Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by my Longaberger home businessn and Quince & Co.

Knitting Pipeline is sponsored by Quince & Co. and Knitcircus Yarns

Friday, May 11, 2012

Episode 89 The Russian Join

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This show by sponsored by my Longaberger Home Business and Quince & Co.
Giveaway compliments of Hannah Fettig and Quince and Co! 
KnitBot Essentials by Hannah Fettig  We are giving away a copy of the book signed by Hannah Fettig and Pam Allen! 



To enter the giveaway leave a comment below. I would love to hear if you have knitted with Quince, plan to knit with Quince, or have knitted any of Hannah Fettig's designs.  Please be sure to leave a way to contact you in case you do not hear your name on the air.  If you have problems leaving a comment then send me an email and I will include your name but please try the blog first.   I forgot to announce an ending date. Please leave a comment by May 23, 2012.

The folks at Quince &  Co have created a line of thoughtfully conceived yarns spun from American wool or sourced from earth friendly overseas suppliers.  Their newest addition are colors in Sparrow, 100% organic linen, grown in Belgium.   Still the same lovely hand and drape.  Perfect in all Sparrow patterns.  See Sparrow and all the beautiful Quince yarns at
I enjoy your feedback, comments on the blog, and questions.  Feel free to write to me at or on Ravelry as PrairiePiper.  My business site is
Nature Notes
Last week I mentioned that the Rose breasted Grosbeaks are back and also the White Throated Sparrow!  The song of the White Throated Sparrow is so fleeting.  These must migrate through here all at the same time.  The Grosbeaks are still here but less frequent at the feeder.  The males are so striking and then there are the subtle…I won’t say homely, females who look like sparrows on steroids.  
Franklin the Wild Turkey update:  We have erected a barricade ala Les Mis Act II that keeps his pecking down to a tolerable level.  One of the female turkeys had an encounter with a fox this week.  She was rattled but fine.
Franklin, in all his glory, pecking at the window.

Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one mother the wide world over.
~George Cooper

Needle Notes
Finished: Breezy by Hannah Fettig Quince & Co Tern Boothbay Blue. The key to sweaters for me is to use a lighter weight yarn.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweater! April 15th finished May 8 from start to finish.
Breezy by Hannah Fettig.  A GREAT Sweater!

Ribbing Detail.  My only modification

What I learned on Breezy:
1) Corraling sweater while knitting sleeve…used project bag.  “Thank you, Thing.”  The Addams Family.  Only 2 seasons!  64 episodes. 1964-1966  Now I know there is a movie version also.
"Thank you, Thing."

2) Top down sweater often have holes where the sleeves join the body. Used Charlene Schurch’s sock gusset trick, one of the most useful tips ever and quite possibly the reason I now enjoy knitting socks.  Who would think you could use this on a sweater?  Little Box of Socks by Charlene Schurch. Now in e-book format!

3) The Russian Join is a way of joining two skeins of yarn so that you don’t have to weave in the ends later.  Thank you, Jessica, of Knitting Brooklyn Podcast, for piquing my interest in this technique.

  • Most of your ends are dealt with as you knit rather than as part of the finishing.
  • Can use with unfeltable fibers, including superwash.
  • Finished product looks very tidy.
  • Do it anytime you foresee a new skein coming up.
  • Slight thickening where you overlap strands
  • Need a sewing needle to do it
  • Takes a little time and you might not want to stop knitting.

Skyp Ribbed Socks by Adrienne Ku 
I used the heel slip stitch pattern on the bottom of the foot for reinforcement.


The Blethering Room

Baby Shower:  Knock it out of the ballpark with McHenry Puppy and McHenry Hat by Susan B Anderson Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2011 and $5.50 individual pattern.  e-mag is $7.49 from Interweave.

Black Squirrels!  More on this next week. Olney IL is the Home of the White Squirrel
Black Squirrel!

Cute baby!  Love those arms and cheeks!  And how about that hair!

Falling back in Love with Whisper: My Whisper
Summer 2009

I am thinking of doing Featherweight by Hannah Fettig in Quince & Co Sparrow  100% Organic Linen/168 yds [155m] / 50g/ 6 sts /inch on size US 3 needles
Sparrow is a plain little yarn, beautiful in its simplicity. Its clean, smooth hand is crisp as you knit it. But after washing and wearing it becomes handkerchief soft.
Spun from organic linen grown in Belgium.   $8.90 / skein
 In the Piping Circle
Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums
Competition Season starts May 19 at the St.  Andrew’s Highland Games in Springfield/Chatham IL
We have new bag covers and cords for our pipes. 
Romanesca  Cheryl Ann Fulton  The Once and Future Harp

Please remember to leave your contact information such as email, Ravelry name when you leave a comment for the drawing for Knitbot Essentials. If you have trouble leaving a comment with an identity, try being "anonymous".

 Thanks for listening!  Haste ye back.



knitterlydesigns said...

Love Hannah's designs, and I have made many of them. I also love Quince & Co. Not just their yarn, but their company philosophy as well.

knitterlydesigns on Ravelry

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

I have knitted with Quince & plan to use it again - I'm an avid "shop local / American" person. I have not yet used any of Hannah's patterns, but I have a copy of Coastal Knits and plan to do many of those patterns (both ladies designs).

Dr. Molly Welsh (

Erica said...

I would love to knit several of the sweaters in the Knitbot Essentials book. Would be great to win! Thanks for the giveaway.

Plus waiting to find just the "right" sweater to finally use Q&Co yarn. :-)

nittykat on ravelry

Sarah said...

