Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Episode 63 O' Hushed October

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Our Woods today

Nature Notes


By Robert Frost 1874–1963
O hushed October morning mild,
Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,
Should waste them all.
The crows above the forest call;
Tomorrow they may form and go.
O hushed October morning mild,
Begin the hours of this day slow.
Make the day seem to us less brief.
Hearts not averse to being beguiled,
Beguile us in the way you know.
Release one leaf at break of day;
At noon release another leaf;
One from our trees, one far away.
Retard the sun with gentle mist;
Enchant the land with amethyst.
Slow, slow!
For the grapes’ sake, if they were all,
Whose leaves already are burnt with frost,
Whose clustered fruit must else be lost—
For the grapes’ sake along the wall.

Tip from Pipeliner

Cat suggested using teflon tape for interchangeable needles that tend to come unscrewed.  Use a very small amount on the threaded part of the join.

Needle Notes
    Radiance Shawl by Helen Stewart  760 stitches with Picot Purgatory
    My project notes on Ravelry are here.
    Semi circular shawl in laceweight.
    Double in size with blocking.
    Easy knit with panels of stockinette, garter, mesh, and spiral lace.  Lace patterns very easy and increases are at the end/beginning of each section so within the section you don’t have to deal with increases.
    One of the best written patterns!  Includes a checklist.

    At First Sight by Laura Linneman
    My project notes are here.

    Laura has donated 3 copies of the pattern to Pipeliners! Leave a comment below to enter the drawing.  Please include contact address or Ravelry ID.  Thanks!

    Magrathea...I finally took better photos.  If it isn't wrapped properly I could trip on it!

     In The  Pipeline
    Shaelyn KAL (Knitalong) continues in The Pipeline.
    Piecework Magazine Sept/October 2011  Literary issue.  8 literary inspired projects. Knit Hans Brinker’s Mittens.  Rowan Pure Wool DK  adult medium.

    Did you knit an Estelle Cardigan?  We are making a photo collage! Email a photo of you in your Estelle to

    Rip Van Winkle Challenge  October 1 through November 30th

    Go through your Ravelry queue to find a project that has been asleep for a long time.  Or maybe you have been asleep while others have been knitting this project.  In your Ravelry queue you can see when you put projects in your queue. 
    Another mission for the overachievers out there:  go to your stash and try to find your oldest yarn and match it to an pattern in your queue. 
    KA Needle Promo from Pinkfeatherknitting!
    $4 off shipping for all orders.  Shipping is normally $4 for U.S./Canada and $9 International so that means Free for some of us and $5 for others.  The offer is through October 31, 2011.  Use the promo code piper at checkout.  All lower case.  
     Product Review
    Sock it To Me  available at Knit Picks


    Waiting by Benji Goodrich.  Track 2 Oceans Apart.

    Remember to leave contact information with your comment to enter the drawing!  The winners will be chosen when I do the podcast the last week of October,

    If you send me an email to sign up for my Longaberger customer e-list please include name, address, and phone for my records.  Thanks!  The system likes to have this information with your name.  Your information will not be shared.  Thanks.  Send request to Paulaef at aol dot com 

    Haste ye back!

    View from my window today.  October 20, 2011.


    Lisaknits said...

    I would love to win a copy of the pattern, although I know that being #1 on the list is not good!


    shanalines said...

    another enjoyable episode, and what a cute hat pattern!


    Georgiedean said...

    I hope I win a copy. :)

    Mary said...

    Another episode packed full of interesting projects! I love your Radiance Shawl!!

    Mary P, aka KnitAdmin

    knitterlydesigns said...

    What a lovely pattern!

    Knitterlydesigns on Ravelry

    MicheleinMaine said...

    Oh, a friend just had a baby and I need to make her a hat. This looks perfect!

    catspawlace said...

    What an adorable hat. And your shawls are lovely. That picot bind-off really added a nice finishing touch although I think I'd have been tempted to do a crocheted picot bind-off for the sake of speed. Good job!

    Pat said...

    Beautiful shawls! I do agree with Catspawlace re the crocheted picot. It's actually fun in crochet! Thanks for another super podcast.

    Patfrag - Rav

    Anonymous said...

    Cute baby hat and enjoyable episode, as always.

    pmack17 on rav

    JudyAnn said...

    Paula, you are such an inspiration for shawl knitting! I think one can't have too many!

    I'd love "At First Sight."

    Anonymous said...

    Your shawl came out so nice! I know the ruffles and picot edge took forever, but I think it was so worth it.

    I've really been on a shawl kick lately, mostly small ones, but I think I need a larger one for the winter.

    Kathy aka woolyeyes on Ravelry

    Anonymous said...

    The "At First Sight" camp is really cute. Would love to have a copy of the pattern.

    aka Wizzdumb

    Pamela said...

    Thank you for the chance to win the pattern!
    Aka Pamaloo on Ravelry

    Anonymous said...

    I hope you wore the Radiance to the wedding!

    I would love to win that baby hat pattern! It is darling!! I am always looking for a good "go to" pattern. I think you are right that there will be more projects on Ravelry!
    From another Paula (principalpp on ravelry, also knitting mama!)

    Jennifer said...

    Love this pattern!! I was wanting to make a few for my daughter since her head is so small and I can't find a hat that fits her. My rav ID is jenjen980 and email is

    messine said...

    Your Radiance shawl is so gorgeous, it makes me almost want to make one. But the thought of all those ruffle stitches.....shudder, shudder. Thanks as always for a great podcast. It makes my day when I see your show come up on my iTunes!

    Anonymous said...

