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Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Shawl is Meant to Be Worn

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Pipeliner Notes

 Note from Knitting Mama about the friendly atmosphere of Oregon.

Welcome new Pipeliners who have sent me personal message in the past two weeks : Ivolk, Charlie, Traci, Carin, Lisa,  Linda, Guru Nam, Amy, Robin, Jan, Liz, Sherral, Diane, Kathy, Deb, Cindy, Ruth, Laura, Wendy, Elsbeth, and frogcreekwoods. Hi to Candy and Ron who listen to the show together.

New iTunes reviews:  Thank you!

Javajennie, EG_Mom of 3, Katespins

New Mexico Trip
 Peter, Mom, Paula, Bob
 Pipeliner Meet and Greet on Friday at Stitches Midwest

Megan from Stitch It! Podcast and Lee Bernstein
Nature Notes with Bob

Botany for Birdwatches by Kevin Cook. Floss Matters

There is a difference between silk, hair, down, cotton, and floss. The “down” of thistle is actually floss.
Floss is plant material specialized for anemochory.
Anemochory is fruit and seed dispersal by wind.

This was one of those perfect New England days in late summer where the spirit of autumn takes a first stealing flight, like a spy, through the ripening country-side, and, with feigned sympathy for those who droop with August heat, puts her cool cloak of bracing air about leaf and flower and human shoulders. ~Sarah Orne Jewett

Needle Notes

I read a note from Pipeliner Jan about making mistakes in lace knitting.   
If you are knitting lace and you find you are a stitch short chances are you have left out a YO.  If you can identify where this happened then quite often you can fix it without tinking or frogging. 
  • Mark where you are missing the YO. 
  • When you come to that place on the next row (this applies to knitting in the round or flat) pick up the running thread between the two stitches and place it on the left needle so the right leg of the stitch is over the front of the needle. 
  • There you have your YO and you can knit it.
  • Once you have done this successfully you can learn how to pick up YO’s that are further down.

Tip for frogging with a slippery yarn when you do not have a lifeline as happened with me in the Leafprints Shawlette.   It seems the weight of the yarn will make stitches drop down when you remove the needles.  Lay on table and gently pull out the needles.  This seems to help.

Westknits Mystery KAL Earth and Sky Shawl
Quince & Co Tern in Barnacle, Driftwood, and Seagrass

Laid out flat for blocking.  Not as impressive.

Hanging on a knob...getting better.

As might be worn with a jacket or sweater...even better!  I think I'm starting to like this!

 When i heard that it was intarsia I might have chuckled to myself at all those knitters being helplessly led down a path of doom! Seriously though, your shawl makes me want to follow everyone down that path!  ~Jessica

Such an amusing picture she paints…and how true!
I fixed a mistake on my Earth and Sky Shawl with duplicate stitch. 

Remember that a shawl looks better ON a person.    

I met someone at Stitches Midwest who was wearing Magrathea by Martine Behm.  She had knit it in Noro.  I wish I had taken a photo!  Believe me when I say it looked fantastic on her but not as fantastic when she took it off.

Pogona was this way also…

Product Review 

I caved in and bought 3 circulars in 32” length with stiletto tip. 


Cable might be too flexible.
Price:  $40 for a circular needle.  (I have not tried the DPN’s.) 

I am a bit more reserved about these needles than many who have reviewed them.  I do like that they are Made in the U.S.A. and I like to support that; however, there are many good needles out there such as Knit Picks, Hiya Hiya, Addi and Kollage.  At this time I prefer Kollage because they do seem to reduce hand strain.  I really like Kollage DPN’s.  I am just now trying the circulars which have a bit of a prominent join.

The Blethering Room

Elizabeth Doherty Litchfield (Hat and Mitten Set)  Twist Collective or here.

Elizabeth is zilaheteb on Ravelry

Anemochory by Hunter Hammersen.  Imagine my surprise when I searched for information on anemochory and a knitting pattern came up.  Socks.

Fall Shawl KAL

Possible Shawl KAL for fall?  I am thinking of Simply Pretty by Rose Beck of RosyPosy Designs and/or Shaelyn by Leila Raabe.  Let me know what you think, either here or on the board.


Leave a comment here if you want to be entered into a drawing for Shaelyn by Leila Raabe.  We will have 3 lucky winners!  Thank you, Leila!

River of Life from The Beauty of the Earth by Lydia McCauley

Haste ye back!


Martha said...

A new episode! Great. I will enjoy listening (while knitting) this weekend. Lots of interesting topics especially needles and Stitches Midwest. Lovely picture of your family.