Loved listening to the show again this week, thanks Paula! I just love the Quince and Co yarns, I think Chickadee is my favourite so far though I have a sweater-quantity of Sparrow that I can't wait to get on my needles :) I've been a little out of a sweater-knitting habit recently but I need to get going again and Hannah Fettig's designs are beautiful.

Sarah (Saz on Ravelry)

Heather said...

My daughter has fallen in love with the Breezy cardigan so I plan to start that soon. I have not knitted with quince and Co. but like the color of your sweater so I think that we will try that.
Knitinmom25 (Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

I have the coastal knits book, but haven't started on any of the patterns yet.

I am just beginning my transition from big box store yarns to some finer fibers. Quince and Co is definitely on the list of new yarns to try.

DCAlaneKnits on Ravelry

Megan said...

I would love to knit anything out of this book! I have knit and loved the Rocky Coast Cardigan and Wispi Cardi! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

shanalines said...

ooh i love all of these patterns! i've had wispy in my queue for a while, and would love to knit many of these comfy looks. i've also been wanting to try quince and co. yarn-- i ordered the color sample card and i just can't decide which color i like best!

(shanalines on ravelry)

Irocknits! said...

Havent ever tried the quince or Hannah's patterns but can't wait too do so

lakchi said...

Hi Paula. Just love your podcasts. I used Quince on the pipers journey and loved it , used chickadee and tern on the other one. I'm hooked! I've also made the easy cardigan from Hannah .

Valerie said...

Good evening Paula, I plan on knitting matching Gnarled Oak Cardigans for two granddaughters for the fall season. I have not used Quince yarn yet, but hope to do so soon.
(valsue on Ravelry)

Hind DP said...

I am currently making the Rocky Coast Cardigan, and am really loving it. I am contemplating making the kids version for each of my daughters, but it's done with fingering weight, so we will see. I haven't tried Quince & Co yarn yet, but am planning to for either the Featherweight or the Whisper cardigan. Love your podcast, thank you for the giveaway.

Rav id: mamamustknit

Sherral said...

I just finished my first sweater made from Quince's Lark - loved that yarn! I'm already planning other projects to use their yarns in!
And yes, love Hannah Fettig! Her designs are right up my alley. Would love this book to pieces if I won!

Snickerdoodle5 on Ravelry

dhays said...

I knitted your Piper's Journey shawl in Chickadee colorway Clay and loved everything about the yarn, the pattern, etc. I plan to use Quince &Co yarns as my new "staples" to knit most everything! I liked how springy it was and the stitch definition. I am dhays on Ravelry.

Stripeyspots said...

I'm currently knitting the Water's Edge cardigan, by Hannah Fettig and it's a lovely pattern. Tailored and clever details. This one is going to be a favorite! Stripeyspots

Anonymous said...

How fun it would be to win Hannah's book! I have knit with Finch, Lark, Osprey, and Tern. I love Quince yarn and especially their customer service and their approach to their business.

kgmama (on Ravelry)dainior itynoi

stephigordon said...

I have been wanting to knit the Featherweight or Wispy - cannot decide which just yet. I have also been wanting to try Quince yarns since first reading about them on Susan B Anderson's blog and then again on Hannah Fettig's blog... the yarns look amazing! I love that many of the yarns are U.S. based! Thanks for the chance to win! Love your blog! Stephanie (indigodogmt on Ravelry)

Elaine said...

I have not knit any of Hannahs patterns yet but would like to. I am using stash right now but plan to try Quince Yarn when I order again.

Unknown said...

I have used Quince yarns on several projects and love the colors and weights. I would enjoy trying Hannah's designs. BLH on Ravelry.

rinebird said...

I have & love Quince yarn.I have some of Hannah's patterns too.I have a copy of Coastal Knits.Pam's designs are lovely too.Quince & Co is a lovely yarn line with unique colors.I want to knit socks first from Chickadee.
rinebird on Rav

Anonymous said...

paula: I have not had the pleasure of knitting with Quince and Co. yarn, but I plan to rectify that in the near future, as I want to knit Featherweight cardi by Hannah Fettig.
I am currently knitting my first project using the continental style, so my knitting progress has slowed down some, but it will improve.
Paula. Peg

Nancy/Aizome said...

Interesting photo of Franklin. I'd like to know what your new bag covers for the bagpipes look like. Love the photo of your Whisper from summer, 2009--beautiful garden shot.

I've knit with Chickadee and Tern and love them both. I have some Lark ready to knit. DD and I have both been eyeing the Featherweight Cardigan...

Anonymous said...

I would love to win the book! I have not yet knit with Quince & Company yarn but very much want to get some to knit the Piper's Journey shawl! Maybe that will be my Ravelympics project?

Hollyknitsabit on Ravelry

Unknown said...

I greatly admire Quince and Co, but have not yet ordered their yarns. I have so much stash that I really can't do it at this time. I will though. My willpower will break!
SareBearKnits on ravelry

Anonymous said...

Hanna Fettig is one of my favorite designers- would love the ebook- Ever since Pipers Journey with chickadee i'm a big fan of Quince and Company-
Thanks for another great podcast-
Citron Lady

hollyberry knits said...

Paula, you make Quince yarns sound irresistible. I feel I must try them all! Thanks for a great podcast!

Lisa said...