    Cute hat...I would like to freeze
    this Fall weather and colors as well.

    Pamela said...

    Another wonderful podcast with loads of information.
    Love the red shawl. What an ambitious project. The view from your window is breathtaking. I have been wanting to try a pair of afterthought heel socks so thanks for the link.
    I can always use a baby hat pattern.
    Fall is my favorite time of year. However, it also
    seems like a sad time because of the shortened daylight. The year is flying by.

    stephigordon said...

    What a lovely pattern! I enjoy Laura's videocast ea week & your podcast as well! Thanks for the chance to win! Stephanie (indigodogmt on Ravelry)

    JackieLemon said...

    I loved your Radiance shawl.. Might have to make one myself. Great podcast as usual and a really cute baby hat pattern.

    Judy said...

    Love the hat and would love to win the pattern jasalmans on rav

    Karen said...

    Great episode (as usual!). Can you see the star reviews that international listeners leave you? I have left you a 5-stars in the danish itunes store :)
    I absolutely adore your Magrathea shawl, I have got to make that soon!
    Karen (lindse at ravelry)

    C. said...

    Great episode, as usual!
    In Indiana, we still have hummingbirds (at least 2 males in my yard), and I have to admit that I'm a bit worried for them: we already had a couple of nights with freezing temperatures...
    Your radiance shawl is stunning. It was definitively worth the effort and the picot edge torture ;)

    Anonymous said...

    "At First Sight" is yet ANOTHER adorable and tasteful pattern you have chosen, Paula! My list of projects grows longer each time I listen to your pod cast. I would love this pattern and if I do not win it, I will buy it. Many thanks!
    Christine (a.k.a. Fluffygirl)

    Anonymous said...

    What a great episode! I do have to say that it is always fun to hear my name mentioned (even if it is my Ravelry name).
    That is very nice of LaLa to donate the hat pattern. That hat is adorable and I would love to win a copy.


    craftyneedles said...

    I made a Radiance shawl this summer out of Spirit Trail Fiberworks lace. It is beautiful but the picot edging was tedious! I might have to make the baby hat. My niece is expecting and I am waiting to find out if it is a boy or girl before I start knitting.

    Stitchermom on Ravelry

    Susanna/Funky said...

    I love watching the brown creepers go up the tree trunks, also!!! Your radiance shawl is beautiful!!!

    twinsetjan said...

    Adorable little hat...and I'm hoping for grandbabies in the next few years.

    Caitlin said...

    The shawl is beautiful, Paula. I would like to make it, despite the picot purgatory. I'm mckinnell on ravelry.

    Janice O. said...

    I am new to podcasts and luckily found yours. LOVE IT! I've just downloaded old podcasts to catch up. Thanks so much.

    Nancy/Aizome said...

    I love your radiance shawl!!! And Nellie is an adorable sweater. I hope the weather was great for the wedding. It was a pretty nice, warmer weekend in Minnesota.

    Lacey said...

    I love that little pattern. Luckily for me, there are a number of tiny people showing up soon in my life through friends. :D

    rusticknitter said...

    Thank you for the pics of Magrathea. It is lovely. I am making Lintilla, another asymmetric shawl/scarf by M. Behm. Your podcast about Kate's ruffled shawl was the inspiration. The asymmetry, very long and thin shape and different-appearing edging are stressful. I look forward to finishing, blocking and wearing. Your's really looks nice on.

    FYI: I just flew home to Colorado from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and was required to check my knitting needles or give them up. NOT allowed in the cabin of the airplane per Mexico screeners.

    aliasrlene said...

    Another great pattern from LaLa. The baby hat is adorable. I'd love to win this pattern for my collection.

    I am rlene on Ravelry

    Robin V said...

    That hat really is adorable. (The model babies on Ravelry are pretty adorable, too!)

    Your radiance shawl is lovely. The bind off sounds a bit challenging - but on Ravelry, the first project I looked at had used an alternative (simpler!) bind off. Hmmmm.

    Thanks for another great podcast!

    RobinV (Ravelry)

    Anonymous said...

    Great episode. Love the Radiance Shawl and love the baby hat. Hope I win a copy but it is definitely in my "to buy" basket.

    cjbyrne at telusplanet dot net

    Anonymous said...

    Paula, another good episode! I love when I have a new episode for my work commute. Thank you so much for these podcasts and for being so faithful in your recordings. The Nellie cardi is new to me and just the thing for the baby girl that my godson is expecting (actually his wife!).
    Kathy (kathyknits on Ravelry)

    Isabel said...

    I love the photos of your woods: I'm a little jealous... I too find that time goes by too fast - not just the seasons, but also the years.

    DBitty said...

    I have alot of babies to knit for- Would love to win the pattern.

    Needledee on Ravelry

    Michelle said...

    Another great podcast Paula! I think your Radiance Shawl is beautiful. I can see you wearing it with black. Love Laura's baby hat also. Can I mention that I do go to sleep with you in my ear? I love voices & yours is so soothing to me when I am having trouble sleeping. Take good care,
    Michelle (strandedpurls on Rav)

    Anonymous said...

    Adorable baby hat! Stunning shawl Paula and thank you for the lovely poem!
    knitoncloudstreet on ravely

    Anonymous said...

    I would love this pattern!! Hope I squeaked into the drawing!
    Jpeled on ravelry

    Carla said...

    I would love to win a copy of the hat pattern- if not I will just get it soo cute!

    evel dread said...

    About to settle and listen! The pattern is perfect for my friend's new boy/girl twins!

    jamie aka Jamielynk on Rav :)

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