Teal said...

Looking forward to listening to the episode while I continue to knit on my Stephen West Mystery KAL shawl. Yours looks great and I agree that it looks better on rather than flat. Both shawls are pretty but Shaelyn has been in my queue for a long time so it would be my choice. I would love to KAL with the group.
Teal (Ravelry)

Nancy said...

I've been very hesitant to begin a shawl, but the Shaelyn is lovely and looks do-able. And a KAL might be the motivation I need to get going. I so much look forward to each episode of your podcast and have been inspired to knit more (but hopefully not quilt less)!

NancyN said...

Those shawls both look very pretty. I just finished the Stephen West Mystery KAL and thought it was a lot of fun. I imagine I'll be tempted by this one too.

lorraine said...

your westknits mystery kal shawl looks amazing..i wish i participated!

Britni :) said...

Great podcast! I kept me moving on my walk on this hot day!

Thank you for your honest opinion on the signature needles. I have never been able to knit with a pair of the circular. My friend has the dpns and I did not like them. I love my addis and I think I will stick with those.

I would love to win a copy of that beautiful pattern. That is also my vote for the KAL.

Ravelry: Beewing

KnitnFool said...

Looking forward to listening to this podcast on my way home from work today. Having just finished the WestKnits Mystery KAL, I would love to join in the Fall Shawl KAL. It's so much fun knitting the same pattern with a group and watching all the different projects come together. Both of your choices are beautiful, so either one is fine by me!

Ravelry: kathyknits

Anonymous said...

Ooooo - the shawl has been in my favorites for a while! Love it. Thanks for the giveaway, and for a great podcast.

Anser said...

Thanks again for those wonderful minutes you and Bob spent with us! I am still not sure if I will finish my Stephen West KAL shawl, but after listening your personal journey with that project I might take up the needles again.
Greetings! Sabine from Germany
PS: I just returned from Scotland. The heather is in full bloom and it turned the landscape in all shades of purple - magic, as the Scots say!

thewalshfam said...

Thanks for another great episode, Paula! I'd love to be entered to win this beautiful pattern. I'm not a huge lace or shawl knitter, but I think it would be fun to do as a knit a long. And, it would make a great holiday gift! Thanks!
Rnmama on ravelry

Bronwyn said...

Since I flaked on even starting the WestKnits KAL, I think I will be ready for a shawl after I finish the now infamous Twisted Cardigan. I have had both Simply Pretty and Shaelyn in my queue for some time. I may be leaning a bit toward Shaelyn, but I would be happy with either one. They are actually quite similar if you look at the stitch pattern.

Thanks for the heads-up on the Litchfield hat and mittens pattern. That went straight into my queue. I'll have to be on the look-out for some yarn to coordinate with the winter coat I bought last year on clearance.

And I love the new vocab word. The discussion on floss/down/silk/hair was interesting.


joyceetta said...

They are both lovely shawls but I think my vote for a KAL might be for the Shaelyn


knitterknurse said...

Thank you for pointing out that a shawl can look better on a person than laid out flat. I suppose it is obvious to some, but it had not occurred to me nor have I heard or read that before. I think this will save me a lot of time, energy and frustration in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another great podcast. I do enjoy my Signature circular needles. The song is beautiful


Stitchmistress said...

I have Shaelyn in my queue so I would love to win the pattern! I chuckled to myself when I heard your review of the signature needles. I just knew what you were going to say before you said it, and I was right. I knit a shawl on size 4 circs, and the overly flexible cable drove me nuts! It wasn't slippery enough either. The joins on my 4s weren't to my liking as well. They have nice points, and I like the colors, but I don't think I'll be spending that money on more sets.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula. Thanks for another great podcast. I love the musical selection at the end. Listened to it while walking the dogs on a cool breezy morning and it put me in a peaceful place. Both shawls are really pretty but I think my vote for a possible KAL goes to the Shaelyn. By the way, I'm having problems trying to post this comment through my Gmail so am trying it as Anonymous, but maybe you could give us some tips in one of the podcasts about how to do this. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. Thanks!


L. P. said...

I like the simply pretty shawl a little better, although both are lovely. I was glad you had mentioned how to pick up that missed yarn over. You had been talking all around it, and I wasn't sure that the way I figured out was correct. It was, and now my mind is at rest. Someday, I am going to tackle the swallowtail again.

memphish said...

Great podcast as usual. I'd love to hear more about Stitches. It is one of my 2012 resolutions to attend a knitting event. Shaelyn is beautiful. The winners will be lucky indeed.

pmack17 said...