Hi Paula, I would love to win this book! So many classic patterns to knit. I have not used any Quince yarns yet, but I keep hearing how fabulous it is and have started my wish list. Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I have knit a few of Hannah's designs. Great patterns, very well written and easy to follow. Sort of like your podcast. Well informed, a pleasure to follow and of course a lot of fun!!!!
Linda Borst

Debbie said...

I haven't yet knit with Quince but I would love to. thanks for the giveaway. gussek on Ravelry

CaroleN said...

I plan on ordering the Quince & Co. Sparrow in linen! It looks so luscious! I am in love with the berry colorway. Just found your podcasts so have to work my way backward! Being irish I love the celtic theme! and.... your sharing of your knowledge with bird! Put me in for a chance to win Hannah's book! Thank you! Carole in PA
knitpicky199 - Ravelry

Ana said...

Oh my! I would LOVE to win this book! I have never knit a Hannah Fettig pattern nor with Q and C, though I've longed to do both. You have made me consider knitting a lighter weight sweater and I actually have the Interweave Knits issue with the Whisper in it! Thank you, Paula.

Judiuni said...

I have seen almost entirely black squirrel but not all black squirrel.

I believe you have to learn to wear unconventional designs. Sometimes it takes time to learn to wear these new things.

The only Hannah Fettig pattern I've done so far is the Rocky Coast Cardigan, but I'm planning to buy yarn for Bayside pullover.

I wish I coul win this pook because I can't buy it. I don't have a credit card that thay accept. That why I didn't participate in the Piper's Journey KAL. I can't buy the pattern. :(

I love your Breezy and Whisper cardigans.

quiltercaroline said...

Love your cardigan - I am seriously thinking of knitting one myself. Love the shape, currently doing my first cardigan - top down - just a basic one and then want to give it a try. Thanks for the tips. Thank you.

Julknits said...

Your cardigans are lovely. I have looked at this book on the Quince website and love the patterns. I really like the Quince yarn. I have knit with both Chickadee and Lark and they are a dream to knit with. ~Choosejoy

Beth (bpnj) said...

I would love to have this book. I knit Hannah Fettig's Rocky Coast Cardigan which I really like. It turned out to big (user error, NOT the pattern) so I'm thinking of doing it again.

I'm making the Pomme de Pin with Quince's Chickadee in Carrie's Yellow. I love it and think that Knitting Pipeline and Quince are a really good fit. The yarn has a simple elegance. It is really lovely.

bpnj on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

I really think I want to make the Featherweight cardigan from Knitbot! I can't wait to use Quince & Co. Finch for it! Lu a/k/a LuciaKnits

Nancy said...

I really like Quince & Co yarn. I've used Chickadee, Finch, and Tern. I haven't knit a sweater yet, but I think I also would like Tern for a sweater.

Anonymous said...

I love Hannah Fettig's patterns and have some yarn put aside for the featherweight sweater. It would be wonderful to win the book because there is so much to make from it. Fingers crossed.

Carole (CBaa Knits on Ravelry)

Ruth Colville said...

Ilove these patterns in this book and would love to win it. The Quince and Company yarn is luscious!
Ruth Colville
muttiruth on Ravelry

qmom said...

Paula, you look beautiful in the Breezy sweater! I am using chickadee right now , almost finished with my Piper's Journey shawl in chickadee. This yarn is simply the best quality I've worked with so far. I'd love to try one of Hannah Fetttig's designs next.

skinouye said...

Love the look of the Knitbot sweaters----I have not made one of her pattersn---I think this episode made me want to make one in Quince & Co Yarn. Thanks Paula. Susan

skinouye on Ravelry

Sally said...

I really enjoyed knitting the Rocky Coast cardigan, and would like to try another design by Hannah. Thanks for the chance.
Fibercrafter on Rav

memphish said...

I've knit the Rocky Coast Cardigan and would love to knit another Hannah Fettig sweater and the way you described Sparrow, Paula, I think I want to knit one in that.

juliedonahue said...

Quince and Co is my favorite yarn and Hannah is one of my all time favorite designers! I love that they are collaborating.
Askforseconds on rav

Shayla said...

I've never heard of black squirrels either! I would've done the same thing as you!

Your sweater looks great!

I haven't knit with Quince and Co. Yarns but it's on the list of brands I want to try.I'd like to see the yarns in person first.

Shaybear (Ravelry)

Lee Bernstein said...

Now I want to knit Hannah Fettig more than ever. Thank you for another wonderful podcast.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your podcast. I love the color of your Breezy.

KansanAtHeart in Ravelr

Sarah said...

Your Breezy turned out lovely! I knitted a Soay in Chickadee--love that Quince!
smurphy2 on rav

Carol said...

I've been listening to the podcast for some time and I love it! Somehow though I never understood where to leave comments. I kept looking for it on the group site on Ravelry. Finally I googled it to find the right place! So the first time to leave a message and want to tell you how much I appreciate listening to your podcast. I've been in Illinois for almost 4 years now but with the exception of work have yet to make many friends so listening the podcast is like talking to a friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula:
I have not knit any of Hanna's patterns yet but love them all. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win these patterns. I'm a new listener to your podcast and I love to hear about the wildlife in your area. Finished the pipers journey shawll 2 weeks ago. I took it with me on holidays. Loved the knit,and love to wear it. Have received lots of compliments.
Thanks again gabyj on Ravelry

Mimi F said...

I have been hearing a lot about Quince and Co from this podcast and also from Abbe of Knit Knit Cafe. I would lOVE to try it!
mimifan on ravelry

Eden Stein said...

I would love to knit a Hannah Fetig cardigan on my trips this summer. I think I would use Tern for this. I can't wait to cast one!

