater really made me smile! Thanks for being brave so that we can all benefit from this experience.

Jaxie985 said...

Oh I want to knit that shawl!!

Anonymous said...

Good job with the steek! I knew that twist would come out immediately. Great to see it done!

Camille (Wizzdumb on Ravelry)

mariaeb on Ravelry said...

Hi, Paula,
I'm new to blogging but not your podcast and website. Thanks for all the work you do with both it really shows and great to catch up! Would love to enter the Sept KAL and hope to have some luck in winning the pattern. Will you be at Stitches East? It will be my first Stitches and I am soooo looking forward to be surrounded by all the talent and meeting those I know by podcasting! Ps. Love the shoes! Maria

Mary said...

Another great podcast! Thank you, Paula.

Now to decide if I can squeeze in another shawl this fall...

Mary P, aka KnitAdmin

Jan Smiley said...

I'm trying to resist casting on another shawl right now, so if I win a pattern I'll take it as a sign that It's Meant To Be.

Thanks for another great podcast!

Emmy Lou said...

The Shaelyn shawl is lovely. Please add me to the list.

memphish said...

Amazing how different the Shaelyn looks in the examples. I'd love to knit one like Puffygriffinclaw's for my charity knitting group.

catspawlace said...

That's interesting about the Kollage needle breaking as I've had the same thing happen with all my KnitPicks wooden circs. It's a major nuisance and I obviously don't purchase them anymore. I wonder if it's all wooden circs that do this? I've never had any trouble with metal ones.

Heard bagpipe bands twice in 2 weekends here!

A Simple Quiet Wisdom said...

I think I'm going to use the Sojabama yarn I told you about on the piperliner group on ravelry to try this shawl. It might be a little above my talent level, but hey, I can try!

Julie said...

Great podcast! I'm looking forward to the shawl KAL. I should be using something from my stash, but I REALLY want to order some Quince and Company yarn since you speak so highly of it!

Anonymous said...

I would love to win the pattern. And if I do, then I should probably join the KAL.

aka libelinha on ravelry

Carol said...

Thank you for your wonderful podcasts! The content and the inspiration is wonderful. I look forward to the Shaelyn knit along. I am a relatively new listener and will post on itunes.

Thanks again!


Brenda said...

I love the podcast more and more each episode! I hope I'm not too late for the drawing!
(goodstuff on Rav)

Anonymous said...

Paula this will be my first KAL and since I just finished by Brandywine, I will be ready to go. So hoping I will win a copy of the pattern. In the meantime, I'll be listening to find out your yarn recommendations. Can't wait to start this project!


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