Thanks for another interesting episode. A fall shawl-along would be fun!

pmack17 on rav

JackieLemon said...

You are so right about this shawl looking better on! I could not get a picture that I liked with it laying flat. If I had seen a picture of it, I probably wouldn't have made it. I'd love to do the Shaelyn as a fall KAL. Great hearing Bob on Nature notes.

Anonymous said...

After listening, I went to Ravelry and there was the Shaelyn shawl in my favorites. Thank you for pointing out the loveliness of that shawl. Oh, how I would love to win the pattern!

Olga said...

As always, I enjoyed listening to your podcast Paula.

I don't usually participate in many KAL's but I like both shawls you are considering and they have both been in my que for a while so I am thinking this would be a great one to join. Also, I have been working on a large blanket for my daughter with a goal of having it done by Oct. 1. So a smaller shawl would be a nice next project.

Robin V said...

I enjoyed your podcast - the discussion of 'floss' and 'down' was most interesting! I took a look at both the shawls you mentioned - it turns out they are both in my favorites list already. I think I like the "simply pretty" a bit more, but really, both are lovely.

BTW, here in SW Michigan it is 59 degrees, and almost 1 pm. I am in heaven!

ShirleeClaire said...

I would knit either shawl in a KAL, but I like the Rose Beck shawl just a bit more than the Leila Raabe design. Going now to download the newest episode, and listen while knitting another dish/wash cloth.

ExecutiveKnitter said...

I loved your review of Signature needles. I too think they are lovely but think the cable could be better. Nice to hear a dissenting opinion!

I agree with you on the WestKnit KAL - the shawl looks better on and will be very "in" this season (colorblocking)

I would love to recommend a great shawl pattern I just completed for the KAL. Fun fast (I did the chart in a day and a half) - comes in three sizes - two yarn weights, total of 6 stitches (including knit) - purl resting row. Super easy (great for beginners or easy lace project-mindful but not complex) and was recently featured in Chickadee. comes in chart and written and very well written pattern. The results are STUNNING. And different!

Kouyou by Anglea Tong - She writes: "Fall Foliage is called “kouyou” in Japanese and the kanji (Chinese characters) means red leaves. Kouyou is inspired by my favorite season, Fall. The leaves turn brilliant shades of reds, oranges and yellows and the brisk air makes it perfect weather for a cozy shawl. Knit from the center back to the bottom edge, Kouyou can be quickly knit up in either worsted or sport weight yarn to ward off the impending chilly weather."

Hannah Rachootin said...

Hi Paula, I must admit that I haven't listened to the episode yet because I am trying to be nice and wait for AJ to be home from work before listening. However, when I saw Shaelyn, I had to enter the contest right away! So beautiful!
We have been very busy over here because of the impending move. We start driving towards IL on Wednesday morning!

A Life of Knitting said...

I always learn something new from your nature notes and love hearing you and Bob talk. It's just the sweetest thing. He really seems like a charming man. Maybe I'll be lucky one day and meet the both of you somewhere. I love your Westknits. I think it is just beautiful.

I am a new lace knitter and just finished the Summer Flies shawl for a dear neighbor who was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. It was a lovely pattern for me to learn on. While listening to your episode about yarn overs and lace knitting I was agreeing with you all the way. While knitting on this I did in fact leave out a yarn over and my count was off. After knitting on it I rechecked my rows before continuing on. Thanks again for all your lovely tips and tricks. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,
Loved the podcast as usual. In fact I've listened twice. It's always a pleasure to hear from Bob "Midwest". I think you two have a good little schtick going and I'm always smiling when you guys *discuss* (air quotes).
As you know I'm a newer knitter. Since I don't have a yarn stash to speak of and I only buy the needles for each pattern as I need them. I've gone ahead and purchased Signature Needles. I have had the problem you described about the cord magic looping even when you're not, I've gotten used to that so it doesn't seem to be happening any more. I really like the stiletto tips, but I don't have much to compare them to. So that said. I have a nice little stash of needles but I'll probably fill in with Knit picks as needed.
I like the shawl patterns you've picked out and I've been thinking of knitting a shawl in a heavier yarn for over the winter coat. Toss my name in the hat please, it would be lovely to win.
Happy knitting,

Sally said...

Your westknits mystery shawl turned out so beautiful - I enjoy Stephen West's modern designs. Shaelyn is gorgeous too, lacy but not too frilly.