Moknita said...

Love your Breezy- would love to make one of my own. Fell in love with her designs after receiving my copy of Coastal Knits.

Anonymous said...

I love Quice & Co. Yarns. My fav so far is Chickadee but I'm looking forward to trying the linen for a summer wrap. Brenda (knitterone)

Kate said...

I love Hannah Fettig's designs and have many in my queue- I have a feeling I shall knit Breezy soon, after some other things are off the needles. I haven't had a chance to knit with Quince yarns as I'm on a bit of a yarn-purchasing freeze (thank you, graduate school!), but hope to be able to some day!

katiejo on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

Hello Paula...My birthday is coming up, and I've been dreaming of splurging on a sweater's worth of Quince and Co....Now that I see there are colors of the Sparrow, well, I'm just going to have to make that happen! Would love to try my hand at one of those handkerchief front sweaters in the linen.

Shannon said...

I am currently working on a Bayside Pullover by Hannah and just love it! I can tell it's going to be one of those sweaters I wear and wear and wear. :) I have so many of her designs that are on my "must do" list. Thanks so much for the podcast and for the giveaway!
Shannon (weesparrow on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula! I would love to knit the Breezy cardigan. I enjoyed knitting in chickadee and would like to try Sparrow.

Nanranda on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

I love Hannah's designs. I have a Featherweight on the needles (just the sleeves to finish). You have inspired me to get it done so I can make another one of her cardigans. I am eyeing the Rocky Coast Cardigan for fall but might attempt one in fingering weight this summer. I used Quince for the first time on a Piper's Journey. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

I have big plans to knit featherweight and love the looks of Hannah's designs. I have not used Quince and Co. But I really want to try it.

Paula- what is your FAVORITE quince and co. Yarn?

Angela said...

Great show as always, Paula! Your sweater is lovely, and I'm dying to try some Sparrow. Thank you for such a good listen.

Angela (Angela145 on Ravelry)

loel said...

I used Quince & Co yarn for the Piper's Journey shawl and loved it-beautiful, subtle shade of gray and a wonderfully squishy yarn. I'd love to try a couple of Hannah Fettig's patterns...

Unknown said...

I'd love to win a copy of Knitbots. I'm knitting "Tea Leaves" with Quince & Co. yarn in "Lark" and it is a bit heavy for my style, as well. I'll go with a lighter yarn next time.

margaretk said...

I have long wanted to knit the featherweight cardigan - maybe I will try it with a quince yarn when I finally get to it. Thanks for another great podcast.
By the way, I learned to use the Russian Join when I knit a Dr. Who scarf for my son - 8 feet of striped garter stitch , but no ends to weave in at the end. I found a tutorial on the Dr. Who rav group that showed how to place the join exactly at the edge of the stripe. (knitwish on Ravelry, if you want to see the scarf). Margaret

rusticknitter said...

While I love the original, nautral color of Sparrow, having colors will be very exciting. First, I have to knit a shawl out of the 7 skeins of Sparrow I bought last year! (Hope I'm the random number :-)

M Dawson said...

I was alerted to gorgeous Quince & Co. yarn by a lovely chunky cowl in the Mollie Makes magazine. The cowl looks so cosy and warm and the colour is amazing. THAT I thought would be an awesome knit!

I found Hannah through Coastal Knits. I knew I needed the book when I wanted to do all but two of the patterns in it - got to be a good thing - right?

Marjorie aka Whskr on Ravelry!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Paula,
I am on a fiber diet but as soon as I "lose" enough fiber, Quince & Co is at the top of my wish list.
I would love to win the book...
Love to listen to the podcast via Stitcher.
(I hope this doesn't post twice. I am having difficulty leaving a comment.)
From another Paula
Principalpp on Ravelry

Lisaknits said...

what great designs. I would love to knit one of these sweaters.
Another great episode , tbanks for the pleasure you send my way.
Rav id: lasknit2

Unknown said...

KnitBot Essentials by Hannah Fettig looks like a great book. Thanks for giving us a chance to win a copy. I haven't knit a sweater yet larger than a baby size, but really need to knit one for myself someday.
Rav ID: plashus

Pinneguri said...

I am a great fan of Russian join too, but unlike you I find that I do not need the needle, I just open the thread with my fingers and put the join in there. I don't cut the ends either, just leave them be.
And I knit in all other ends so in the end there is only the last end again to sew in. I am not sure if it saves me any time though, but it is nice to don't have to spend a lot of time at the end on boring stuff.

About black squirrels. Last year when we went to Rhinebeck travelling with 2 knitting friends, we were knitting in a park in New York, and saw and fed some black squirrels. Being from Norway and Sweden we just thought it was normal you would have black squirrels, so your comment in this show made me google it and I found this article. That's our park :)))

Thanks for another great show.

Anonymous said...

Great show as usual! I have used the Russian join but didn't know that's what it is called. I just met twin boys who are 6months old and I think they really need McHenry. Have a great week,

Dianelaces on ravelry

Linda said...

Your Breezy turned out beautiful,Paula, and you look just lovely in it. Tern has become my most favorite Quince & Co. yarn as it knits like a dream and is so comfortable to wear. I would love to win a copy of Knitbot Essentials.

Lindalina on Ravelry

Taloferia said...

Thanks for another great episode, Paula! I am currently knitting one of Hannah Fettig's designs, Autumnal Cardigan. I am loving it! Like you, I am learning that the key to wearable sweaters for me is a thinner weight of yarn. I am getting used to knitting at the looser gauge for drape.
I have to also thank you for the tip about picking up stitches at the underarms. I have been avoiding these patterns because I hate the holes that result, but your tip sounds fantastic!

Anonymous said...

As always, a great episode. Will have to try out the Russian Join! Would love to win a copy of Hannah's book. So many ideas....

aka Wizzdumb on Ravelry

Diane said...

I love Hannah Fettig designs and would love to win a copy of the Knitbot Essentials. I also love your show Paula. I think your cardigan looks fantastic.
Thanks for your insights and tips they are always interesting and helpful.
Rav: zoohouse10

Pamela said...

Another wonderful show. It topped off a delightful Mother's Day for me.
I have not used any Quince and Co yarn, but you have inspired me to do so. Love your sweater. I'm interested in trying the new yarn of their's that you mentioned.
Thank you for the video on the Russian Join. It was a wonderful clarification for me of what you explained on the podcast.

Anonymous said...

Love your podcasts, Paula. And I'm excited to try Quince and Co. yarn. I love Hannah Fettig's designs.

Monisha said...

I just finished knitting the featherweight cardi. I love it! It's a great garment for over air conditioned movie theaters. I'm planning to knit the whispi cardigan next. (ravelry id: nikbleu)

Kerri5280 said...

Hannah's designs are wonderful! I am currently knitting the Rocky Coast Cardigan right now. I would love to win Knitbot Essentials to knit more of her patterns. And thank you, Paula, for the Russian join video!

(Kerri5280 on Ravelry)

DCKnitter said...

I didn't think the Hannah Fettig designs were for me until I saw so many at Camp KIP and I have decided I would love to knit one or two.

I have just started knitting with Quince and Co. - 2 projects and am loving it.

Thanks Paula - for a great episode and such wonderful show notes!

Colleen (DCKnitter on Ravelry)

Unknown said...

Wow - GREAT CHEEKS on that young child. The hat will look great. Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

Anonymous said...

Trying to comment again - hope it works!

I was saying I have made the Featherweight for my daughter but now I want to make it again!

And we have all colors of squirrels here in Chicagoland.

Cperrine on Ravelry

Sheila said...

I would love to try Quince yarn someday - I wish I could check it out in person somewhere. Even tho I hear such nice things about Quince yarns, I hesitate to order a yarn without being able to pet it first. And I'm on a yarn diet anyway, but someday I will try out some Quince and Co.

joy said...

I love this sweater and would love to win a copy ... joyb87544

Anonymous said...

I have not knit any Hannah Fettig designs but would love to! Have used Quince & Co several times and love it!
Luanne (BrunswickKnitter on Ravelry)

Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

Hey Paula. Another great podcast the Russian Join "tute" is a great technique. I haven't yet knit one of Hanna's patterns but have so many in my queue and favorites. I agree that tern with size 3 needles is a piece of heaven. Be well. Kathleen

diane (knitogram) said...

I have not knitted with any Quinci and co. yarn as yet. I have the book Coastal Knits and love Hannah's designs. Would love to win this book and yarn.

KnittenSmitten said...

I have never knitted with Quince & Co yarn but would love to try it some day. I also have a few of Hannah's Cardis in my queue but have not made any yet. Maybe this is my chance?

Anonymous said...

I am in mad love with Hannah's designs and Quince's yarns. Perfect combo if you ask me. :D

venutianbeauty on Rav

Carla said...

I would love to win the book!
I have the featherweight pattern ( an old copy) but have not knit it yet- I guess I should go look for it updated!

Robin V said...

I haven't knit any of Hannah Fettig's patterns, nor have I tried Quince and Co yarn - but I just spent some time on their website, looking at yarns and at Hannah's book - looks like fun!

BTW, the McHenry puppy and hat are both cute as can be!

carolshue said...

I love Hannah Fettig designs. I have only done the rocky coast cardigan, thus far...I would love to do the breezy and/or the whisper. Great pictures of the squirrels!

Jersey Shore Deb said...

Hi Paula,
I have not yet knit with Quince Yarn nor have I made anything by Hannah (I don't think). So I am highly motivated to win this prize so I can do both! So glad you talked about the Russian Join--I tried it for the first time recently and think it is a good option when wet-splicing isn't appropriate.
I'm JerseyShoreDeb on Ravelry if you need to get in touch!

Caitlin said...

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I have knit with Puffin and Tern, bought it right after Quince and Co began. Loved both of the yarns and would like to try more.

I have never knit Hannah's patterns, but keep meaning to! Maybe a Featherweight this summer.

(vtcrafter on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Paula, your Breezy is so beautiful! I have not tried any Hannah Fettig patterns yet, but would like to do so.

I wonder if there are black squirrels in Topeka, KS. When we lived there, they were trying to reintroduce them on the grounds of the Governor's home.

Thanks again for the fun podcast!

spice46 on Rav

Shannon said...

I love Hannah's designs, and would love a copy of her book! I so enjoy the podcast--thanks for all of your hard work!

rldelponte7 said...

I've been wanting a copy of this book - would love to win it. So enjoy your podcast, Paula. We have turkeys as well - they can be quite persistent!

tashbalaz said...

Breezy looks great on you. I always love your podcast but this one was so full of wonderful, helpful information. I appreciate it so much and I just love listening to you.