Bird Songs in Literature - Bird Songs & the Poems They Have Inspired is a very nice audio book by Blackstone Audio, my local library has a downloadable copy. Poetry and bird songs - a treat together.


Emmy Lou said...

I agree with you on the fact that shawls look better worn than flat. My Westknits KAL shawl pleased me much more when worn.

The Shaelyn shawl looks like one that I would enjoy knitting. I hope to be chosen for one of the patterns. Thank you for the opportunity.

Lee Bernstein said...

Great podcast.

I am enjoying your updates about your Westknits mystery shawl -- beautiful.

I also have a deep respect for your review of Signatures needles. I love Signatures (I only have one pair and I adore them), but there are other options, too -- Hiya-Hyia being a definite contender, as well as the new Clover interchangeables.

The point you made about if the needles improved your knitting is a very important one. There are many needles out there, and the most expensive option may not always be the best option, especially if it does not improve one's knitting.

Your podcasts just keep getting better and better.

Anonymous said...

Another very enjoyable and informative podcast. Thanks!

I might be up for a KAL in the fall. I am just finishing up my final project for Camp Loopy, so that will be out of the way. I really like the Shaelyn shawl, so will cast my vote for that one.

We've had a wonderfully cool day in Northern Illinois, with high only in the 60's. Glorious!

knittynurse said...

My vote would be for the Shaelyn. Is it okay to vote for a new KAL when I am not finished the last one? My Estelle is past the waist shaping and heading toward the F&F border at the bottom. I need more hours in a day to finish it before the weather turns cold.

Lisaknits said...

I think the Shaelyn is lovely.
I have enjoyed the Signature needles and have managed the flexible cable. I have never tried an interchangeable
needle. I am so unsure of what to buy???
lasknit2 on Rav

Anonymous said...

Love the podcast, thank you for the signature needle review. Now I don't feel so bad that I love Chiaogoo needles so much. I too believe a shawl is meant to be worn and therefore looks better on a person.

MachelleH said...

Paula, as always, I loved the podcast. I get so excited when I see that you have posted a new one, and so sad when it is over!
Between the two shawls I would vote for the Shaelyn. It is beautiful.
Thank you for the podcast and the give-away!

Jessica Peled said...

Paula, as always I adore your podcast. What a delight to hear you mention my message to you! I always feel like a celebrity when you do that! I would love to join in on a shawl KAL- although both chioces are beautiful, I think I would choose Shaelyn for the KAL. I'm just finishing up Daybreak, which was a pattern I won from you- so I'm ready to win a copy of Shaelyn! :0)
I also love your title for this podcast- how true! I think knitters may sometimes forget this aspect of knitting- it's meant to used, worn, and loved!!
jpeled on ravelry

Diane Peach said...

I enjoyed the podcast, Paula. After hearing you talk about the finches and thistles in your podcasts I am going to be more tolerant of our thistles, since they are probably the reason I get to see so many finches! I'd vote for the Shaelyn - it's been in my favorites for a while. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Great podcasts, Paula. I look forward to each and every episode.
I would love to win the "Shaelyn" - it looks beautiful. Thanks for
the wonderful podcasts and for the contest also! Louise

Robin said...

Another interesting episode! I especially appreciated your balanced viewpoint on the Signature needles, thank you.

KC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KC said...

Thanks for another informative and entertaining show. I was delighted to learn about the "Shaelyn" shawl and your give-away. Even if I don't win I will list it in my ravelry queue. I like the fact that it is knit with sport weight yarn and uses a #8 needle. It looks beautiful and should knit up quickly!

Lacey said...

Love the knowledge that spiders can't grow hair. Funnily enough, I hate and fear spiders. :D

Another great podcast full of interesting info. and a great giveaway. I have that shawl pattern in my faves for a someday knit.

knitter246 said...

My choice for a KAL would be the Shaelyn shawl. That is a lovely design. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern.

Moknita said...

Great podcast as usual. Would love to win the Shaelyn shawl pattern- it is beautiful

Pat said...

Another wonderful episode! Paula, your family looks great and the New Mexico background is awe-inspiring! So glad to see that your Mother is looking so well and travelling, too!

Love both of these shawls! I'm guessing that whichever one we make for the KAL (and YAY for the KAL!), most if not all of us will also make the other one next!

Golden Leica said...

Regarding your iPad, I highly recommend Apple's wireless keyboard -- the one without the numeric keypad -- and the rechargeable battery kit that goes with it. I can really get up speed with that keyboard. Both the iPad and the keyboard fit into cases designed for 12" notebook computers -- and mine fits into my large knitting tote.

tashbalaz said...