I have knit a few o Hannah's designs, some twice like the Lightweight Pullover and the Lapis Yoke Sweater. I have also knit the Rocky Coast cardigan and Featherweight. I would love to knit another one of her designs in Tern. I think that would be a perfect yarn for her light sweaters. They are so wearable but still fun to knit.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed knitting my featherweight cardigan. I like the idea of knitting another in the sparrow linen yarn. but i'd be happy to knit any of her lovely designs. hope i win. spejo on rav

Naomi said...

Your sweater turned out beautiful, good color choice too!
I really like that Quince&Co is an American yarn.
The patterns in Knitbot Essentials have a very classic look about them. I like them all! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Paula,
Oh, I sure would love to knit the Lightweight Pullover with the cowl neck. So lovely!
I've been checking out Quince & Co. yarns ever since I started listening to your podcast a few months ago. I have a couple of larger projects on my to-do list right now (and I already have the yarn), but I am definitely eyeing their yarn (beautiful) as I do my annual Christmas gift planning. Each year I start earlier and earlier for Christmas gifts, and I still end up frantically knitting on Christmas Eve! I think I'm getting more ambitious in these projects!
Thanks for the contest, and thanks to Quince & Co for their sponsorship. Have a great day!

Contact info: Elizabeth Galaida (pronounced Gah-LYE-dah)
Ravelry name: egalaida (didn't realize when I signed up that I could've picked a really catchy, knitterly name. Oh well!)

beanbugmom said...

I have not yet knit a sweater but I would love for my first sweater to be something from Hannah Fetig, I love her designs! I am xanthey on ravelry

vickyknit said...

Maybe the mama turkey had her babies nearby and was trying distract the fox. Do you really think the fox would take on a full grown turkey? We have turkeys in our yard and my dog (the size of a fox) was chased all the way around the circumference of our house by one of the big birds! Love your podcast, you are doing a great job. Thanks so much. Vicky C.

Anonymous said...

would love to make the new version of feather weight and try Quince & Co yean. love the podcast, thanks!

Johnston4kids said...

Quince is next up for a sweater for me. A knitbot one would be great!
Johnston4kids on rav.

Olga said...

Just recently tried both Chickadee and Osprey by Quince&Co and loved them both. I am looking forward to using their yarns again and again.
I have not yet knit any of Hannah's patterns but I do have the Coastal knits book and plan to make several of her patterns from there. I have also been eyeing the Knitbot Essentials book offered by Quince &Co. So naturally I would love to win a copy:)

oo17 on Ravelry

Unknown said...

Hi Paula, thank-you for another wonderful podcast! I have made 2 sweaters from the Quince and Co yarn - the Estelle cardigan and the Solstice cardigan! I have also made some mittens out of Quince yarn. I was introduced to Quince from listening to your podcasts! I would love to have the Knitbot Essentials patterns! thank-you for offering such a nice opportunity to have this publication.

Juliaknit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Juliaknit said...

I am currently knitting Goodall using Chickadee and I love the yarn. I have also knit Hannah's pattern Rocky Coast and want a copy of the new Knitbot pattern book. Thanks Paula for the giveaway!

Juliaknit on Ravelry

Shaila said...

I loved the Quince & Co. yarn I used for Piper's Journey! Hope to try the Sparrow soon. I have 4 baby things to knit & 1 cardigan for my preteen in the rest of this year!!
Have not tried any of Hannah's pattern but have done Pam's pattern. Would love to win the giveaway - the only book I've ever won is a statistical text at a conference :-)

Heahergale said...

Another great podcast! I would love to be entered into the giveaway. I decided to order some yarn through Quince and co following your recommendation and absolutely love it! The service they provide is second to none. I ordered direct from them at first and received that order within the I live in the UK!

dendiane said...

I haven't used Quince & co yarn but I know I will as their yarn looks yummy! I finished the effortless cardigan a few months ago and really like it, very versatile. It reminds me a lot of the breezy cardigan. Love the dog and hat! My grandson would love that, hmmmmm. Something else to knit!

Thea_Midnight said...

I have been a fan of Knitbot designs for some time now and have the Rocky Coast cardigan next up in my queue now. I really enjoy knitting with "homegrown yarns" and Quince and Co. yarns will be my next purchase. Thank you!

TheaMidnight on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

I have one of Hannah's patterns - Ribbed Cardigan? I'm not sure that's the name, but it's in size 6 mos to 44, and I can't wait to knit it!

I love all her designs!

Rav - grammie2maddie

Savannagal said...

I haven't knit with Quince & Co. or knit any of Hannah's patterns. But I do think most of them are cute. I like the simplicity of the patterns. They aren't overly complicated or busy. Thanks for the giveaway.

Jennifer said...

Would love to win this as I plan on doing breezy. Have not done one of her projects or used Quince & Co so excited to try them out.

Rav- jenjen980

mly said...

Hoping to spin down the stash a bit making a Quince & Co. copycat, before acquiring any more commercial yarn -

There are black squirrels in some pockets of North America, still, they used to run all over my college campus and visitors seemed to find them remarkable.

ingrid said...

I discovered your podcast about a month ago mentioned in The Fat Squirrel video podcast. I’m ashamed that I didn’t find you sooner, despite burning up the backlog of others such as Sticks and String, YarnCraft, and KnitPicks podcast. I’ve been working through all the episodes from the beginning, but I had to stop and listen to the new episode since it you talk about Hannah Fettig's patterns. I’ve wanted to make one of her sweaters for a few years, but can’t decide which I would use the most. Looking at the pattern would probably help me decide. I thought it was finally time to write in and say hello and thanks for your entertaining podcast. –Ingrid (bareblueskin on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this episode, as usual.
Am currently knitting on the second sleeve of the Featherweight Cardi; only wish I had known of the trick to avoiding those little holes at the underarm before I had started the sleeves. Am curious to see how the pattern has evolved in its latest incarnation.
I am also enjoying knitting with Quince & Co Lark on another WIP, the Deephaven Cowl, which I fell in love with while browsing on the Quince website prior to the Fawl Shawl KAWL for Awl.
Thanks again for an informative, fun episode.
(Lidalou on Ravelry)

Susanna/Funky said...

Interesting story about the black squirrels! I hadn't really heard about them either, until when we moved to Shenandoah, Iowa a few years ago. There were quite a few black squirrels around there. An hour away from Shenandoah, in Council Bluffs, IA the town mascot is the black squirrel!
Just about that time, a black squirrel appeared in my grandparents back yard, who live in the Twin Cities. We still see it sometimes!
I LOVE the Featherweight Cardigan!!! I've been sort of afraid to knit a sweater, but I'm over that fear, and rarin to make a sweater now!!

Anonymous said...

i would love to win this book. i love her designs and the 2 sweaters that i have made so far.
I am spinunlady on Rav.

Dinah said...

Hi, Paula-
Love the episode as usual! Please enter me in the giveaway - I love Hannah's designs.

We live the country and often leave our kitchen door open to the outside for the music - birds in the early morning and frogs and peepers in the evenings!


Jane W said...

I have recently completed Hannah Fettig's Rocky Coast Cardigan and would love to cast on Breezy -- it looks lovely on Paula. I also recently used Quince & Co. yarn for the first time for Piper's Journey. I'm thinking of making another Rocky Coast Cardigan using Quince & Co. yarn in Carrie's Yellow -- such a smashing color.

HillbillyGirl on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

Wow, those popeye arms on that baby are just too cute!
Paula, you must see the Addams Family Movie with Anjelica Huston. I was most pleasantly surprised and loved it!
I love the Quince yarns and have quite a bit in my stash. I am eager to knit with the Sparrow I have in the natural color, and am thrilled that more colors are now available!
knitoncloudstreet (rav)

Laura said...

Hi Paula! So many things to comment on!

First, what a nice giveaway! Piper's Journey was my first experience with Quince & Co. yarns, and it was a very positive one. Ever since seeing Nicole wearing her lovely sweater in Tern at the retreat, I have been wanting to try Tern. One of these Hannah Fettig designs would be perfect. Your Breezy looks great on you, and that is a really nice modification you made to the ribbing. Very pretty!

About the black squirrels ... they are quite common here in northeast Ohio. In Kent, Ohio, they were introduced as part of a biological study in the 1960s and there is still a big population of them. The Wikipedia article on black squirrels is pretty interesting!

That is one seriously cute baby picture, and I really want to pinch those cheeks. :)

Britni :) said...

I am so inspired by your results of your sweater. It looks comfy and easy just to throw on and go. I would love to make it!

We have black squirrels in my hometown. There is a story behind them and they have not always been there, but we are used to them now. I understand your excitement seeing them.

Nicole said...

Hi Paula, This is my first time writing to you, though I have been listening to your podcast for months. I do have to say it is the best knitting podcast that I have ever come across. I really appreciate the knitting content along with your nature notes and such. I am a young farmer in northern California who also loves to knit. Your whole show stokes my interest and I look forward to it every week!

I do have to say I feel a bit guilty that the first time I comment on your show is halfway inspired by trying to win the knitbot book. Honestly I have been a little obsessed with Hannah Fetig's patterns before I even realized all these sweaters I had been adding to my favorites were hers.
And what a combination: quince and co yarns with Hannah Fetig! I had even just realized before I listened to your show that quince and co's tern is a wool and silk blend, what a treat. And just after I came to terms with sparrow being in one natural color I stumbled upon all the new colorways. I am already planning my next order.
Thanks again for producing such a wonderful show,
Nicole C (NicolesKnitFarm on ravelry)

P.S. To make up for some lost time, have you put up your owl box yet? I have to say that it's an awesome feature. We have one above our herb garden which is right across from our lounge garden, and at dusk we get to watch the owls come and go from their box. I recommend putting it up where you can see whats going on. Also, all of our boxes are facing east, not quite sure why that is but there is a reason for it. Also our box has a perch some feet above the actual box itself and I know the owls like to use it.
Happy birding :)

C. said...

Thanks for the Russian Join video: I'll definitively try this next time I'll need to join skeins in a sweater.
In Indiana, we're still waiting for the hummingbirds: our feeders are up since 2 weeks, but I didn't see any bird yet.
I love your Breezy cardigan: simple and classy with clean lines, everything I love! For a while, I've been tempted to knit a Wispy cardi from Knitbot Essentials, but I have to admit I was a bit scared by using such a fine yarn for an entire stockinette sweater... After listening to your episode, I'm thinking that it wouldn't be that bad after all. Thanks!

Faith (the Vampire Slayer) said...

I knit the featherweight two years ago and I wear it all of the time. In fact, we just took our engagement pictures and the thing everyone loved was my sweater. Thanks for the Russian join tutorial. I used it tonight to join some cotton. Brilliant!

My One and Only said...

Hi Paula, I've never ever knitted with with Quince. Could only dream. Who knows, maybe..
Thank you!
Rav - iris68

Suzanne said...

Hello Paula,

I am a fan of Quince yarn and Hannah Fettig. The folks at Quince provide great customer service and really stand behind their product. I see how they and Hannah make a great pair. Thanks for the giveaway.