I would love to win Shaelyn, but even if i don't i want to KAL with you on this. I have the yarn picked out and i think it is a beautiful shawl.

Also, I absolutely agree on the Westknits shawl when it is modeled - that is a different shawl altogether and it looks fabulous. I bought the pattern and watched the thread as the clue came out and decided i would pass for now. I might push it higher up in the queue now after seeing it 'on'.

I also tried out Signatures and while i found them nice, not anything special and for me, not worth the extra money. I actually prefer the Chaigoo Needles. They are a quarter of the price and suit me much better. Needles are so personal so i would not poopoo someone who loved them. I am just glad that my knitting style suits the cheaper ones.

Thanks again as always for a wonderful podcast.

Debbie said...

Thanks for the nice giveaway! Your new shawl is gorgeous!!

Sherral said...

Loved this episode! You've *almost* convinced me to give shawl knitting a try... if I were to win this giveaway it might be the tipping point that gets me started. What a lovely pattern!

Ashley Bettes said...

I love the way you ended the Westknits Mystery KAL. Since you said that Steven West left it up to the knitters to end it, I'm kinda curious what others did. *off to Ravelry* Have a great day!

Ashley Bettes said...

And of course, when I look it up. I notice that he's Jared Flood, not Steven West. :)

JaneSezKnit said...

A shawl KAL sounds vote is for Shaelyn. Your Stephen West shawl came out lovely and I agree that it looks much better on. Thanks again for the wonderful podcasts.

julie (ewesmama) said...

love your show and hearing from Bob as well I am thankful for the signature needle review as I would have to really budget for them, will wait awhile, please enter me in the shawl pattern giveaway, thanks~~~

carolyn said...

Hi Paula,
Again your podcast brightened my commute on the way to work this morning, thank you! I must credit you with my desire to knit and actual casting on of my first shawl in the last week, it is hard not to feel your enthusiasm. As an aside, I loved hearing your comments on Sock Summit vs. Stitches. Wow, so many shawls to knit.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honest review of signature needles. BTW, I think this is the first time I've posted here. I'm also a member of the Ravelry group. I'm Wizzdumb on Ravelry.


Unknown said...

Hi Paula, I love your Westknits shawl! My daughter and I are still knitting on ours but I am enjoying it as a mommy/daughter activity. Thanks for saying more about the Signature Needles too. I've considered them but just can't justify the cost at this point.

Anonymous said...

I listened to your podcast for the first time today. Meghan from Stitch It mentioned it, and I really like her podcast, so I thought I'd better check yours out. I enjoyed the show quite a lot, especially your comment about teasel. I wish more people knew what a horrible plant it is. I volunteer with my local conservation district and we see the destruction that alien species cause in all our native habitats. I could go on forever on the subject, so I'll just close by saying thanks for a very nice show, and the opportunity to win the pattern. From another Illinoisan, Savannagal on Ravelry.

cmflame said...

Your WestKnits shawl turned out beautifully, Paula. Almost makes me want to knit one ;) A shawl KAL would be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

I do like that Shaelyn shawl. It's lovely.
Julie B (annejeneer on Ravelry)

Cynthia said...

Hi Paula. I know what you mean about typing on your iPad. On the iPhone. It can be hilarious if I dont take time to proofread it
I haven't done a KAl yet. Not ready for that. Someday. Ej
Enjoyed your podcast as always. Also very mich liked the music selection.

Katzdaisy said...

I enjoy listening to you each week!

Peg5 on Ravelry said...

I agree with your thinking about some garments looking better on! Sometimes, it's good to persevere with our knitting for a surprisingly positive end result!

Charlene said...

Shaelyn has my vote. Maybe I can sneak a small shawl into my schedule. I have to do a baby afghan for my youngest grandson's Nov birthday. I have a question regarding finish on Kollage needles. Somebody told me that it wears off. Have you had a problem?

MicheleStitches said...

I'm a little behind in my podcast listening, but wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Thanks for telling me my knitting life will not be incomplete even if I never own some Signature needles. I have really wanted to try them, but they simply do not fit my budget. Perhaps some day.

As for the shawl pattern's lovely!

sumik said...

I'm quite a bit behind in my podcast listening but I have to say - how lovely that the designer of Litchfield is a listener. I had already purchased the pattern and it makes me even more excited to cast on for the hat and mittens.

On a different topic - have you tried the dyakcraft needles? I've been curious about their interchangeables.

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