Serenknitity said...

Hi there,

I'm new to your podcast and am just writing to say I love it - you do such a good job, and have a soothing voice.

I even enjoy the music - not true for most 'casts, I can assure you - if they have musical interludes I tend not to return.

I doubt I'd be in the draw for the Quince and Hannah Fettig book, as I live in the UK, but just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying all your talk.

Keep up the good work,
Cindy a.k.a. Serenknitity on Ravelry

Jaimee Drew said...

Hi Paula!

Thanks for the giveaway! I really like the redo of the Knitbot patterns with Quince and Co yarns- I like them even more than the first iterations!

While looking through your show notes for this week, my five year old (who only likes pink right now) stopped me from scrolling to say that your Simple Skype socks are really pretty. I completely agree with her!

My kids and I also liked seeing the picture of Franklin at your window- he's so large and such a fine looking fellow! Thanks for sharing the picture, and keep up the great podcast- I look forward to it every week.

jaimee on ravelry

J.D. said...

Jadee from Ravelry here, another wonderful show, thanks for all you do. Hannah Fettig is a lovely designer, I have her Calligraphy cardi on my queue. Thanks for the drawing:)

ikkinlala said...

I have yet to knit any of Hannah Fettig's designs. I also have yet to knit with any Quince yarn, but I'd love to try it someday.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Gail said...

I recently learned about Quince & Co.'s beautiful yarns from a friend who summers in Maine. What a find! Living in the warm climate of Arizona, I want to purchase their Sparrow linen yarn for my first Quince project and will use one of the designs from Knitbot Essentials. Knitting heaven....

Gail on Dale in Arizona

fishgirl182 said...

i haven't had a chance to knit with quince yet though my friend and i are planning a group order this summer. and i love hannah's patterns. i tend to buy them and then hoard them. :)

fishgirl182 on rav

Unknown said...

I haven't made any of Hannah Fettig's designs but I plan to. I have Coastal Knits and love her designs in that.
Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!

Lisa said...

Hi Paula, I loved your description of Les Miz, act II! My sons' high school just put on that play. My son was in the pit orchestra, so we saw the play twice and I can perfectly picture the enormous stack of stuff you were describing. I have had the featherweight cardigan in my queue for awhile and can't wait to find time to start it. -Lisa (ColoradoKid on rav)

kmsears said...

Love your podcast. Would love to win Knitnot Essentials. Love Hannah Fetig patterns. I have Coastal Knits and plan to knit some of her designs from that book. I have been intrigued by her other sweaters such as the Featherweight and Effortless. Loved the way your Breezy came out!

joan said...

Hi Paula,

I've knitted Rocky Coast Cardigan from Coastal Knits, and have many more of Hannah's Knitbot Essentials designs in my queue. For this reason I would love to win the book.

I have not yet knit with any Quince, but am eager to do so. I actually gasped with delight when I saw that they are now selling sparrow in colorways. My intention is to try that yarn first.

I am joanplatt on Ravelry, or

thewalshfam said...

Hi Paula! I'd love to win Knitbot Essentials. I recently knit Hannah's Rocky Coast Cardigan and a couple of years ago I knit the whisper cardigan. I am eyeing the Breezy cardigan next! Thanks for the giveaway. I love your podcast!

Anonymous said...

hi--your Breezy cardi looks great. I've got the pattern and am trying to decide what yarn to use . . . thanks for the giveaway!

stringfigures on rav

fun4Tracey said...

So honored to see a picture of that project bag on your blog, and to know that you are getting such good use out of it.

Would love to win the Knitbot Essentials book, of course!

Penelope Z said...

H Paula,

I'm dying to try the Russian Join now. I'm just finishing up weaving i n the ends on my Piper's Journey - late to the dance but at leaat I made it! I used your felted join technique, so I just have the two ends to weave - hurray!

I loved your mother's day verse. I have a sampler, made in 1933 by my great grandmother, which has the verse:

Hundreds of stars in the bright blue sky
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover
But only one home that I call mine own,
Though I wander the wide world over.

What a coincidence!

I have Coastal Knits and love the Hannah's designs.

Thanks, as always, for your voice and your wisdom!

stringplay said...

Paula, I just LOVE your podcasts. I am running behind in my listening, as usual. That works out great as I never get ahead of you and so at least one episode is ready when I am. I usually listen during my walk and just laughed out loud yesterday when, in episode 88, you mentioned you might wear some knit with a tank top and then realized TANK TOP! I still chuckle thinking about it. I look forward to hearing how Sparrow linen works out for you. I want to try that one myself as it seems better suited for hot climates.

RachelUnraveled said...

I love Hannah Fettig's designs and have been dying to knit one! I also would love to try Quince and Co since all their yarns seem fabulous! Thanks for the give away :)

RachelUnraveled on rav

Kell said...

(I hope this doesn't post twice; I had a little mix up w the first comment)

I just bought my first Quince & Co yarn and your pattern! I bought enough of 2 different colors because I was giving one of the colors to a friend. But they look so good together that I'm giving her both and buying more for me.

Thanks for the great podcast and contest. I'm kellpatt on Ravelry

Retha said...

I love Hannah's designs and would be thrilled to win this ebook. thanks!

Tabby said...

I've never knitted with quince & co yarn, but am anxious to give it a try someday soon.
I'm just finishing the featherweight cardi and am loving the looks and fit of it. I haven't yet knit any of her other designs, but have several of them queued. Thanks for the contest.

I'm Many2Knit4 on ravelry.

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